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One Screen Precision Hack


these are the first impressions of a hack I'm working on.
So far I've created 3 levels (aesthetics are to be done).
Level 1 and 2 are RTA viable.
I save state practiced a lot to clear level 2.
I am currently practicing to clear level 3 as well.




This hack is designed to test how far you can control Mario's movement.

If anyone wants to test my hack (both RTA or TAS) you can send me a PM and I will make sure to send you a demo version once I either cleared or nerfed level 3.

If someone has level ideas that fit my current levels and would like to collaborate, they can send me a PM.

I appreciate any comments.
Was Claustrophobia your source of inspiration? 'Cause I see that pretty much in your screenshots.
Sweet hack so far. Feels a little cramped in parts but, as I said, this is just judging by what you brought to the table. I found the last screenshot a bit too hard for a stage 3, as it requires a lot of patience and precision to get past the fishes.