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24hoSMW #12 - Level Updates in exchange for Penalties

Link Thread Closed

OLD - Level Design

We're making this thread to allow users to post updates to their levels. We recognize that 24 hours isn't very long to make and thoroughly test a level. If you have found errors or bugs in your level that you really want to fix, we're letting you do so. This is only intended for bug-fixes or other very minor changes, and if it is discovered that your update posted here differs significantly from your original submission, you risk being disqualified. This thread is not for new submissions! Anyone posting a level that was not originally submitted to the Submissions thread will be ignored.

If you make a post in this thread with an update you are agreeing to a 2 point penalty off your final score. You must also describe what you have changed in your level when you post.

This thread will close in one hour from the time of this post.
Shells v2


- The level is meant to be played as Yoshi using this patch. For it to work, the user must place Yoshi's sprite right below Mario at the entrance, otherwise the level will be played with a weird and invisible Mario instead. While I did position a Yoshi below Mario at the main entrance, I forgot to do so at the midway entrance, rendering the level unplayable upon reentering it via that entrance. To fix this, I simply placed a Yoshi sprite below Mario at the midway entrance.

- The blue shell at the end of the level could be knocked over by the yellow shell's ground shake, making it fall into the pit. While that won't kill the sprite (walking away and coming back will respawn it), that's still unintended. To fix that, I changed the tiles surrounding it so they won't let it fall.
4am [fixed]

Major Fix:
-level warps properly now

Minor Fixes:
-sprite buoyancy on
-layout consistencies (e.g., preventing player from getting stuck on ceiling; you'll see what I mean)
Cool beans! I formerly didn't plan to fix anything after the deadline because the problems were so minor they weren't worth a revisit or risking these 2 points. Anyway, I found a bigger problem than those.


Major fix:
- Added canvas in boss fight to cover up Wendy defeated
Minor fixes:
- Change the placement of a certain net Koopa
- Removed one of the last two grinders in ni
I have a Discord server as well! (by joining, you agree to the rules)
Basically, I believe in peace and bashing two bricks together.

Well, there you go: 4bidden Desert

Major fixes:
- fixed a pipe in the first section that should've been exit-enabled;
- made the last platform two tiles longer and removed the flying lotus that the player should spinjump on, since backtracking while carrying the P-switch was such a pretty tricky thing to do;

Minor fixes:
- moved the upper flying lotus some tiles to the right;
- changed the song played in the secret cave sublevel (the castle theme was being played before).

Fixes = Map 16 numbers changes
Added Lava and ceiling to some parts

(theres an extra file with some fixes to the level design overall but i doubt it will be accepted lol)
That's it for fix submisions. All further requests to fix levels will be denied. Judges will start playing levels soon.

OLD - Level Design

Link Thread Closed