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24hoSMW #12: Rules and Submissions

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Level Design

Well, i just summoned energy i didn't even know i had to be able to finish a level so fast!
The level is quite simple at times, but i'm satisfied with how it turned out, and i enjoyed the experience!

Blocks 4 Life
My Youtube Channel
It's my very first time joining a contest here! Here's my submission

UPDATE: Important bugfix included along with several grammatical fixes, if you already downloaded the previous version please redownload.
four out of four

time to super go to bed.

edit: fixed a thing

(previously superdragonyoshi1. sup yall.)


I couldn't find anything to write :| By the way my Youtube channel
Four Door Tour Roar

Wish I had more time to polish this more and work out the kinks, especially at the goal screen, which has problems (still definitely clearable though), but it's nearly 6 AM for me now, and I need to sleep.

(Also, there's a scrapped level idea that you can check out if you go to Yoshi's Island 2's level dot. But my actual entry is in Yoshi's Island 1's location.)
Here it is: The 4 Seasons
EDIT: Update. I found a big issue in the
forest section
where the FG wasn't solid and could cause a softlock, but it's now fixed. Still, there could be a minor issue related to limitations, but gameplay wise it's fine. Final version as I don't have enough time due to real life stuff.

Hope you enjoy!
Numbuh 4 Island
Userbar made by Green Jerry


Tested on zsnes

edit: forgot the text file
gotta B L A S T

tested with snes9x and bsnes

My stage is a very novice stage, started as a
stage where you couldn't spinjump on enemies
, then turned into a
"dodge the barrage of enemies stage"
, then became a
reflective Podoboo focused stage
. Funny how a gimmick can evolve over the course of a stage. Difficulty would be
a mid to high 2 on the VIP/JUMP scale, I'd say

As it was made in under 24 hours, it was rushed to hell and back and is pretty bad as a result. @ judges, if you think it deserves a low ranking, I won't blame you.

Tested on bsnes (edit: and on SNES9x).

EDIT!!!!!!!!!!! Removed Yoshi. Forgot about this.

Level Design

Link Thread Closed