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Luigi Stardust Adventure

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I'm working in a new hack now:

Please give feedback on the levels and don't submit youtube videos about it until it be released.

Version 1: (04-03-2020)
Version 2: (04-15-2020)
Version 3: (05-08-2020)
Version 4: (06-11-2020)
Version 5: (10-10-2020)
Version 6: (11-02-2020)
Version 7: (11-24-2020)

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Mega Man X3 OSTs
I've got all 8 exits (if I didn't miss any).
I found two places where you can get stuck forever, and some other minor bugs.
As for the levels, they're good for a first world. The only issues with the levels are places where you can get stuck, holes with no coins to lead the way.

The title screen says "Luigi Worst Adventure" instead of "Luigi Stardust Adventure".
Did you change the hack's name?

I'm assuming that the story is the same as the original SMW's?
Or do you simply don't know how to edit the messages? Simply click the #lm{owmsg} button in the OW editor and save the OW when done.

Are all the levels called Neo Plains? Sounds unfitting for 1-Fortress, 1-4 and 1-Castle.

In levels with HDMA gradients, the gradient disappears when you clear the level and the circle comes up. Apply this hex edit to fix it:
org $00CB0C
db $0C

In Neo Plains 3, if you kill this Parakoopa, you're trapped.
There's no time because you use the DKCR style status bar, so you must reset if you don't play with savestates or rewinds.

Collecting the Star Coins can make the HDMA flash.

This looks like a blind jump (no coins to lead the way), although you won't get hurt by something that's offscreen unless the Chuck falls down there.

In Neo Plains 4, if you don't quickly get out of here, you're trapped.

In the first half of Neo Castle, there are some places that look like blind jumps, in the above screenshot, one can go too much to the left and get hurt.

(No picture)
When you kill Mouser, the vanilla water theme plays instead of FFIV's victory theme.

And also, the end of demo level (with a vanilla SMW level name) can't be entered, after looking in LM I saw that there's a level with a beach background with a side exit enabled sprite.

Actually I think the same as Green Jerry. Good design, with some minor bugs. Also a minor niptick to point out. That jump in Neo Castle feels too difficult for a first world:

Looking forward to seeing how this hack progresses!
Enjoyable demo where levels play great! Just one thing, you can skip underwater levels by going under them. Other than that, great work on this.
Going to put some feedback when playtesting is finished.
EDIT: Finished.

Well, I didn't found any issue, and the levels flow well so no complaints. Great work. Will next version be a new demo or the full game?
Originally posted by N450
Going to put some feedback when playtesting is finished.
EDIT: Finished.

Well, I didn't found any issue, and the levels flow well so no complaints. Great work. Will next version be a new demo or the full game?

Honestly, this will be another world to test before the demo because I'm taking part in C3 Summer 2020.

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Mega Man X3 OSTs
The next version is new levels and a new world 4

Version 4: (06-11-2020)

There will be a demo with four worlds on the c3 summer 2020 thread

List Soundtrack - List Hacks

Mega Man X3 OSTs
Gotta check it out
Just some Ys fan lol
No issues were found in the new demo, again I enjoyed the levels. Great work!
Hey I found just a couple issues in the new version!

Here I recommend that you put some ground under the midway point because if the player is on the high platform he will probably jump on it

When you go through a pipe the HDMA appears for a while

Here's a blind jump

And here too (if I remember well it's blind jump, else it's probably that the platform is too far)

These "spikes" don't even seen to hurt probably changing their graphics could be better

Here's another blind jump lol

Here the biggest problem is that when the player goes there he can get hit by a fireball

Another blind jump

Here I guess the Angry Sun is a bit too low

There the platform is a little too far from the next platform

This level has a couple of blind jumps

(next ones I've already jumped)

Next level also features a blind jump

That's it! The biggest problem of the hack is the blindness, other than that great work!
Just some Ys fan lol
Originally posted by lordkronos100
I Playtested Your Hack and I Must say It was Very Fun I Couldnt realy Found any Gamebreaking Bugs so Good Work for That :D

Thank You! 🔥💪

List Soundtrack - List Hacks

Mega Man X3 OSTs
Well, first thing I must say, I really liked how the levels of this hack don't use so much different sprites. Most of the standard hacks I played repeated the same enemies without much creativity, like tons of volcano lotus, chargin chucks and so on. So yeah, most of the time, the enemy variety of this hack is quite good.

