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jGreatEd has poor documentation - A hacking tool for Super Mario Bros. 2 (FDS)

So this tool has come out a little while ago and I've started working on a romhack. Maybe it'll be one of the first complete levels hack for Super Mario Bros. 2, if I can produce it fast enough. Who knows.

I've not had any luck with placing wind objects or upside down pipes anywhere before World 5-1. When you play the game, there is a disk read just before World 5-1, so maybe it's just a limitation of the game engine that you can't have wind or upside down pipes in the first half of the game. Or maybe there's something special you have to do to get them loaded in.

Is there anyone else messing with this tool? I would love if someone could help figure this out and improve the documentation.
Well it's set that way, just like hammerbros aggressiveness or bowsers ability to through hammers. So you just need to change what world it is allowed to start in.
Well, in the program there's the setting for what world Bowser's hammers are enabled and which world Hard Mode starts on. Neither of these things seem to dictate which world I can start using wind objects. Is there a byte in the rom I can manually change through a hex editor?
Reach out to the author, they mave forgotten, also I would search for disassembly & try from there.
The author is russian and I can't find their email
I was really excited about that program, because I've always wanted to be able to hack SMB2J, since it's basically just like SMB1 but with more stuff. Unfortunately, Windows for some reason detects a virus in it, and I can't tell if it actually has one or not... I'm not brave enough... -o-
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