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Level Entry

Hello, good morning, good evening, good night.

This is my entry into the contest.

Compared to other mods, "Battered Mario" was essentially "expert" but was essentially "modest." I did my best because I was worried that it was not interesting for the general audience.

This level was nostalgic. Enjoy
My English is Poor...
Really good stage!
Wonderfully creative!

I really liked the red block mechanic. It was quite jank (unstable and strange) yet quite challenging and fun. Returning to the beginning of the stage when you die is quite severe however, I had to use savestates/QS orz. Thankfully the stage is quite short.

By the way, the KLDC rules say that worldpeace's Instant Retry patch is necessary for each entry. I don't know if the mods will allow your custom retry in, but I don't want to see this stage get disqualified.

I think I'll give Tithered/Battered/ボロボロ another chance.
ハンマじま was so hard it turned me away from the game. It tore me to pieces.

Good luck, SAMPLE!

What should we use for the English level name for this entry?

I'm not a doctor.