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What patches do you always apply before starting any of your rom hacks?
Forum Index - SMW Hacking - SMW Hacking Discussion - What patches do you always apply before starting any of your rom hacks?
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I'm looking for some insight on what people deem essential/what they prefer. I'm about to start work on what will be my first hack and I want to get off on the right foot. Any input would be appreciated!
Really, it's entirely up to you. What do you want to implement into your hack? Do you want to create something that feels like a modern Mario game, with wall kicks and ground pounds? Or do you still want the retro feel? Or, maybe, you want to play as Yoshi?

There's no real right or wrong answer here, so whatever you do you'll get off on the right foot as say.

However, it may be worth looking through the bug fix patches we have hosted here, too. You could consider those to be essential, I guess.
Usually these ones:

- No more sprite tile limits:Because it makes working with sprite limits easier and allows to have more stuff on screen

- Classic Fireballs:Because the classic Piranha plants always leaves a bugged coin inside the pipe when hit by a fireball.

- Mushroom Itembox fix: Because I find the powerups being replaced with a mushroom annoying when playing

- No 1ups with star: To prevent life farming

The rest of the patches I insert depend solely of what gimmicks I am thinking on putting in the hack.

- Better powerdown patch: I prefer it over the smw default system

-Minimalist/DKCR status bar: I usually use a status bar patch to free the use of layer 3
Depends on what are my plans for my hack, I guess.
Take in mind that you don't need to apply a patch in order to start a hack - you can make an entirely vanilla hack with different gimmicks or a hack with LX5's custom powerups, for example. It's up to you and your conscience.

♩ ♪

This is usually my list:

- UberASM (basically mandatory, and yes, I do use the patch rather than the tool; I tried the latter once and found it such a hassle to work with that I never used it again)
- My multi-midway patch (also basically mandatory; I have yet to make a hack where there aren't at least a few levels that benefit from having multiple checkpoints)
- ObjecTool (I use a lot of custom objects, and it still irks me that FuSoYa won't even consider adding custom displays for them)
- Shared subroutines (also basically mandatory because copy-pasting them is fail — yes, the sprite tool and GPS cover some of the common ones, but not everything)
- Sprite-from-block customizer (not strictly necessary, but I find the setup for sprite-spawning blocks easier with this than without)
- 100+ Exits (unless I'm using a custom title screen)
- SMB3 powerdown patch (I prefer it to the vanilla system)
- Bounce Block Unrestrictor (there are almost always custom blocks that need it)
- BRK Exception Handler (only recently, but it can be useful to know that a crash was definitely caused by a BRK and about where it happened)
- RAM clear patch (I use a lot of free RAM addresses, so this is good for resetting them)
- Dynamic sprite patch (I pretty much always end up using at least a couple dynamic sprites as well, though I've been wondering more and more lately if I should use Dynamic Z or even design my own system)
- Explosion sensitivity (for allowing Bob-ombs and other explosive sprites to destroy blocks)
- Goomba flip patch (I pretty much exclusively use SMB1/3/NSMB-style Goombas, so might as well save graphics space in SP2)
- Hex edit patch (specific hex edits vary depending on the hack)
- Player GFX DMA patch (again, more sprite graphics space is always good)
- Master Bugfix patch (might as well, since before, I'd insert most of the component patches anyway)
- A miscellaneous combo patch, the contents of which vary depending on the hack (usually used for stuff that doesn't really deserve its own patch, interacts with another one, and/or isn't that easy to describe in a file name)
- The More Control patch (having separate bits for each button comes in handy for cheat codes and such)
- No More Sprite Tile Limits (as slow as this is and as much as it needs an update, SMW's original OAM allocation system is terrible and causes way more problems than it solves)
- Fixed Color Data NMI Optimizer (more NMI time is always good)
- Overworld level remapper (completely unnecessary, but I prefer the overworld levels being contiguous rather than split in half)
- Side exit teleporter (useful for a few things, most notably sky bonus rooms)
- Some form of status bar (pretty much all of them are better than the vanilla one, but I've realized with experience that any non-sprite status bar is not worth the trouble)
- A patch to remap the original sprite tilemaps (necessary for my spriteset system, which I also basically never go without)
- Easy Mode 7 (a recent addition, but I'd like to at least try some Mode 7 stuff)
- Some form of custom message patch (usually the VWF message one, though I've also used WYE's message box expander)
- The ROM clear patch (might as well clean out unused data, and it will come in handy if I run out of ROM space)
- the framerule fix
- the wallclip fix
- the double spin hit fix
- the spinthrow direction fix

If you're going to have cape in your hack, I'd recommend the cape flight turnaround patch, which makes it so you always flip the flight direction instead of it being random.
Just SA-1 since that requires an unedited rom.

I'm keeping track of all my patches and which ROM addresses they alter so... It feels easier that way.
Later on I might change to working with a disassembly once I get a small level/OW editor off the ground, just for convenience.


im gay and a lion. I AM VERY POOR PROGRAMMER !!! pixel art no hoper. transcriptions on a hot tin ear.

スヤスヤ・・・ (Art by 1UPdudes)
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Forum Index - SMW Hacking - SMW Hacking Discussion - What patches do you always apply before starting any of your rom hacks?

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