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[Article] Of art, from the perspective of an ever beginner, scattered artist
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Hello people. The original "article" I've done is located on reddit. Yes, qantuum is another one of my fav nicks.

It's my first post on this section. I wanted to share my view about art and show-business in general. If I mix the two too much, please let me know.

First things said : it's gonna be a grim view, because I believe I'm a failed artist trapped in a corporate world. And this is precisely why I'm gonna talk about logistics, or : my observations of how it's done, to build a successful lifestyle of art production. The success could be financial (like, say, Katy Perry), but I prefer to see it as being artistically fulfilled. What is this? It is what happen the day I want to create something, keep wanting it all process-long, and finally get to it. Rarely happens.

I come to discuss this topic to receive your opinions, thoughts and experiences... Maybe to get a glitter of hope... Or else a harsh reality blow. I'll accept criticism on either the form I manifested this feeling, or the accuracy of what I'm describing.

Here it is :

1/ Of art and ideas :

Considering myself unskilled and uneducated at "art" traditionally, at age 27, in the job realm, I want to say, it would take a lot of time and dedication. Also, the world "art" is so large that it covers concepts one would take multiple lifetimes to even fathom. As a result : specialising asap makes one's expertise grow faster. It's ironic because I'm always full of ideas for a new drawn scenery, a new music mashup, a new dj setting, a new re-writing of an existing music in an entirely different genre or framework, but I grew too scattered to even think of execution more than two minuts... And if I try, I jump to the next big idea at the first little inconvenience. If only I had a partner in crime. Which brings me to...

2/ Of art and community :

Growing up and discovering their artistic abilities, people who succeed to get better at their craft will often rely on teamworking. I teach you this, you teach me that, I do this part, you do that part, I go to some music school or 3d-design school and I suddenly have tons of like-minded friends. Growing up in a lower-middle-class family, I didn't receive the right opportunities at young age. Of course it's something I could manage to change in my current situation, but there are a lot of emotions and moments passed that are life-changing to a teenager, and that I've missed. Missed connections can be difficult to the unmotivated beginner artist. The poor guy would say "aw man, my idea is so great, it is so big, I don't even know where to start". And the reason also is...

3/ Of art and education :

When I was a kid, I wanted to get to the point everytime. No one stopped me. I remember drawing by copying, without even thinking or planning. The ideas were good and the execution was terrible. Now I'm having, finally in my life, a decent drawing class that I'm willing to follow step-by-step. It's an epiphany to see how easy it is to stay stuck with the same bad habits, just from bad education, while the introduction of new hard knowledge softens up the conundrum. Knowing that all art must be planned out with baby steps, either be it in skill acquiring or art execution, even makes my perspective grimier : because I am a working man, doing chores in the apartment, and going shopping for food supplies, I don't have time left. And that said I don't even plan on having wife nor kids. But... Yet I try my luck, now I draw, because it's in the biggest of pain we learn the most valuable lesson... Or some other new-age motivational catchphrase.

4/ Of art and imagination :

Sometimes you have ideas and sometimes not. Deal with it or die. Nothing to add.

5/ Of art and being unique :

Art education is awesome because it lets you know who's influencing you but also who's already got and executed flawlessly your superb ideas. Unfortunately the second point is far from easy to acquire, and there will always be some underground content beating you, even in your most bizarre artistic fantaisies. But... What if you don't find your idea elsewhere at all? You relentlessly search, you're frustrated, someone has to do it! This happened to me. I am still mourning all the projects I wanted to see but failed to start building up, because of... Reasons of course.

6/ Of art and show-business :

Show-business is the pedestal we give to art nowadays. Not saying a talented businessman is an artist, but that's why we are made to believe. And unsurprisingly, only people who have education can make the difference between a piece of art and some re-hashed, poorly designed business matter. There are a number of things the artist does not think about, for example : audience, release dates, production costs, industry-scaled production costs. But when it comes to this, these items become maybe more important than the final art product itself. Because they influence how the piece is going to be received by the audience. Show-business, as it is thought by very very professional and rigorous people, generates money, and everyone loves money! But why do they love money so much. Let's find out...

7/ Of art and upscaling :

It's always nice to upscale your means of production : from pen+paper to Photoshop, from cellphone camera to reflex camera, from the school guitar to the electronic guitar, from doodling in the classroom to selling image prints on the regular, but this has terrible costs. Cost 1 : just buying the gear items. Cost 2 : Successfully doing transition to new items (be it time, training, etc, else you can't use what you've acquired). Cost 3 : Keeping property and care of the item. Those three costs add up. I often fight with them in my mind and that's why I abandoned my project of offering myself a guitar : I'm in no position to get some guitar class, nor can I transport the guitar easily, and my job position makes me move a lot, since the companies' job openings occur extremely rarely, therefore never in the same place.

8/ Of art and going underground :

Underground artists are talented most of times, but cannot make a decent living out of it. They are the real MVPs for they find the organisation of their income elsewhere, and can also somehow fund their productions and their education. They could have found ways to work together into associative bodies, for example. Or maybe they can borrow some gear to a friend. They can receive lessons from a friend. There is a lot of things possible.

9/ Conclusion :

I wanted to describe these points I kind of understood about art, but was not able to pursue them in my life due to a number of reasons. I'm a failed middle-aged artist. Every success starts with a failure, alright? I'm actor of my success, alright? But I'm getting old, my money savings are not growing too fast, I'm losing energy, I'm working far away from my country, I'm having an ever-growing number of interests. What to do about these interests : I could make a blog about them all, to showcase my lack of natural talent at all these things, and it could introduce a variety of crafts to people who are deadly bored. I'm reverse of bored, I'm the burned out student who has zero organisation. Life is so short and fragile. And there are work, home-care and self-care to be done... And that's even without the social life I've built with completely unrelated people, who won't help me in my art adventure because they're busy elsewhere.

If you've read it until here, thank you so much, it matters to me. Hope to get some feedback on this, on how your life fits or not with what you'll call "art".


Hey this is me, Darkslayer.
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Forum Index - Donut Plains - Creation Corner - [Article] Of art, from the perspective of an ever beginner, scattered artist

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