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Celeste.smc - An attempt to blend Celeste and SMW into a single hack

Kaizo/PitSuper Mario WorldDemo

I'd like to preface this with some general info as to why I decided to make this hack.

If you're unfamiliar with the Blind Kaizo Race that occurred last SGDQ (SGDQ 2019), then I'll briefly mention that I created a Kaizo level themed around Celeste for that race. It got enough positive feedback, both from random people online/in the audience and from people in the Kaizo community, that I decided to make a full hack themed around Celeste.

Anyway, this upcoming hack is my attempt at recreating the mechanics, graphics, etc from Celeste into Mario World. The dash, a modified (and arguably much better feeling) version of the wall jump code, and a bunch of different sprites are all (and will be) featured in this hack. Every level from Celeste will be represented in this hack, including a special "Chapter 10" that will be worked on as time goes on. Of course, this is just a demo, so not everything is finished, but I believe what I'm submitting is a good start.

Most of this project so far has been my own work. The graphics I ripped and formatted myself and I made most of the new code myself (in other words, not including retry patch or other things like that). Shoutouts to dtothefourth for being a big help in the ASM side of things, as he made a few things and kept me sane of things broke. I will note, however, that none of the music is by me. I have two people working on ports for the rest of the music that will eventually come, but right now I have a port of First Steps and Mirror Magic by com_poser and Maxodex respectively.

Things to note about this, as it's a demo:
Death counter might not work
The speedrun clock might not work
Strawberries counter doesn't work (I'm using blue moons as a placeholder)
If you try to erase an empty save file and cancel it, but then load that file, the game might crash. Idk I probably messed up a hijack, it'll obviously be fixed in the full release.

Now for some screenshots :D

And with that, there's my demo. If you end up playing it, I would love to hear feedback! I primarily would want to hear about how things feel (physics, sprites, etc) over the level design itself, but either is fine!

Download here.
Mini, this is everything we imagined it could be and more. I'm so pumped to see it keep growing.
I'm not a doctor.

With all of the Celeste-like patches and sprites that have been popping up, I just knew a project like this was going to happen. Well it's looking fantastic so far! You must also be simply ecstatic about Cosmic Clones being made this C3.

Other Submissions of mine!
I played some levels of this and I have to say that I'm really impressed. Some asm is still rough around the edges (lookin at you dream blocks that clip me into ceilings when it's not meant to) but overall it's pretty damn fun, good job!
If you can accept a couple of suggestions: to give the feather a more celeste-like feel, instead of being dpad based, give it a 360° rotation movement with the dpad, kinda like the one d^4 made.
Also there's a weird bug (idk if it's really a bug) with the dash. If you dash into a corner at a certain angle, it will edge clip you and you'll come out at lightspeed after you turn the corner, making some nice cheese possible.
This looks fantastic, I'm cant wait to play this even if Im not a fan of pit/kaizo hacks, but dince its based on Celeste you convinced me to try.
Celeste has become one of my favorite games ever.
Im looking up for this to be completed.

Btw, I think I saw around the site someone talking about a Madeline player gfx(cant remember the user sorry), i hope it gets made, it would fit great on your hack.
Check out my profile to see a list of SMW Hacks I made and where to find the latest and best version of them.
Thanks for playing and have fun!
SMW The Princess Rescue 3 available now!
Clique no meu perfil para encontrar a lista de minhas hacks feitas até o momento, SMW O Resgate da Princesa 3 ja esta disponivel!
As Atari2.0 stated the ASM behind this is still a bit raw and needs to be refined.
Nonetheless it's quite impressive how you mixed these 2 games together and the result is definitely fun to play. I think if the remaining ASM is removed this could be quite outstanding in the big Hack section.
Good job on this one and i hope you'll find the help you need for improving this even more #smw{:peace:}

I'll have to give this a try as I really like it when people take concepts from other games and give them a SMW Twist & Feel. #smrpg{mlem}
I really like how the Darkness/Anti Matter stuff looks.

Where the hell is Tob? He is mad for Celeste related content.
Nice of you for integrating Celeste into a SMW ROM hack. I'll be looking forward to play this soon.
As a big fan of Celeste, I eagerly tried this and was quite pleased. I'm impressed that you managed to port over so many features as well as you did, even if it's still rough around the edges. The level design was a bit rough, mostly hurt by how much less visibility you have in this game. It was overall pretty fun, if a bit stressful. I was greatly amused by what eventually happened in the Forsaken City.
i got casual filtered by the difficulty, but the parts i could get through were very enjoyable. the level design is great and the gfx look pretty neat too.
and i really like celestial resort
I believe I've said it before to you in person, Mini, but in case I haven't,

I love that you're doing this, and how you're doing this. You just go, and you keep going. There's some lovely level design into this already by the looks of it, the graphics are gorgeous, the ASM is going strong, super cool stuff. I can't wait to see what this will turn out to become!
Small nitpick: There are cases where you have to hold down the jump bitton, dash button to carry sprites, and press L/R to boost, which is very hard for the user to hold down that many buttons at once.
Give thanks to RPG hacker for working on Asar.

Kaizo/PitSuper Mario WorldDemo