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**CLOSED** KLDC 2020 - Rules and Submissions

Link Thread Closed

first time entering a contest on this site. im pretty excited to see the results
Chroma Castle

I'm excited to see what everyone has created!!!
here's my and sillymel's joint entry (now updated)
Playtesters - katun24 and ketiltv
Edit- works on snes9x, retroarch and super nt with sd2snes
Hope you will enjoy:
Blackout Basement

Good luck for everyone who posted on KLDC.

First time in a level design competition (and maybe my first forum post? lol). Good luck, everyone!!

- Sprite Help: Mega_Scott, binavik
- Playtesters: ThirdWall, facebug, Mega_Scott, NeptuneNeon
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-James Morgan McGill
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I Played Metroid When I Was Younger

Testers: Thirdwall, shovda

Music: KevinM ports of Super Metroid.

Disclaimer: The Metroid games I played when I was younger were primarily on the GBA, where I also first played Super Mario World. I liked Zero Mission a lot, but Metroid Fusion remains one of my favorite games ever. There was something about the combination of my lack of skill and my youthful inability to distinguish reality from fantasy that made Samus-X a terrifying and heart-pounding adversary.
Behold! My cursed entry which should not exist at all...
pls don't hate me for this #tb{D:}

Kaizopunk Castle v1 (actually palindromic level)
Tonight.. tonight..

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Peach Volleyball (Doesn't work in ZMZ, uses SA-1)
this is a thing now.
Doesn't work with bsnes. Worked fine for me in snes9x (1.60) though

Link Thread Closed