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72hoSPC #6 ~ Modulating Pitches - RESULTS ARE OUT!
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - Old Contests & Events - 72hoSPC #6 ~ Modulating Pitches - RESULTS ARE OUT!
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I think i mention my opinion on the use of pitch mod a lot in these even if i don't really take it into consideration for my voting (unless it actually sounds like ass)


1. oboro - holy shit what a banger. ye it's not perfect and i was actually debating whether this one or Alpha takes the cake but i think this one is just as
2. Alpha - the first seconds felt kinda generic but then the song became amazing, especially 0:29 section. i just really like this one, been listening on repeat for a while now. also that bass phat
3. gourmetrace - the pitch mod sounds surprisingly well here (especially the flute 👀). great unsampled SNES port, i really like it.
4. remix_9 - i love this one from rhythm heaven so this definitely helped you here x) i think some effects from the original song weren't replicated very well here but understandable given the time you had for this, and it still sounds very good in its own right so good job!
5. Route 113 - some effects are kinda weird but actually i dig them anyway for some reason. i'm only mildly familiar with the original so i'm not sure if the original also seemed to lack bass like here? the song is really good so it doesn't matter to me, nice work.
6. Dive - very nice, not gonna lie i'm having a hard time identifying the pitch mod except in 1:19 which doesn't sound very good imo. all in all i feel it's pretty well made, the instrumentation is pretty good (save the noise and the aforementioned), and great song choice too.
7. Operation 2 - pretty cool port, pretty safe use of pitch mod. not my favorite song but certainly not bad at all.
8. studiopolis1 - man honestly i'm utterly disappointed in this one. there's so many wrong notes in pretty much every channel i can't even, i really hate to put this kinda low but i adore the original song and the bad transcription is just too jarring for me. the neat pitch mod effects are kind of the only thing that i feel saves this one enough.
9. cosmicangel - it's pretty nice. not very fond of the @22 crash and the decreasing @4 glissandos sometimes, they sound kinda off. otherwise, it's pretty solid and it has some neat effects!
10. Splash Hill Zone 1 - pretty ok port. not bad, nothing really outstanding, a bit loud.
11. kyushu - ngl the pitch mod effect on the @4 is pretty cool. i feel like the song is just fine, nothing really groundbreaking so nothing much to comment on (besides what i just mentioned ofc).
12. PokeFlute v2 - not the biggest fan of the instrumentation, but the port itself is not half bad. i can barely notice the pitch mod in this one.
13. test29 - it's ok, certainly nothing really "wrong" with it.
14. mm2gb_title - it sounds like an average intermediate level 8-bit port, with weird pitch mod this time. not bad but not great.
15. Pyramid - kinda boring, kinda empty. not a fan.
16. 72ho6_staircase_whip - barely feels like a song at all to be honest

Route 113
Splash Hill Zone 1
Operation 2
PokeFlute v2

Route 113
Operation 2
Splash Hill Zone 1
PokeFlute v2

Me and a friend of mine (who isnt registered here) listened to all the entries and judged them accordingly on voice call. Here is his own list, if you want to count it towards the voting.


oboro (was hard to tell which is better: alpha or this)
Alpha (it has something from a modern day mario game which is nice)
gourmetrace (one two oatmeal accurate to the original version)
studiopolis1 (piano sounds ackchyually good here)
Operation 2 (kinda too quiet imo)
PokeFlute v2 (pretty boring song)
Route 113
Splash Hill Zone 1
Pyramid (kinda good; one instrument stands out as annoying tho)
mm2gb_title (generic; it's a shame cuz it's mega man music)
72ho6_staircase_whip (this barely feels like music; also it's unpleasant to my ears)
I have a Discord server as well!
I made a disclaimer last time about not really knowing the technical side of this all very well, and that still holds true. I'm mostly voting based on what I think *sounds* the best, not necessarily the best technically. I had to have the concept of pitch modulation explained to me.

