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New ASMWRH screenshots, and more...

GraphicsSuper Mario WorldScreenshots

A Super Mario World Rom Hack (ASMWRH)

Unfortunately, I can’t release a new demo of the hack this time
(Mainly because I’ve only done 2 levels since the last C3.) so, here are some screenshots of new levels and the OW.

C3 Summer 2019 Demo

World 8-4 Video

World 2-2 Video

World 2-1 Video

(W.I.P) Ralsei (Deltarune)

I cannot release this one as well but here is a video of it.


New Mario Sprite

An improvement of the original mario sprite with more colors and some corrections.

Here is an example:


Also includes Luigi:


Super Mario 3D World World 1-1 Background

A recreation of the background from SM3DW.

Youtube Channel
SMW: Endless Night

I see you've been doing quite a lot there. I'm glad to hear this hack is making project, and that it seems to keep a pretty high quality standard. Take your time with finishing and releasing it. I'm sure it'll be worth the wait.

PS: That's some really lovely Ralsei you drew there #w{<3}

Hey, some great stuff here!

Your hack is looking really good! I remember playing a bit of the demo in the last C3 and i enjoyed it! I see you've put a ton of effort into it, even on the tiniest details!
Keep up the great work!

Also, those are some really cool graphics! I love that 3D World background! I think the 3D effect works really well, and the FG decorations complement it nicely!
These player graphics are also great!
My Youtube Channel

GraphicsSuper Mario WorldScreenshots