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General SMW ASM Submission Guidelines & Changelog

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Current Guidelines


Rev 03 [2023/07/01]
  • Modified Guideline #1 to clarify the nature of author permission requirements for technical updates to submissions.
  • Broadened Guideline #6 to require all of a submission's included files to be relevant and already configured for greatest ease of use.
  • Added a new guideline between previous Guidelines #4 and #5 to request the inclusion of simple, demonstrative .gifs/screenshots.

Rev 02 [2022/02/20]
  • Removed mention of compatibility with SuperFX; added new guideline #9 as a notice of potential alteration of a resource during moderation.

Rev 01d [2019/05/15]
  • Removed the duplicate guideline added in Rev 01b.

Rev 01c [2019/05/14]

Rev 01b [2019/05/14]
  • Added a duplicate of the guideline emphasizing thorough testing.

Rev 01a [2019/05/11]
  • Added example code demonstrating proper automatic SA-1/Super FX detection and RAM remapping.

Rev 01 [2019/05/11]
  • Original publication.
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