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Cadillacs and Dinosaurs [First level I have made in Lunar Magic - ANY TESTERS?]

Hi guys, I come from Mario Maker and after playing through some beginner kaizo romhacks, I needed to scratch that itch of creation. Thanks to some tutorials I ended up assembling a level that I would say has a difficulty similar to what you could see (on the easier levels) in Akogare.

The level has koopas, falling platforms and moving platforms basically (and a couple more different sprites)

I would appreciate some testing and feedback, cause I pretend to submit it to the contest (why not, right?)

Here are some pictures:

And you can get the bps file here:
I've updated the file with a second level. I think I felt more inspired in this one, so maybe I'll end up using it instead of the first one.

Here is the bps file: Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (2 levels)

And some pictures: