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1-Up Sound and Course Clear Glitch after Nuke Status Bar

I removed the course clear fade, text, and drum roll by doing hex edits at the following addresses:

$05CC85, $05CD79, $05CDD8, $00AF35, $00B091

The values and descriptions are in the SMW memory map.

When I applied the "Remove Status Bar" (Nuke Status Bar), I started getting a glitch where it plays a 1-up sound and flashes the "course clear" text for a short period, maybe a frame. I think these two might be related, but I'm not 100% sure.

Also, the address $00FADF seems like it might be related. Maybe this is a potential fix?

Originally posted by SMW Memory Map
Table of the various sprites Mario receives for carrying different items past the goal tape.

The table itself is divided into four 7-byte sections: P-switches and springboards will use the second section, keys will use the third, baby Yoshi will use the fourth, and anything else will use the first.
Each section is then indexed by Mario's current state, in the order: small, big, cape, fire, with star power, on Yoshi, and unused. The star power index is essentially unused, however, because the counter always gets cleared before the table gets loaded from.

If the value returned is E0-EF, Mario will receive the sprite written at $00FB50 (1-up by default). If it's F0-FF, he'll receive the sprite at $00FB54 (...also a 1-up by default). In both cases, it'll also store the lower four bits to $1594, which for a 1up, will affect the number of lives it gives (0 = 1 life, 1 = 2 lives, 2 = 3 lives, 3 = 5 lives). It's 0 in every obtainable case, though, so the feature is effectively unused.

Additionally, $00FB40 is the sprite to spawn if Mario already has the sprite in his item box (again, 1-up by default).

Lastly, you can re-enable factoring star power into the table by changing $01C0FE to EA EA EA.

I'm not good at all with ASM, so I'm not sure how to fiddle with the various values on this table using basic hex edits, so maybe someone can shine some light on this?