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Feedback and Rules Changes

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For what it's worth, I would have let Chroma Castle be among the top 3, but definitely not first place winner. Although it was one level I only got to play afterwards, there were far better levels than that.
I'm also surprised that he schlee wasn't disqualified. I played it and gave it a zero score. I think common sense should have been used to not earn it a participation trophy for "being a meme-y level but it's beatable".
I was also a judge that was no streamer, though I don't think it mattered much in the overall turnout.
This thread went from feedback to "why did chroma castle win and my ultra mega hyper 6 asm kaizo level didn't?" so fast that I didn't even notice. #smrpg{sick}
Chroma castle is a good level mates, and for the next KLDC, maybe the scores will be changed (I hope some kind of rubric or guide for each score category will be created, so judges follow the same stuff when they judge).#smrpg{:D}
All - I appreciate all of the feedback, and it seems that certain themes have definitely rung true.

Please know that feedback on personal opinions on what should have won or not is fine, but isn't going to help me much beyond giving me data to alter the grading scale. I loved Chroma Castle, and was very happy to see it received the scores it did. Focusing on 1st vs 10th, when the differences are as miniscule as possible, does lead me to consider formats that reward levels in ways beyond ordinals.

Please don't blame the judges for the lack of formality in how they were instructed to judge. That is entirely on me, and is something I plan on significantly improving next go-round. Asserting the judges didn't know what they were doing or weren't making intelligent decisions isn't fair to their experience and expertise, but you can chalk that up to me being an inexperienced host and not them being unaware or ill-informed on what is good or not.

If people have further feedback for me, I'm happy to take it directly in DMs - I know I've reached out to continue these talks already, and I hope you all know I'm working in good faith.

Closing this thread in the meantime to move results-based discussion back into the other threads.
I'm not a doctor.

Link Thread Closed