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Awful Emblem - A Romhack of "Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones" - Act 1 Demo
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Winter 2020 - Awful Emblem - A Romhack of "Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones" - Act 1 Demo
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At Summer C3 2018, I released a demo for Awful Emblem, the Fire Emblem 8 romhack that I've been working on for years now with a team of friends. We've been steadily at work on the game over the last 18 months, going through feedback we received from the last demo, and pushing ourselves forward in mapmaking, chapter creation, and more. This year, we're back with a new demo of our completed Act 1. I know this is pretty far outside the kinds of romhacks we usually see at C3, not to mention the overlap between people who play both SMW hacks and FE romhacks here is probably very small, but this is the romhacking project I work on these days, and I want to show off my stuff too.

The Act 1 Demo features:

-A brand new, original story with an original cast of characters!
-An accessible difficulty curve intended for everyone!
-12 Playable Chapters!
-Main Character is a female axe user! (judith is better than edelgard, change my mind)
-Press “Select” on the character stats screen to see character growths!
-Press “Select” on the map to display all enemy ranges!
-An expanded magic system with new tomes and custom spell animations!
-An overhauled and expanded text engine that allows for much more flexible cutscenes!
-An updated unit info box that shows equipped weapons when you hover over units!
-A few new character classes that were not in the original game!
-No Supports! Yet. They’ve been disabled for the time being but will eventually make their way into the game in the future.
-Custom character portraits for everyone! (except for most generic bosses)
-Better female unit stats!
-Female enemies, animations, class cards and more!
-Can take actions and even attack after Talking to a unit!

Please only play on Normal or Hard difficulty, as Easy is still untested and may accidentally call broken tutorial prompts. Additionally, Hard difficulty has no specific changes made to it, but should be functional with whatever the game automatically applies to Hard.

Click here to download the demo!

As always, a special thanks to everyone who plays the demo. When you’re done, we have a survey running to get some quick feedback, although we appreciate posts, tweets, or any other kinds of feedback.

Demo staff (in no particular order):
FPzero, Artix, Tyty, PoorlyWrittenNovel, ddinkins, nine-gear crow, Blastinus

Special thanks:
2wb/Eliwan, Arch, Blind Sally, Circles, Cirvante, CanOfWorms, Captain Fargle, Faerie Fortune, Kirb, Leonarth, Luigimariokog, Mysticblade, Onmi, Ryushikaze, SCBracer, Shiny777, Smiles, Tanks, Temp, Tequila, TactHack, VennoBennu, vilkacis
Very good hack!!! #thp{=D}

Can't wait to see the complete release!!!

Why there wasn't anyone posting in this thread?!
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Man, it's a shame how little traction this thread got. Little appeal for the audience at hand, perhaps (I myself have never played a Fire Emblem game in my life, for instance).

I do, however, recall you expounding upon some of what must be considered to construct an effective map in #showoff, and hats off to you, it sounds agonizing. The distribution of terrain, the placement of items and secondary objectives, which units to make recruitable and when, the type and positioning of enemy units... There are so many heavily -interdependent- design elements that have to be considered, I can only imagine the amount of raw technical knowledge needed to string together a competent map. Add to that making said map fit the plot, and add to that making said story map fit a difficulty curve, add to that the content you've added and/or tweaked, and you and your team certainly have your work cut out for you.

Alas, I can't offer any meaningful feedback on the demo proper, but you all have my respect for tackling this beast of a project. Don't let the lack of replies in this thread get you down, and best of luck for what's to come!
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Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Winter 2020 - Awful Emblem - A Romhack of "Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones" - Act 1 Demo