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100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition >> Officially Paused


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talkhaus thread.

As the magnum opus of my and Mellonpizza's hacking careers, 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition is the third and final update to the original game featuring several fixes, multiple unlockable playable characters, the ability to have Arcade and Do or Die in the same rom, and a brand new mode known as "Nightmare". The Nightmare Edition features new Short Cut rooms in Arcade mode, a new time attack feature in Do or Die, and a new set of remixed rooms that are harder than the original 100. Oh how hard? Well...'s definitely a step up. Because of how hard it actually is, we decided to hold back the "one hit KO" difficulty we originally wanted to do for Nightmare for a more fair experience. It's essentially Arcade Hard Mode, making all the rooms a step up from their originals. The reason we throw the term "remixed" is because these are essentially harder versions of the rooms. And yes, we plan on having the bosses be harder too. We hope to see many of you get as high as you can in the new Nightmare Mode.

Oh yeah we said there are multiple characters... We have a specially designed system that allows for us to insert multiple playable characters within' the same SMW ROM hack we developed since 2015. So far, we've revealed that Luigi, Demo (from the ASMT series), K-16 (from the Sicari series), and Wario all making their appearances with many distinctions between them. Demo acts as a reskin with a new soundtrack and general feel, Luigi retains his high jump and slippery traction (but not the hover), K-16 with her multi-frame animations and abilities found in Sicari 2 - The Brink of Time, and Wario using his brand new Wario Dash specifically coded for this game. The rest of the characters we plan on keeping a secret until the game is released.

"A Robot From Another World" Trailer (K-16 Reveal, slightly outdated)
"Gambly Night" Trailer (Wario Reveal)
"Very Important Person" Trailer (Boon Reveal)

We also have uploaded many of the tracks that will be used for The Nightmare Edition through what is known as the 100 Rooms Advent Calendar where every day I uploaded a new song from anywhere in the game from December 1st to January 3rd. The biggest surprise was the inclusion of the original Trials of the Parrot from A2MT used for Demo during the Nightmare version of Rooms 90-96. All the songs from the 100 Rooms Advent Calendar, as well as the original v2.0.0. Soundtrack and the various songs used during other 100 Rooms related update videos, add up to a total of over 70+ songs. Let's just say the credits will be even bigger than the original.

We will update between 2 weeks and a month both here, the talkhaus thread, and for quick updates I have my twitter as well (@DaizoDeeVon). Mellonpizza (known as @Craz_Xexe) is allowed to make updates too on occasion. Thank you for understanding, and we hope to have a demo of the game out by march at the earliest. As for the final release date, we cannot reveal considering we've tried to make a deadline many times without success. I will just say that progress has been more active than ever before, and we both want to see this to the very end. For now, wait and see what's coming next!
Judging by the screenshots it seems very cool. Waiting for more updates.

Hello! An update, as promised.

As of now, nothing super big has been happening besides a lot of char_ID:7 tracks being worked on as well as Wario's soundtrack. We've also been working on char_ID:5's soundtrack as well, but if you guys wanna help out we are looking for porters to port some of the final songs required for both the main game and the characters.

I can't see the contest being released this month with where we're at, especially since we've been both on burnout. There isn't a moment where I'm not thinking about 100 Rooms of Enemies, and I want this to be the best version of the game. On Twitter I've been sharing a bit of dev stuff that has happened during development, including a funny Luigi related post that got a few good reactions out of it.

The biggest thing we've talked about is possibly releasing a v2.5.0. version with all 5 of the announced characters, but not the full Nightmare Mode experience. This would be an expanded version of the plans we had for the demo. That will mean the contest will not be released at the same time as v2.5.0, but you finally get a fixed version of the original 100 Rooms of Enemies with the convinience of having 2 modes on the same rom. This will not be called "The Nightmare Edition", but I don't think it should just be "100 Rooms of Enemies" alone either so I'm thinking of a name for it.

I know, all talk and no action, so take all this with a grain of salt.


TL:DR - Soundtrack is being worked on, burnout, I have stuff on twitter, and v2.5.0. release instead of a demo not titled "The Nightmare Edition".
Want progress on 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Go here to see.

Long time no see, friends. For those who haven't watched our latest Team Nightmare Mini Direct, we have revealed two grand updates that will be additions to the new 100 Rooms of Enemies experience. First thing's first....a very important person arrives!

We have also introduced a prototype of the Nightmare Room 69 boss coded by me, "Golden Big Boo" (starring Demo).

His battle consists of two phases: a big form (where he will summon boo lasers and death blocks), and a lil' form (that shoots fireballs and spawn an array of flames after a bit.) Since this is a prototype Mellonpizza will be implementing tweaks so that this encounter can be a lot more interesting.

And that's it. For more info, probably check out the direct. Anyway, this is Daizo Dee Von of "Team Nightmare", and we will meet again.
Want progress on 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Go here to see.

100 Rooms of Enemies is finished.


Good bye, ..... .
Want progress on 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Go here to see.

Is this still being worked on? I am a huge fan of the originals and would love to play and stream this one as well? Ha Ha with the April fools joke though. Are there any estimations on when this will be close to available?
Originally posted by Samuroy
Is this still being worked on? I am a huge fan of the originals and would love to play and stream this one as well? Ha Ha with the April fools joke though. Are there any estimations on when this will be close to available?

