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Breaking Star by XradicalD

File Name: Breaking Star
Submitted: by XradicalD
Authors: XradicalD
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 50 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Hard
Description: "Yoshi was playing cards with bowser, and he bet his eggs... Now you need to go and get them back!"

It has been quite a while, specially with a 8 year hiatus (2011-2019) but here it is a revision. I have on mind what I want to do with the last levels, but we are still too far from that.

While aiming for quality is the main goal, this hack is no stranger to the use of glitches, poor planned traps and slowdowns to annoy the player.

While the hack may be a Kaizo one, most of the levels don't reach a difficulty of "TAS Required" skills. At worst, a couple of levels can be extremely difficult.

The [ENERGY] Version may be feasible in a future date, however I'm not sure how much interest that version would hold. (Still, I really like the core concept, so I might renew it to the same level of this Kaizo release, maybe)

If you're making a Let's play, feel free to message me on Youtube/Twitter @XradicalD, I do try to watch them all.
Mainly rejecting this because of the broken music: This hack uses an old version of Addmusic which leads to the hack crashing on more accurate emulators. Use AddmusicK to fix this.

As the hack kept crashing because of the broken music, I couldn't play every level. From what I've played though, I noticed the following things:

While it's obvious that a lot of effort was put into the hack's visuals, I think that the level design is often lacking, especially in the first worlds. A prime example of this would be level 12 which basically consists of nothing more than flat platforms with a few generic enemies. This is something that gets better as the hack progresses and in the last world there are some good setups, so I think that you are on the right track. Still, you should consider revamping the beginning of the hack.

Other than that, I don't think that this hack is difficult enough to be in the Kaizo: Hard section. While the lack of checkpoints and powerups certainly make the hack unfeasible to play without savestates, this is not an inherent property of the setups used in the hack: That is, most setups seem far too easy for a Kaizo: Hard hack and I'd rather expect them in a "regular" hack. Also, if you added some checkpoints, most levels suddenly become beatable without savestates and the lack of checkpoints rather seems like bad level design.
Kaizo: Hard design usually entails some sort of glitch abuse and/or very precise tricks and this hack has neither of those from what I've seen. Thus, I think that you should reconsider what difficulty this hack is supposed to be.