Anyway, let's go to some points that need to be fixed.

Intro Level:

I don't understand what are you saying. Do you mean " Welcome! While Luigi was at Neo Green Plains, Dark Luigi kidnapped Mario. Let's save him, Luigi!"? If yes, then I suggest to rephrase it, since this sentence is a bit confusing, althought it's very easy to understand that instead of Peach, it's Mario who got kidnapped. So, this is a minor thing.

HDMA in some stages, in general:

I suggest you use more lines and make a more varied gradient. It's not bad, but I think it can be improved.

I suggest you change the name of each level. Why every level is the name of the world? Would give them more flavor. Let's say that 1-1 is " Green Path" and 1-2 is like "Verdant Hills". See? Much better and the player will remember well the stages. It's just some examples. Don't use these names, what I'm saying is that if you're using the patch of YI intro for levels, it would be best that each level had a diferent intro, rather than "Neo Green Plains".

First Mushroom Level:

I almost didn't see this platform, I suggest moving it a little bit. It's almost a blind jump.

I suggest fixing this glitch by using this patch. Be aware that it will glitch the credits sequence from the vanilla game. So, only use that fix if you will not use the vanilla ending, otherwise, it's better to wait for the remoderation of this patch. This happen in later levels, too.

Night Plain Level:

In my humble opinion, Sound of the Shinobi does not fit calm night levels so well. I would suggest a more chill music. Anyway, just a suggestion, this is not necessarily an error.

While most of the blind jumps are harmless, this one isn't. I died trying to get the coin. Please avoid that. I'll talk about blind jumps in the end, so hang for a while.

I think this jump is a bit too demanding for a first world level. i suggest to nerf it or tone it down. Make it a bit more easy.

Neo Green Castle:

The positioning of this Thwomp is not that good. I got caught by surprise, since the top hides part of the sprite. I suggest you lower it a bit, so the player is not caught by surprise.

Samba Fortress:

For the sake of consistency, this door should be red like the others that I saw in the end of the castles and fortresses. It looks like a normal door. It's very easy to fix.

First Desert Level:

The palette of the foreground is bizarre. While the background uses a more calm color, the FG looks like cheese with that yellow tone. I suggest you change it to match the background, while using a brighter and more vibrant tone so both doesn't get mixed up. Try using some hue shifting to solve this.

Another blind jump that can potentially kill the player...

Desert Cave level:

Not only it's a blind jump, but I got lucky that the beach koopa didn't hit me with the shell. I found the positioning of this enemy kinda cheap and it could take the life of a less careful player very easily. It's not fun.

Desert Canyon Level:

The music is way too repetitive and gets annoying way too fast. I think you should replace it. It's like a ten or fifteen second loop that grows old very quickly.Also, I'm not a big fan of this slow autoscroll with bullets, it kinda tires the player a little bit, but anyway, my major gripe is the music itself. The autoscroll part I handled fine, though.

Desert Fortress:

Another case of boss door not being red. Like I said, it needs to be consistent. It's an easy fix.

Angry Sun Level:

How I get that coin? With that sun following me constantly, I didn't explore the stage very well? It's a P-switch? Or a spin jump in the sun? It's not so intuitive...

Night Desert Level:

Same things as I mentioned about the music not matching well the level that I said about the Neo Green Plains night level.

Desert Castle:

Another blind jump that punishes the player with death. Only because of a coin. Please add some indication like coins. It's hard to guess sometimes when it's safe to fall or not.

For some odd reason, the desert castle didn't collapsed after beating it.

Mountain Fortress (and other levels that use this graphic):

How I was supposed to know that these are SPIKES? They don't look sharp enough. I suggest replacing these spikes for ones that are pointy.

Night Mountain Level:

Once again, I think the music does not fit. Why a music with a war-like vibe (Dark World from A Link to the Past) in a very chill night level? Not gamebreaking, but it kinda doesn't fit well with the level, in my opinion.

First Forest level:

Change the scrolling of this stage to "No Vertical Scroll" so this cutoff doesn't appear.

Second Forest Level:

For some reason, I start the level already in the midway.

This block was kinda cheap and kaizo like. I suggest to change its position, since it caused one cheap death.

