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Super Mario World
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Here we go! I've had this under wraps for several years now, since 1990 to be exact! 30 years of work and I feel it's finally time to be released. Please may I present my hand crafted, lovingly made ROM hack entitled Super Mario World. Yes! A completely new Mario experience made for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

After 1000s of hours of work, it's time you guys got to experience this brand new ROM hack. Oh yes, you read that right. You can play it today! Released specially for SMW Central's 2020 Winter C3. Featuring brand new enemies, power ups, custom bosses and nine new worlds totalling up to 96 exits for you to feast through - what more could your little heart desire this C3?

But wouldn't you like to get a taste of what's in store after you patch this juicy BPS file to your unmodified ROM using Floating IPS? Of course you do! Well, my dear friends, here is a selection of screenshots for you.

"That's not enough!" I hear you cry! Well then, how about a sparkling little trailer for you showing all the brand new features in action?

Now - I imagine you are very eager to play this brand new ROM hack. Wait no more! You can download it right now! I look forward to hearing your feedback this C3. Remember - 30 years in the making! Who knows? If the reception from this is good, I might make a sequel...?

Amazing. Just amazing. A ROMhack the likes of which no-one has ever seen before. 11/10.

niðer in sċræfe, mæġen iċ næbbe
C3 exists for the sole porpose of hosting these kinds of masterpieces.

Also, about that sequel you mentioned, yoshi would make a great protagonist. Keep up the good work!
This looks amazing! I might be fetching far here, but I'd go as as far as saying I could see this being used as a base of sorts for future hacks.

Yeah, its that good.
I for one find this to be the pinnacle of SMW hacking it is by far the best hack ever and no one will ever be able to top this.

The ingenuity of it all, the bold choices, the risks taken.

This is peak performance.
Seems like an actual game Nintendo would make. 5/5
Yoshiatom's Post
I'm sure people are hyped for this hack, but honestly? This looks nowhere near as good as another recently released hack. I'm of course talking about the hack Sonic The Hedgehog. That hack's been worked on for just as long, but it has way better graphics, awesome fast gameplay and Sonic's got attitude! I bet you won't find that in your kiddy Mario hack! Plus it's for the Mega Drive and has Blast Processing, making it way better than the Super NES! Come on, the future is now old man!

I'm actually slightly disapointed the ZIP didn't just flat-out have a SMW ROM in it

Layout by Koopster!

<DeputyBS> I knew it
<DeputyBS> alcarobot is taking over the world through his truck dealership franchise
Damn dude, this looks really good! Those levels look well made and i like the palettes. Will you sell it on a cartridge?

Super Mario Travelers

Wow. Amazing. It looks just like the original Super Mario World!
Man this is really fun. I especially love Yoshi, he's super cute. Good job with it!

Ah yes, good hack, but way too vanilla for my tastes #wario{B)}
Layout by Mathos
Man... I wanted to like this hack. I really did. I played through this entire thing and I just have to say, it was this close to being great. Sure, the levels were nice and fun at times, and some of the gimmicks were rather creative, but as I kept playing, it became painfully obvious that the creator was employing every cheap trick in the book to desperately hide behind their incompetence.

Let's begin. I booted up the game (wow, way to flash the hack creator's name in the first 1 second), embarked on the journey (with a disappointingly short intro message), and went left. What a mistake. This crazy, half-blue, disgustingly naked koopa thing hurled at me and immediately killed me. Off to a great start, weren't we. I sighed and started the level again. I managed to leap over this naked blue creature this time, and proceeded right to continue my exploration. I was bombarded immediately by a giant bullet bill, which killed me as soon as I tried to bounce by head on the winged mystery box. I couldn't even grab the super mushroom. This was just plain ridiculous. I sighed and went right this time instead. Oh and by the way, no retry prompt. Of course. The reiteration time to re-enter this level twice was 30 seconds of my life that I could have spent playing a truly great game, such as Undertale or Cuphead.

This other level started out slightly better. The first screen had no enemies, which was a good sign. Then, there was this ledge with like, an entire row of red koopas just walking around like some sort of koopa freak show. Perhaps they were meant to be some sort of obstacle. Yet, as I kept walking, I realized that invoking this obstacle was utterly optional. In fact, you could just walk below the whole thing! Lazy design 101. I kept walking, and encountered several mystery boxes with useless coins. One of the mystery boxes contained a green koopa that you could ride on, which I found rather useless and uninteresting. This level also had no retry prompt. Halfway through the level, I found a couple blue bars with some string attached, which I can only assume meant I was halfway through this miserable attempt at a level, and I would at least have my freedom to look forward to. I kept going, was bombarded with cheap shots from popping moles, and got lost for a while when accidentally entering a blue pipe, which I can only blame on the really poorly made controller that came with this romhack. Finally, I found a much larger version of the blue poles and string I mentioned earlier, which indicated that I would finally be free.

It wouldn't last. The next level was no better. And as I kept going, I continuously encountered flat, uninteresting level design, which cheap enemy shots abundant. Sometimes, there was this mean trick where the creator would purposefully place an enemy or something on like, a ledge, and it would force the player to jump over it. I found this to be a sort of cheap trick or a troll of sorts because, if you touched this enemy as small mario, you would have to literally restart the level from the beginning. And I should mention, there was no retry prompt in the entire game, which is very upsetting considering the current gaming climate that we persist in. As I got deeper into the game, I found more and more instances of these "cheap trolls" that were purposefully inserted by the level creator for the sole purpose of making the player's mario take damage. I found the use of them rather distasteful at best, and utterly appalling at worst.

Finally, I was towards the end of the romhack. I entered the final castle, titled "Iggy's Castle", which I can only assume is the final boss of this romhack. I played through what I can only summarize as the most grotesque, disturbing, and utterly disastrous accumulation of nonsensical enemy placement that I have ever had the displeasure of participating in, culminating with a giant smashing cube that instantly squashed my mario. After defeating the boss koopa, I was relieved that it was over. Yet, after the unimaginative cutscene ended, I was transported to an entirely new world, with a new level! No, I am sorry. I am just simply not interested in playing through 96 exits of this mess. Perhaps I will await the day when this romhack creator can deliver a good final product, and then I will bless it with a proper review from mineself. Thank you.
Introducing the next generation from Tahixham.
Created especially for the Central Creativity Convention. It's...
A bit more exciting. A bit more challenging.
A bit more graphic.
A bit more colorful. A bit more realistic.
A bit more levels? A bit more secrets.
A bit more enemies. A bit more friends.
A bit more sound.
A bit hotter. A bit cooler.
A bit weirder.
A bit more revolutionary.
A bit more MARIO.
A bit more of what you want. It's 16-bit.
Now you're hacking with power. SUPER POWER.
could do with a bit more music variety, I got tired of hearing the same few songs very quickly
i liked the Sonic the Hedgehog hack better


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This is actually the first time I got hold of the instruction manual, so kudos for that!


You know whatd be cool? Super Mario World 2

Now that sounds hot

I do art commissions cheap! PM here or DM via Discord for more details.

**Layout by Erik557

Originally posted by Tahixham
Who knows? If the reception from this is good, I might make a sequel...?

No. You should make a prequel but still put "2" in the title.

Legacy custom music
A site where you can watch my YT videos AND be able to hit that dislike where your dislike will be visible to other people and not have to rely on a browser extension

Wow, thanks for the manual. It's really detailed and colorful.

I think that's a way this one stands out from other games avaliable on this site!
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super mario bros 3 was better

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