Yes we are still working on it. Slowly (because of SMW: The After Years II), but surely.

You saw the thread title, now time for




(Bosses are not 100% finished and may change come final release)

It's not just the rooms that will get a harder upgrade, but the bosses will too! In fact, more may show up to challenge the hero at play! Currently shown off are Nightmare Room 19's KING CHUCKLES, Nightmare Room 79's GOLDEN BIG BOO, and the latest edition: Nightmare Room 89's NATSU THWOMP! All of them and more ready to meet you...if you're able to make it that far!

BTW just to be clear, while not frequently at all I do share more updates in the talkhaus thread, so if updates don't show up you're best to look there.
Want progress on 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Go here to see.

Golden big boo looks very impressive.

It looks like King chuckles's moveset has moments where you need to hit him to advance fight. (Maybe not, but it looks very similar)

Natsu thwomp IMHO has too much fire projectiles.

In any case, it's nice to see such strong modifications.
Yours sincerely,
100 Rooms of Enemies will not come out anytime soon.

This is probably a statement I should've made a while ago, but since I still get snark from juzcook on his streams as well as comments on my videos from curious fans, I wanted to address the facts.

100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition is a hack with many playable characters and brand new boss fights. Because of the new characters, a lot of them have alternate soundtracks which half of them aren't done being ported, remixed, or composed. The characters are incomplete, with a couple not even started. Three of the boss fights are coded; two of them I need to rework a fair margin because of my high standards. It's not to mention that there are many kinks to work out in terms of the โ€œmodeโ€ system that is in place in the game, such as general polish and the way to select certain features. I will say, all of the actual โ€œlevel roomsโ€ of Nightmare Mode have been completed for a number of years now, but a lot of them need a rework.

The real truth of it is me and mellonpizza are simply not working on it because of several other projects that are taking higher priority than 100 Rooms. Mellon has been taking several commissions outside of our collaborations, as well as helping out with our next major project with EvilGuy called โ€œSMW: The After Years II.โ€ We also want to get our other hack โ€œP-switchโ€ out early next year, which is the next official instalment to my own series of hacks called the Mushroom Kingdom: Beyond The Worlds. This is why, almost ten years since the first release, that we're not done yet. We're aware the 10 year anniversary is approaching on July 14th 2024, but I do not think we'll release the hack by then. There's still far too much work to do to meet our goals, which I'm aware seems a bit silly because many 100 Rooms-likes released during this development period in a much quicker pace.

One thing I want to also address is how come I can't just put off my other projects or stop new projects from being created. After all, it is incredibly easy to say โ€œOh, Daizo has time to work on Law & Order: Mushroom Kingdom Unit, but not 100 Rooms of Enemies.โ€ There's no great excuse, but my reasoning relates to contests, special events, and my partners. Contests typically are a single level or a small-scale romhack, so my motivation prioritizes over these so I can see how I am doing with my level designing. Special events can relate to specific dates on the calendar or joining in collaborations with teams, which currently I'm in five. Two of these collabs are being worked on in secret, but the other three are the R-ACK sequel, Team Catface Project and "And Another Thing" (A3MT). Then there are my partners, which there's a couple different reasons why I mention this specifically. There are some things I need from different people in order for 100 Rooms of Enemies to make significant progress, and if those aren't in place then the entire hack can't move on without compromise. The other reason I say partners is in relation to two-man projects and commissions. The current projects I'm in relates to Summoned and the Law & Order example I mentioned earlier, but there are definitely more I could be forgetting. Commissions are being made towards another private project.

However, I do not regret the 100 Rooms delay. The biggest reason is with all this time, I managed to accumulate a lot of my coding abilities to be able to help with the boss fights and potentially other things. But if you're a coder, I'm sure you can relate with me pretty heavily that reading other people's code, especially from someone way more practised than you, can be next to impossible. It's not like I can help a lot with the multi-character system without just straight up making my own. So until I am far more trained, the only thing I can do is the boss fights....oooh wait, I'm stocked up on that front too with three of the collabs AND The After Years II! With great power comes great responsibility, and indeed my new-found power is not being held responsible.

So that's the current situation when it comes to 100 Rooms. It's not cancelled, but the simple truth is we're not working on it. Not until The After Years II releases, which if we're being realistic, will take two more years. We're hoping to finish TAY2 at the beginning of 2024, but I said to myself that it'd be finished last year so at this point self-imposed deadlines do not work. The 100r update was supposed to come out in 2017, so you can tell I'm terrible with setting myself goals. The more we delay the more I feel like the wait simply won't be worth it. I am still surprised when I look up the hack on YouTube to see new videos come out, because's nearly 10 years. I just have this fear that when it does release, people won't appreciate the amount of hours we already put into it for the amount of content it actually has, and at worst it won't be played at all. So I'd rather soften the blow a little bit by just saying that it won't come out this year, or next year...or the year after that. At the very least I want it to be out before 2030, but...I employ you guys to be patient with it.

That's about it.
I didn't see that the update announcing the pause on Talkhaus. I think that forum should know about the Nightmare Edition's delay.