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Starting a new hack. Anyone wanna give me tips?

I'm an artist with experience in coding (python, sadly, so this will be a little difficult) and have recently downloaded addmusic, lunarmagic, and a couple sprite and asm editors. Does anyone have anything they can tell me to help me get started?
Honestly, it depends on how ambitious you want to be. For your first hack, I'd keep things fairly simple. Once you're used to the tools, then you can start doing longer and more complex projects. For my hacks, I like to have a structure and foundation already planned out in respect to palettes, graphics, overworld, patches, and so on, but that's probably not necessary for a first hack.


I'm working on a hack! Check it out here.
Just experiment with everything to get used to how everything works. Don't worry about making a "good" hack for now and just focus on learning how the tools work (and MML, graphics formats and the SNES if you intend on porting music and making your own graphics and ASM).

Treat SMW as a sandbox to just mess around with for now.

If you are planning on making your own ASM, there are documentation available on as well as the old snesbase compilation. Play around with those after you check out Ersanio's ASM tutorials + the Patch, Sprite and Block tutorials.

The block tutorial is probably pretty jank nowadays, I'm sorry orz

As both people said, it's better to get used to the tools first. I'd recommend not try messing with more complicated stuff, such as ASM, sprites, blocks and etc. Try making some levels with the blocks you already have available in Lunar Magic. When you think you understand the interface and hacking better, you can get to insert blocks, sprites, etc.

In a side note, music is really easy to implement (making music is something else, though) and you can do it in very few minutes without even knowing how to mess with it. It should be a good kickstarter if you have plans on making extremely customized features on your romhacks in the future.
Make something that you would enjoy if you are the player. Be considerate of other players, but you know yourself and what you like better than anyone else. You can't please everyone, but if you make something truly enjoyable, people will I'll be attracted to that.