1. oboro.spc - I love how frantic and driving this track is! I could easily see myself spending time tackling a really hard level if I have this music pushing me forward in the background. It sounds great!
2. gourmetrace.spc - This doesn't even sound unsampled any longer what the heck!!! Those brass recreations are so nicely done!
3. Dive.spc - Very pleasant. Being on SNES hardware allows the track to sound much fuller, and allows you to hear the bass in the track better than on GBA.
4. Splash Hill Zone 1.spc - This one's really nice. I actually like that you dialed back on the echo effects the original had and made it sound less heavy synth, and this is coming from someone who loves synthwave music. I just think your version sounds better than the original game's version, and this is unsampled too!
5. Alpha.spc - Really like the section around 0:30 for how light, airy and pleasant it feels.
6. Route 113.spc - This song definitely sounds pretty complex, and I think you did a great job translating it from GBA to SNES's more capable sound hardware.
7. kyushu.spc - A nice pleasant song that gives off a kind of jaunty adventure vibe. Looked up the original song and I think you did a pretty good job recreating it with unsampled limitations.
8. studiopolis.spc - I think this is a nice attempt, but I think Studiopolis is a bit too complex to really sound good fully unsampled. This is a valiant effort, and I commend you for what you did manage to create, but I think it misses the mark ever so slightly. I admit this may be because I love how the original sounds though, so it's hard to compare to.
9. mm2gb_title.spc - A nice recreation of the MM2 GB title theme, and you've really filled out the track more using the SNES's capabilities.
10. Operation 2.spc - A speedy, driving track, but it's a little quiet. Not too bad, but not my favorite.
11. cosmicangel.spc - Not bad. It lacks a bit of the "punchy" feeling the original has, but it's also easier to listen to since it's not coming off a shrill GBA non-existent sound chip.
12. test29.spc - It's okay but I find myself without much to say here. Sorry...
13. remix_9.spc - This song kind of goes all over the place, and never really feels like it knows what it wants to be. I can't really think of any setting for it to play in a level, except maybe like some character's theme music. It's not bad overall but just kind of weird to me.
14. PokeFlute v2.spc - I get that it's a quiet song but it feels excessively quiet. I also know there's only so much you can do unsampled, but I think it's actually missing something by not being able to better emulate the chiptune-y feel of the original song. It comes across a bit subdued, almost muddy, now.
15. Pyramid.spc - It takes a bit too long to get going for my liking, even if I did like the drum breakdown around 0:50. I think the song's biggest fault is that while it does develop layers, it's a very repetitive song because the main melody is the same all throughout. I dunno, it does some nice things but overall I don't think I cared much for it.
16. 72ho6_staircase_whip.spc: If "whip" is meant to be "wip" as in "work in progress" then I'd believe it. There's very little to the track right now and as such it's very underwhelming. I got told what the song is that it's trying to be a port of and while I think the original is fine, the port is still underwhelming and I don't think it works at all.
The votes have been tallied, and boy what a score some of these got! Thanks to the participants AND the voters for record turnout on both fronts!!!

Without any further delay, introducing top 3:

studiopolis1 by Wakana, with a powerful 349 points!

Number two is...

oboro by Sinc-X, with a deadly 398 points!!

And our winner for 72hoSPC #6 is...

Alpha by Jimmy, with an apocalyptic 425 points!!!

Congratulations to you,
, for a job well done on your outstanding port! I knew one of the participants would come out on top, and I'm sure glad that prediction was correct! Be sure to contact an admin for your grand prize,

The full results and identities of the following ports are as follows:
1st: Jimmy ~ Alpha: 425 points
2nd: sinc-x ~ oboro: 398 points
3rd: Wakana ~ studiopolis1: 349 points
4th: Gloomy ~ Dive: 344 points
4th: Teows ~ gourmetrace: 344 points
6th: KevinM ~ Route 113: 334 points
7th: bebn legg ~ remix_9: 293 points
8th: Samantha ~ Operation 2: 254 points
9th: Giftshaven ~ cosmicangel: 229 points
10th: Fullcannon ~ kyushu: 204 points
11th: Ruberjig ~ test29: 176 points
12th: Infinity ~ Splash Hill Zone 1: 169 points
13th: xyz600sp ~ mm2gb_title: 167 points
14th: TheInsanity115 ~ PokeFlute v2: 133 points
15th: Brood Fours ~ Pyramid: 84 points
16th: Darkslayer ~ 72ho6_staircase_whip: 39 points

See you next contest, I hope you all return to play again! And good job modulating those pitches, those pitches got modulated so hard it was crazy. Trophies will be handed out within the coming days, so look out for that 👀

As an aside, a couple people expressed interest in seeing the contest submission period elongated from 72 hours to something longer (current options on the table are 5 days long, or a whole week) - is this something worth trying out next contest? Let me know what you think while you congratulate the winners!
foiled again #wario{>:|}

heres the finished version of my entry lol bc i very clearly ran out of time

ill prob submit if i ever decide to optimize it

congrats to whoever this "jimmy" nerd is

soundcloud / bandcamp / twitter / battle of the bits / buy our album
For the name of god you guys have no freaking taste, how is this possible!!!