Forest Tides Level:

How I was supposed to know that the water is poison? The water should have a darker purple than the foreground. Add a danger sign or something in the level.

I found the positioning of this enemy a bit nasty. It's possible to pass this part, but requires a precise spin jump.

Forest Fortress:

I think this section is way too tedious because all you have to do is wait for the magikoopa to destroy the block walls. Nothing too much interesting happen during that second half. I think the pacing of this second half suffers quite a bit.

Why this boss door has no powerup block? Doesn't make any sense...

Forest Cave:

It's possible to cripple through the ceiling in this section. Be careful about that, since it can cause some unfair deaths.

Autumn Forest:

Another stage that the player starts in the midway point.

Night Forest:

This koopa always try to kill itself. I suggest you apply this patch. So any enemy will always face Mario and it will avoid situations like that.

Forest Castle:

This ON-OFF setups were okay in the first, in the second time. But a third time? I would suggest a new gimmick for this castle, since it's a bit repetitive the on-off stuff again. And that's what I think that some levels need. Not only varied enemies, but some interesting gimmicks to be more memorable. Anyway, this is a minor critic I have.

Change the color of the fire spitting fuzzies. I have trouble to differentiate them from the normal ones. Only the different color of the mouth won't do. You can use the cfg editor (included with PIXI) to change the palette of the sprite.

Change the color of the lines, I can barely see them.


These are the moments I found blind jumps. I suggest adding coins or avoid blind jumps if you can. While most of them are harmless, it's kinda frustrating when I can't see the ground below.

Overall, I see tons of potential in this hack. Keep going forward! #smrpg{:3}
This hack is really good !
I've played the demo, so I am looking forward to your works ! #smw{:TUP:}
Originally posted by Infinity
The next version is new levels and a new world 6

Version 6: (11-02-2020)

pls fixed this bps message and base rom
"This patch is not intended for this ROM!"
So first of all, I noticed some very nice improvements in this version. You fixed some stuff I said like the jump in one of the first levels, the music choice (with one exception) now feels solid, and overall, no more HDMA glitches. So, yeah, that's very good, but you forgot to fix other issues that I mentioned, so before pointing out the new issues, I'll recap what didn't was fixed.

Things that weren't fixed


This door is with the wrong color. Change it to red, so it's consistent with other fortresses and castles.


Once again, I suggest to change that yellow for a more fitting color. It looks like cheese. A color more close to the background would be a bit better.


Once again, I suggest to change the music of this stage. Take for example the second stage of the sky world, it has some nice music. Something in that vibe in this level would be good.


See Desert Stage 2. Same issue, I recommend you put a better color like a more brown-like sand, like you did in one of your desert levels.


Same issue as before. The castle won't simply collapse. Fix that.


Once again, for some reason, the player starts already in the checkpoint. Please fix that, since it can break your level and challenge.


Move this block more to the left, I died once again because I made a large jump, then I bonked my head and died. Not fair.


You didn't fixed many blind jumps. Please add more coins. There's tons of dangerous blind jumps out there, like in the sewer level. If a jump is too high or I can't see the ground below, consider always to guide the player with coins.


A new cutoff has appeared in VERDANT PLAINS 6.


I have no idea why these issues happen, but for some reason, beating the forest castle, glitches the sky overworld. beating the Sky castle, glitches it too. Also, if you die in most of the forest world stages, the map gets glitched too. Changing from one map to another, then returning, everything is normal. But this is very bizarre? Are you using SA-1? If yes, check if BWRAM plus is correctly installed, if not, seek help at the forums or at the discord in the #asm-channel, maybe they can help you fix this.


Believe or not, this is the moment after it exploded.

This is me getting hit by the invisible explosion. Please fix that, because it can cause all the sorts of troubles. It seems to be happening in some specific stages, like the sky ones. Check every level with bob-omb to see if the star explosion graphics are there.


This jump is very long and a bit blind.

Due to the way the autoscroll works in this part, the player has a small chance to land there. Please avoid that. It is a bit unfair.

These jumps are way too long and it's very easy to miss them. A bit precise, if you ask me, since the layer 2 makes you rush, so it's a bit enfuriating.

The first time playing the player has almost no way to react to this Hammer Lotus. Their instinct tells them to jump in safe ground, but them, they get hit unfairly by an enemy. Consider adjusting this setup.

I think that's it.
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