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LevelNames v2.0 [Now with more names!]
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Yup, since I had to expand the text for a nice ASM hack for my hack, I thought I'd use LevelNames for it and mod it a little bit and now I'm releasing this nice thing. :)

Grab it here!

If you find any bugs (which is unlikely, but still), just tell me.

Have fun!

Edit: Updated version. Now uses different RAM addresses and readme included.

Looks really good.Im going to use if it if i qwould finally learn how to use xkas.Well defenitly better than the other one.
A readme would be nice... I'm fairly new to the whole Xkas thing, and I need detailed instructions. :/


Readme added. :)
Ah, thanks. Actually petty easy! :D
I've got one question though... can you only name the levels 00-FF?


Why would you want to name the levels? o_O
Those tables are the text you put in. See letters.txt for the format.
I just made it 00-FF for easier recognition.
One time for level 00-FF and the other time for 100-1FF.

You can't go up tile $FF anyway.
Originally posted by Ice Man
Why would you want to name the levels? o_O

I mean, put text at the top of the levels.... but thanks.


Seems easy to use it Awesome!

BTW, if i use:
-d4s HDMA
-romi's addmusic
-mikeyk's(Fusoya) pipes
what happens?? is compatible with the ips?

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It should work fine together, since it uses free RAM that hasn't been used before, afaik.

Awesome job Iceman. This gives me a few ideas....>:)
Layout by LDA during C3.
That is great! But, how to fix that "cut" in the itembox?

Now I leave my IPS patches of my hacks for everyone play and edit as you want to.

Bramble Invasion & Surreliatus

redraw the box, and use the status bar editior >.>

Kawaii !!

This is great, but is it compatible with ROMS over 1mb? With The original by BMF, it got screwed up with hacks over 1mb.

<TLMB> I use YY-CHR to edit DNA
Black Yoshi, that can only be fixed while redoing the status bar. There is no other way, unfortunately.

Carsr4carpeople1, it works with any ROM that has approx. 16400 bytes of free space, since it's Xkas and you can change the location to your desire.
I like it, but in Translhexion, do you know the Hex numbers for the levels in SMW like B8, BC, 1AF?
You don't need Translhextion at all. Just edit tables.tbl file and edit the text to the level you want. I've already named it $00-$FF for level 00-FF and the next ones for 100-1FF. It's even documented, afaik.
Okay, thanks Ice Man.
*Downloads and patches*
Your readme mentions that I can change the text dynamically... Do I just write the bytes to the 7f:ff00-7f:ff1f area that the readme says?

Current sanity level:

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Yes, first of all you will need to write a 1 to 7FFF0F to enable it though.

LDA #$01

then followed by your code
LDA #$letter

LDA #$letter2


I noticed later that $7FFF0F was used twice. First to enable it and secondly to display the letter, though I haven't found any bugs while testing. It all worked fine for me. Otherwise change this line in levelnames.asm:
LDA $7FFF0F					;\ Load levelnames table

to some free RAM address you want to use to enable it.

Gee, thanks! Now I can finally use LevelNames. :P

It's working fine except for one thing: When I enter Level 11, the game freezes on the black screen (the music continues, though). I'm not sure if this has to do with this particular patch, but as far as I know it didn't happen before I applied it. Any idea why this is so?

EDIT: This doesn't seem to be working...I changed the table file, but the level names are still the same, and I sometimes see weird symbols in those level names besides the same letter they're supposed to be. And also, Level 6 freezes as well. Is it conflicting with something in the ROM?
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