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Luigi Adventure 1: Rescue Daisy by EmulaDuck

File Name: Luigi Adventure 1: Rescue Daisy
Submitted: by EmulaDuck
Authors: EmulaDuck
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 16 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: This is the demo of my first hackrom I hope you like this trial version (and upload this correctly because being my first time I do not know what things should be put and what not)

Not all levels are available, but you can explore the overworld, the ones that are available are those that have 1-1 for example, more detailed in a guide that has integrated into the WinRAR file

I wait your opinions :3


Está es la demo de mi primer hackrom espero que les guste está versión de prueba ( y que suba esto correctamente porque al ser mi primera vez no se que cosas se deben poner y que no)

No todos los niveles están disponibles, pero pueden explorar el overworld, los que están disponibles son los que tienen 1-1 por ejemplo, se detalla más en una guía que tiene integrada en el archivo WinRAR

Espero sus opiniones :3
Unfortunately, this demo is just too incomplete to be accepted, there are a number of unedited vanilla levels that are accessible, no overworld events, some level names are not present while some levels are straight up not finished.
The lack of overworld events and wrong level names makes roaming around the overworld very difficult and makes it hard to find what exactly are the edited levels.
Additionally there are some issues in the actual levels that you made, I found a couple of softlocks and there are some graphical oddities here and there along with some strange palettes and a bit of cutoff.
Overall level design is pretty flat and uneventful, I would recommend to spice up your levels a bit adding some obstacles and generally making them more dynamic.
To concisely point out what core values this breaks:
Originally posted by Submission Rules
-Traps the player in any way, forcing them to wait out the timer or reset
-Levels are made from scratch, excluding translation hacks
-Levels are distinguishable from one another in design quality
-Clean palettes
-Clean use of graphics (e.g. avoiding 'cutoff', 'glitched sprites', and 'background garbage')

Another quick note, the difficulty of this hack so far is nowhere close to "Hard", it should be more like "Normal" or "Easy"