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i'll use this thread to notify yall of when i will be doing judging streams, as well as linking to the VODs so you can go back and watch anything you missed. obviously i won't be giving any scores or anything until all of the judges have finished.

looking forward to seeing what everyone made :)

edit: can't make another post for 4 hours, but i'll be starting in just a minute, and going for 2-3 hours.
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You can post now. Unless someone else does it, you must indeed wait 4 hours. Shame you became inactive and lost staff privileges.

Anyway, I'll make a Twitch account to comment on chat and follow your streams.

Also, your channel is adult only, hmmm... No problem with me, I turned 18 not a long time ago.
I have a Discord server as well!
Basically, I believe in peace and bashing two bricks together.
got through 2 and a half levels before my internet pooped:

Dolphin Tides
Modular Arithmetic
A Vulgar Turn of Events (not finished yet)

Day 1-1
Day 1-2

planning to continue tomorrow around the same time. been super fun so far, thanks to everyone who participated :)
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Starting up day 2, I'll edit this post with links to the video when i'm done

A Vulgar Turn of Events
Talpidae Grotto
Controller Melancholy (DNF)

Day 2 Part 1
Day 2 Part 2
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This judge seems to have trouble clearing these very simple jumps. I'm not sure whether they're qualified to judge a kaizo contest
lol Lazy :D that was ... something
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starting up day 3.
i'll continue "controller melancholy" this weekend when i have more time and i've had more rest.
going to be using a random number generator from now on to choose entries

Dy 3
Chroma Castle
Double Star
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Starting Day 4, playing randomly selected levels

Day 4

Hour of Death
Do They Float? (hard mode)
he schlee
Prismatic Palace
i played metroid when i was younger
Wooly Bullied
Succ World 1-1 (started)
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Day 5 begins, more randomly selected entries :)

Day 5 part 1
Tomatos River (DNF)
Crystalline Coast

Day 5 part 2
Twisted Plains (DNF)
Infinite Ascent to the Heavens
Double Trouble
Kazoo Hill Zone
Destroy The Planet (i had the wrong level name on screen)
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Starting up some late night judging

Day 6 Part 1
Day 6 Part 2

untitled (waifu level)
The Belaytionship
Jumping On Things (DNF)
Carl Fredericksen
Throwback (DNF)
ur getting kicked
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Day 7 begins

only managed to get through 2 levels in 5 hours today #tb{D:}

Day 7

Does Peach Dare to Eat a Peach? asks TS Eliot
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Day 8 starting up

Day 8

Zouroku no Kibyou
S W E E M (got stuck but will give it another shot later)
Cyberwave Destiny
Rope Dream
Poison Shroom Beach
Circadian (apologies for being super tired, i'll finish it up next time when i'm more fresh)
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Day 9 begins. Gonna start by finishing Circadian.

Day 9
Kaizopunk Castle
Special Relativity
Adrift in Infinity
Sol Draconi Septem
Boiling Hot Chocolte
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Day 10 begins

i'll have the day 9 & 10 vods up tonight

Day 10
Terminal Slam
Blackout Basement
Cursed Cavern
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starting up day 11

Day 11
Abnormal Athletic
Sky Temple
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Final judging stream starting up.
After today i will have seen every level. Any levels i don't beat on stream, i'll take care of off stream.
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