Of course the scorn is staged, I decided to take part in this contest 6 hours before its close and I had no idea what to do, so I've half-assed this port in around 2 hours. Kudos to @FPZero for paying attention to the original song (one of my favourites, sorry for ruining it), and thanks to those who trusted my product so much they didn't put it last in their list (@Dispace is my new fren :D).

Of course congratulations to the winners, I've liked listening the ports, especially the Dive and Gourmet Race, which are songs I like a lot. Curious to see if they will end up in db.

I'm not sure about re-working or releasing my attempt since it did not meet the demand, but it was nice participating. I'll leave it in my bin now. I came here knowing nothing about pitch modulation, asked few questions and definitely learned from the experience. Thanks.

Hey this is me, Darkslayer.
This is my C3 music port thread.
I won't lie I'm kind of disappointed that I only got 8th place but I did play it pretty safe with the PMOD and I picked a pretty obscure game so I guess I'm not surprised.

Congrats to the winners!

EDIT: Also I personally wouldn't mind if submission period was a little bit longer
They won porting my song lmao
Originally posted by Sinc-X
foiled again #wario{>:|}

dw, your port was still my favorite overall lmao (also both your port and Jimmy's were so painfully obvious that it was you two which made them that I couldn't help but rank you guys higher LOL just kidding lmao)

good job to all the others btw; sad I couldn't join, but there was absolutely no way I'd be able to do any 72 hour ports with how unmotivated I am at the moment haha, plus it was kind of fun being in the judging side for once, definitely much more relaxing than actually participating :P
Layout by Mathos
I really wanted to enter this contest knowing I'd probably be annoyed that I didn't enter after the results came out. So I did and... oof, I didn't do too well.

I'm impressed by the cool uses of PMod on some of these ports. You guys did a very good job, especially the winners.
Fair enough I guess. Huge congrats to those who made it to the top 3, I got pretty close but that's sadly not enough lol
my C3 thread ft. kirby, zelda, mega man and more
Welp that honestly went a lot better than I was expecting. New to porting so i just picked something simple that could be transcribed without a ton of fuss.

That said I am proud of the J/DnB bit at the end. It felt kinda flat (OK it was every flat) so i wanted to add some of my own touch. Didn't work out so great but i'm glad some people enjoyed it.

I'm also super surprised that some people put mine above 14th place. Thank you to those people.
12th place is not badly better than last place #smw{-_-;}


List Soundtrack - List Hacks
3rd with the worst song to port 👏👏👏👏👏
Congrats to the other winners.
I honestly did not expect a positive result regarding the contest, I'm out of time these days and that's what I was able to do on the track (at least within the period). But congratulations to the winners!#tb{:j}

YT: Ins4n1tyGamer.

TheInsanity's SPC Thread - ;)
Congrats to all the participants. The top 6 entries did a really outstanding job and listening to all these was fun.

Personally i agree, extending the time for this contest. No one knows what challenge lies ahead and from picking a suitable song to port it entirely with a decent quality a lot of time is needed. I always wonder how people come up with such decent results in only 72 hours. 5-7 days sounds more reasonable to me.

Congrats to Jimmy, Sinc-X and Wakana! Honestly, I didn't expect the latter's song to place 3rd. I thought Teows's deserved it more.

Also, yeah, 120hoSPC would be a better idea.
I have a Discord server as well!
Thanks everyone!! Glad you all enjoyed my port of Slash Man's song LOL

And I agree with a 1 week period instead of 72 hours for future porting competitions. I personally didn't find the time limit too restricting this time around, but a lot of that had to do with the song I picked (I also had to cut out the intro due to time constraints). I think a longer time limit would encourage more interesting ports!
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Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - Old Contests & Events - 72hoSPC #6 ~ Modulating Pitches - RESULTS ARE OUT!

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