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SMWC Class of 2020


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Back in 2014, SMWCentral ran an event titled "SMWC Class of 2014". You can read in full about it here, but the gist was the community came together to submit selfies that were compiled into a yearbook style star image. It's been 6 full years, and our community has shifted so much within that time.

So, it's about high time we run another one. The rules are pretty simple:
  • You must take a clear picture of yourself, and it must be 200x200. .png or .jpg are okay, but no other file format will be accepted.
  • Your picture must not be inappropriate nor break rules regarding NSFW / offensive content, so please keep that in mind.
  • While the Class of 2014 accepted photos of users in full masks, the Class of 2020 will not. You must be visible, and it must be you.
  • Unlike 2014, there is no Mario theme this year. That being said, you are more than welcome to include Mario themes in your images.
  • Please do not extensively edit your images. I will allow Snapchat / Facebook filters, as long as they are not too obfuscating or distracting.

We are aware that the Internet is generally a place of anonymity, and as such many users may not feel completely comfortable showing their faces. If you would feel more comfortable with partial visibility, we may be able to accept your photos anyways. We want to make sure everyone can feel comfortable with participating in this event, as at the end of the day it really is just for fun.

Submissions may be done either via site PM to me, or through a DM on Discord to me (if you use Discord, please include your site username). The deadline for submissions will be April 8th at 11:59PM UTC.

Have fun! If you have any questions or concerns, you can leave a message below and I'd be happy to answer.
Just two questions I wish to ask please, one, do we have to be alone in our pictures, and two, how recent do the pictures have to be taken?

I'm slightly tempted to finally give you guys a pic of myself...if I can find a good one.
leod always looked so. german. sorry if that's reverse racism against white germans i guess. counterfeit looks terrifying, alex no has the best photo... and lastly i'm sad gamma didnt try to rep any transformers

sad we won't be getting any dogs this year. hope slash man joins he's the only good looking guy on this site (jk)

but yeah if anyone gets to see my pic please excuse my resting bitch face i was struggling with my shitty oldass samsung galaxy that i never use, i have trouble gaining a firm grasp on things (thankfully doesnt stop me from drawing #smrpg{y}) and also general anxiety from social situations. eggs are delicious

Good lord my old photo

This is exciting though, I've been wanting another one of these to happen for years! Looking forward to see how this turns out!
Originally posted by Knight of Time
Just two questions I wish to ask please, one, do we have to be alone in our pictures, and two, how recent do the pictures have to be taken?

You don't necessarily need to be alone in your pictures, but it is preferable. The pictures don't have to be taken explicitly for this event, but I'd prefer if they're not years old or anything. Just use your judgement and if it resembles what you look like roughly now, it should be alright.
Here enjoy my :daizo_Kappa:.


Want progress on 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Go here to see.

Are you a sample porter and wanna help with 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Private Message me or Mellonpizza for details. Expect trading "resources" in exchange. 4 more left.

It is mildly frustrating I don't unerstand the letter system that says whose picture is whom on the 2014 excerpt, if anyone can clarify I'll be glad haha.

I'll participate in this one, it looks cool.

Edit : nvm I figured it out finally. Some users have changed Id since then, I guess.
yes, you can wear a hat
I wonder if I should participate just for the contrast with my pic from the other time. My, have I changed. I still think it is funny though lol (that is still the only Mario stuff I have)
Can I take a photo without my Eyeglasses?
Originally posted by BootaNoBijuu
Can I take a photo without my Eyeglasses?

Almost tempted to post a pic of myself here just for funsies since I never participated in one of these. Sounds fun.
I have no Mario themes here lol (not that I planned to go ahead with that)
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Found one that didn't suck as far as quality goes when shrunk to 200px. It'll do for now. It is 196x200.

Click it if you dare!

Edit: Mostly showing it here in case folks are curious for whatever odd odd reason. lol

i hope my entry gets denied
I hope I win
Originally posted by Scrydan
roll fur initiative

fucking furries /s

a reminder that pics will no longer be accepted after tonight, so if you haven't gotten them in... get them in~
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