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[SOLVED] Part of my Overworld goes black when I trigger an event!

I've been looking for tutorials for building my overworld, and I've been tinkering for a while. I've built something finally, and decided to do the cool thing of triggering events to change the overworld.

The sad part comes when I activate the events, and part of my Overworld turns to black, due to it being a different palette from the rest of it.
If you get in and out of a level, everything goes back to normal (not the optimal solution though)

Some pictures to illustrate the problem:

What is going on and how can I fix it?
You've used palettes 0-3 which are used by the event reveal fade. You'll have to disable the fade to prevent this.

To disable it, open the Overworld menu, click on Extra Options and check the "Disable event path effect" checkbox.

That's what I needed exactly, thank you so much!!
I know this question has already been solved, but I still want to offer an alternate solution if you don't want to disable the path fade. LM uses 4 overworld palettes, when in most cases 3 is all you need. Palettes 4 and 6 are generally used for land while 5 and 7 are generally used for water. However, because palettes 5 and 7 are both used for water, you probably don't need both of them. If you stick with only one palette for water, then you can use the other palette for anything you want.
Thank you Nathan! That's very good advice.