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well, ill leave this here

Gimmick is pretty much sprites (and its gravity) is rotated 90°, and later in the level mario is turned 90°

I think it falls on the 'easy but long' side of kaizo. Rooms are short and each room is a new checkpoint.

i hope you enjoy it :)

ps.. i dont know how to make the embed video smaller.. wtf youtube?! (idol edit: fixed it for ya)
Holy fuck, amazing job with this! This is one of the most creative things I've seen in a while.
fuck yeah hidamari sketch thread until the mods fix it

Interesting gimmick. Was it hard to program or was it smooth sailing?
Gonna have to play the latter half in TATE mode.

Originally posted by Samantha
Holy fuck, amazing job with this! This is one of the most creative things I've seen in a while.

Thank you! :)

Originally posted by lion

Interesting gimmick. Was it hard to program or was it smooth sailing?

Well, i consider myself pretty much a noob when it comes to coding.. but i think im pretty good at finding workarounds.. so lets just say i found an easy way to do what i wanted..
it would be probably a walk in the park for someone more experienced with coding.
To me the hardest thing to code was the shell :| .. havent found any easy way around that :(
What I'd do is like, make custom versions of the sprites to be rotated and make them basically be the original sprites but with the X/Y adjusted accordingly.
I'd then study $01802A (X/Y update with interaction and gravity) and create a copy that alters it to support horizontal gravity, then use it as a shared routine on PIXI.

It'd require a bit of knowledge, especially for Yoshi, but it sounds doable.

I'm going to assume you hardcoded a lot but that's okay.

yeah.. my codes arent optimized at all

And for example the shell, my biggest problem with it is for example if i set $14c8 to kicked, it automatically applies gravity to it, and i have no clue on how to bypass that.. so i coded the sprite status in some random misc ram instead of setting any status to $14c8.. it was a bit of pain in the ass, but i most of the time dont really know what im doing
It's fine, like you said, you're new at this.

If you're considering on polishing your ASM skills for further levels, don't be shy about dropping by on the discord's #asm channel. There are no dumb questions when it comes to programming.

The amount of creativity and coding is simply astounding. As for the latter, I wouldn't be arsed to even code one of the sprites you used. Hope to see you on the podium.
I have a Discord server as well!
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Wow dude, that's awesome!
This is one of the most creative gimmicks i've seen in a while! And there's a ton of creativity put into executing it too!

It's really cool how you managed to find interesting ways to use many different sprites sideways! And then the section where Mario moves sideways makes for quite a change (But that camera movement is trippy xD)

Certainly an impressive level! Great job!
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Super cool, I love the asm in this. The moonwalk at the end is awesome #smw{^_^} Good job!