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SMW UberASM Submission Guidelines & Changelog

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Current Guidelines

See here for the General SMW ASM Submission Guidelines & Changelog.


Rev 04 [2019/05/15]
  • Guidelines overhauled:
    • Removed several guidelines given the creation of the General SMW ASM Section Submission Guidelines.
    • Established guideline mandating that code insert with UberASM Tool, as opposed to LevelASM Tool or the UberASM patch.
    • Established guideline mandating that submitted code not be tool-generated.

Rev 03 [2016/10/01]

Rev 02a [2016/09/29]
  • Added a list of tags.

Rev 02 [2016/09/29]
  • Amended the guideline regarding hijacks to require the inclusion of a "clean" patch for code that requires a helper patch to function.

Rev 01 [2016/09/03]
  • Original publication.
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