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(almost) All levels clear (judges stay away)

Took the time to record the contest levels
Sorry i could not beat theBiob level (ill maybe take some time later to try it again) or crm0622 secret exit.. hopefully i havent missed any secret exit

Came to my attention that a couple of levels were collabs and i only credited the one who submitted the level to the contest. Unfortunately recording/editing/encoding/uploading/wait-for-the-processing takes too much time.

The level "wooly bullied" (part 3/5) should be credited as dogemaster + sillymel collab.

The level "circadian." (part 5/5) should be credited as idol + medic collab.

Im sorry for that.
its ok naro i forgive you :) thanks for the videos, i cant play kaizo so its nice to get an overview
It's amazing how you played through so many entries in such a short time. Thanks a lot for that!
There were many creative levels and your playthrough is a really great source when some creativity is needed again #tb{^V^}

well.. its always a pleasure to play kaizo :)
this is obviously a lie

and i mean.. its no secret that i dont play blind and practice with savestates before tackling the levels.. this make stuff much easier and faster..
and was carnival holiday in Brazil and was raining here and i had pretty much nothing else to do :)
Finally took the time to finish TheBiob's level
quite unforgiving, but pretty much genious design
Originally posted by 7 up
Biob's level is definitely not gonna place high.

I dont know how judges will interpret it.. theres always some bad talk about long levels, criptic levels, and all that crap..
but from an objective standpoint based on the judging criteria
Level Design (60)
Level Creativity (20)
Aesthetics (10)
Kaizo Elements (10)

and through comparison, i think this level would/should place very well..