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Mushroom Kingdom Adventures: Peach's Kidnapping [Beta v0.4]

-10 Exits (1 Secret)
-7 Levels on World 1
-1 Level on World 2
-1 Switch Palace

WIP Thread

C3 Stuff:
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Playtesting finished!
Let's start saying that the overworld is well-designed! The levels fit with it.
About the levels, the design is decent, something you would expect from an official Mario game made by Nintendo, though there are some minor nipticks:
1. I guess this is still WIP, but the Yelow Switch Palace is the original Green Switch, but with palettes changed andnew solid blocks used.

2. After finishing Rose Plateau 5 Mushroom Waters, it's not possible to go up in the overworld and get to the castle, at least in any normal way:

3. Iggy's Castle is shorter and way easier than the other levels in the hack and design is quite linear. Also, the level name is World #1 Castle
Instead of Rose Plateau, though this is not like an issue but more of a niptick.

4.I guess Goombud Plains Blockbox Garden is still WIP, cause the secret exit can't be found and there are some unaccesible pipes.

5. I see you have a bit of trouble when trying to write in English, where are you from? I can help with grammar in future updates.

The Demo is quite good, though it needs a bit of polishing. Good work and good luck with the hack!