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Not-quite-staff Applications: Discord Mods and Hack Helpers needed! [Closed]

Link Thread Closed
The year's barely begun, but we're already looking for new people to help out with keeping various sections of the site in shape. Specifically, we're looking for Discord Moderators and Hack Moderation Helpers. Note that the latter position is not a full staff position, but rather a helper position where you'll be assisting in moderating hacks (though it is a good way to get your name out there if your work is considered satisfactory). Similarly, the Discord Moderator position will come with a trial period before a full promotion, like its previous incarnations.

You can find the full details on how to apply under the relevant sections.

You may apply for one or both of the positions if you feel qualified, though your applications must be submitted separately and in the correct location.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, send a site PM or Discord DM to:
-Atari2.0 about the Hack Helper position.
-bebn legg (that's me!) about the Discord Moderator position.

Applications are open for a week from today, until this timer runs out:

Link Thread Closed