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Your biggest life lesson learned?
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The thought of such a thread crossed my mind the other day, and I thought it’d make for a super interesting topic.

What’s the greatest lesson you’ve learned in your life thus far?
dont trust anyone or anything
Never look back.

If I kept dwelling over things in the past, I'd never sleep anymore.


Originally posted by Ladida
dont trust anyone or anything

That, and also don't stay with "toxic" people.

Switch to Ecosia! You can save the environment by searching the internet.

Hack progress:
It's dead cuz I lost my motivation to self-deprecation. It would've been a better idea to learn good level design first, oh well could've been smth decently okay.
Insulted a teacher back in 9th grade.

Now I get hated everywhere, even outside of school life and lost my chance of having a great job.
Love yourself a lot, and love yourself first. Don't allow your happiness to rely on others, you cannot put people in charge of it. Learn to enjoy your own company and things you can do on your own, and make friends or a loved one be a complement and not a necessity.
I'm still working on that.
Don't think. Love Leomon and you'll be tanasinn


Be skeptical of everything and trust your gut
Originally posted by Samantha
Be skeptical of everything

100% this, skepticism is what makes you question things and understand the truths of the world. A lack of skepticism leads to blind trust which is always a dangerous path to walk down. Question everything, and even when you think you know the answer, continue to question what you know. There will never be a point where you should neglect intellectual growth.
This is such a tough question for me, as in general, I see my knowledge base as very unfocused, decentralized if that makes any sense? Like, I'll have grip on it if the knowledge decided to present itself in the moment, but otherwise, not really. As such, I don't really know what I would call the biggest lesson I've learned. When I'm reminded of a lesson, I often can't even recall why the lesson was true, which only adds to the feeling of being lost in limbo.

For what it's worth, once when I had a moment of clarity a while ago, I started a text file in which I keep a log of core beliefs of mine that help me allow myself... period. Kind of mantra-ish, though I don't (yet) use it as such; it's primarily a reminder to myself who I am. I've put it up on my site, which I've been meaning to do for a while anyways. It's been a while since I've updated this file, but if I make myself remember it more often I feel like I can work on it some more; a lot has happened within me in recent times.

I just previewed my post and realized how ironic it is that I subconsciously wrote "if the knowledge decided to present itself in the moment", instead of "decides"... Goes to show how much I make myself exist after the fact.
Trust yourself, but also trust your loved ones when they speak the truth about something you did or plan to do. That way, you won't get in trouble for blindly following your instincts. And don't leave things at the last minute, you will gain a great amount of stress doing whatever you were supposed to do.
I still need to sort it out by this year.

I learned that making yourself your enemy is a bad thing to do, and that is okay to let some attractions/emotions/etc. out sometimes.


Dream team (feed them, please):

I learned to disappoint myself before my life disappointed me.
Everything has shitty aspects. Understanding what should be accepted by yourself is important.
Reality is absolute, but everyone's description of it is relative. Every time I hear someone say something, I'm either hearing their own interpretation or experience, or I'm hearing someone else's words (if they just happen to be echoing something they've heard from someone else). And that interpretation/experience can be surrounded by any number of flaws, deliberate or unintentional. I'm not excluded from that either, I can try my best to work with this absolute/relative problem, but at the end of the day, I'm subjected to it just like everyone else.

When presented with contradictory things, and in the case that I don't have enough information to invalidate either, it can be better to have both sitting there (even if they cause a conflict) as I try to solve them, because at the end of the day, it's okay for me to recognize that I lack information. It's okay to recognize that what may be best for me may not be the best for someone else and vice-versa. It's okay to recognize that sometimes I don't know what's best for myself or what's best for someone else, and that other people may not know that either, because as long as I keep trying to reach a conclusion (and as long as I keep listening), I'll get there eventually. Just keep trying.


Originally posted by Exodustx0
* Take your guard down when you're in a safe situation.
* Trust people unless proven untrustworthy, always allow untrustworthy people to gain your trust if significant effort is shown.
* Having your guard up does not mean you don't trust someone.
* Show your trust.

This is something I've been working on for years...I think I'm finally getting there.

Originally posted by Exodustx0
* Everything you do was worth it at some point. Never feel bad about that.
* Write down what you believe in for everyone to see. Read, refresh and revise occasionally.

I still struggle with these. I made a Dreamwidth account to share my thoughts more publicly and ended up not using it at all.

SnesLab / The Cutting Room Floor
Nobody knows what they are doing and everybody is just figuring it all out as it comes to them.
Do not trust anyone, stay in your dreams instead.

Currently working on:
Nitpicky Lulu
Don't surround yourself with people. They will stab you in the back at one point

Super Mario Pants World
Luigi's Lost Levels
New Super Mario Pants World
VLDC12 - 72HoKaizo#1
Being nice, helpful or holding back towards people who harm you is not going to make them become nice to you, you're only encouraging them to abuse you more.
some things just takes while to happen, and they dont happen by themselves, you just have to trust the process sometimes. Oh and learning not to give an fuck what others thinks of you.


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