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Chromebook support update
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Well, after trying to use the tools for modding, I can say it IS possible to mod smw on chromebook. Can you use all of the tools? Well... not easily, as you have to enter dev mode on your chromebook to do so (yay thumbdrives!) and you have to install... well, many things, Including:
Setup wizard (good luck finding an .exe for that!)
The tool in question (blockreator usually, but maybe a few others)
and possibly other verions of wine AND the setup wizard.
And possibly more.
Fortunately, all but a few chromebooks have LINUX!!! YAY!!!!! wait... I said all but a few, right? well... Mine can't use linux as some schools prohibit linux (or don't know it exists, like my school) and I am left out, and also cannot enter dev mode for the same reason... So, I am unfortunately, along with others like me, left in the dust as, although I am not 100% sure about this, I think Crossover on google play has been DELISTED!!!#smw{T_T}

However, for those whom do not have these limitations or already have crossoxer installed*, you can still make mods and post them.

*with Crossover, you have reduced functionality because of the lack of setup wizard (it helps by updating the OS to use mor complex tools, in theory) and cannot make or sprite custom items. Thankfully, the meat of the modding tools, like LM and PIXI work with crossover. You just have to request that the sprites and items are made for you instead of doing it yourself. Thankfully I have Crossover installed already!!!#smw{-_-;} #smw{:TUP:}

Also worth noting, due to these limitations, mods from me and several others whom I do not know will NOT be able to make complex or decent mods easily, without help from the community. We are in wheel chairs#smw{^_^;} lol. You guys are an awesome community, though, so I am sure you could help us! at least, the ones that don't have windows. I have a windows millenium, so I faked my wheelchair!#smw{:trollface:} At least, in theory. maybe I didn't? who knows.

TL;DR It is possible to mod with chomebook for most people, but requires some difficult setup prior to modding.
This is more of a discussion topic than you asking for help, so moved to SMW Hacking Discussion.
Thanks for moving this! I had a brainfart related to where to put this.
After some research, I have discovered that there IS a way to get tools like blockreator to work on chromebook! And better yet, it makes it easier (and possible) to potentially get EVERY tool to work on ALL chromebooks that support Crossover! All that is needed is help from the tool developer(s) in question for each tool. If a tool maker sees this, this is what you need to do: you need to submit the tool to https://www.codeweavers.com/compatibility/submit. If you could do that for us chromeies that woulod be awesome! At least one version of Lunar magic is already on there!
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