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Luigi Stardust Adventure
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Hey Infinity I started beta testing your hack from version no. 6 and found some bugs - in Search Wood 2 and Search Wood 6 I start from the checkpoint, not from start. I'm currently at the Sky Flavour world.

Also, I found some graphic errors in Trail Castle.

This is so insane! I've got powers, and I'm fighting supervillains!

-Rena Rouge
The next version is new levels and a new world 7

Version 7: (11-24-2020)


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The next version is new levels and a new world 8

Version 8: (12-17-2020)

It was really hard work but I was happy and the full version is ready for C3 Winter 2021


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I started testing the full version and encountered the same start/checkpoint issues in Search Wood stages 2 and 6. I'm currently at Freeze Plains, and I can't wait until I reach the end.

Also, because I tested nearly all versions, please include me in beta testing credits.

also, I found some black fade-in issues. After selecting and starting the level, the screen is black for a while, while the level names show normally.

This is so insane! I've got powers, and I'm fighting supervillains!

-Rena Rouge
Originally posted by ForthRightMC
I started testing the full version and encountered the same start/checkpoint issues in Search Wood stages 2 and 6. I'm currently at Freeze Plains, and I can't wait until I reach the end.

Also, because I tested nearly all versions, please include me in beta testing credits.

I remember this was fixed in version 7. I have to check it out.
Whenever I press A on an empty world map spot (i.e. the spot with the coin), it starts a 0/100 bonus level, and get permanently stuck in it, so I have to go through the hassle of reloading the game. You should leave those empty and not let them load levels at all, as I don't see the reason to.
Originally posted by brickblock369
Whenever I press A on an empty world map spot (i.e. the spot with the coin), it starts a 0/100 bonus level, and get permanently stuck in it, so I have to go through the hassle of reloading the game. You should leave those empty and not let them load levels at all, as I don't see the reason to.

Okay, thanks for reminding me, I already fixed it, it will only be on the C3 thread


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Luigi's Stardust Adventure (Version 8) by Infinity

I promised myself that I would test this hack near completion and do a full review/testing of everything.
Then, I got a message on discord from Infinity to test the hack, so here we are.

But! Before we begin, I have some explaining to do.

The Messages in brackets is current me, while everything else is past me. Don't get confused, I used it for comedic effect.
Blind Drop, by my definition, is a drop that you cannot see where you're dropping to (duh) and it has a chance to kill you.
A Semi-blind drop is like a blind drop except it doesn't have a chance to kill you.

Now that we have that cleared up let's, finally, get into the testing notes!

Title Screen: Looks good, I like it, although the name is kinda weird. It's not Luigi's Stardust Adventure but Luigi Stardust Adventure.
Meh, it's maybe just me rambling again (I'm known for that), let's go!

The story is kinda weird, Fat Dark Luigi (My favorite character) kidnapped Mario for some reason (I still don't know why), It's interesting for sure, but again, maybe it's just me rambling again (true).

Overworld: SMB3 Overworld, cannot complain about that (I mean, you can but you'll get exiled from humanity so I opted not to), although I found a problem at...

I can enter the start tile, bringing me to the infinite bonus game. Also the thingy says "World 1-1 Verdant Hills".
Okay so something really quick I want to mention, if you want every tile to be non-enterable just make a level 0 tile "No entry if level passed" and "Level has been passed".
That will make every tile with level 0 non-enterable. (I guess removing the Layer 1 tiles would work too)

Same problem as the Start, Infinite Bonus Game. You can enter every coin on the map (in the whole hack)...

Verdant Hills 1:
It's a good level, a sprinkling of Chucks, Goombas, Koopas, and the occasional Disco Shell. Great!

Verdant Hills 2:
Hello Sonic Music! This level is just amazing, for me, it was easier that the first level.

Verdant Hills 3:
Sometimes, getting this Star Coin flickers the screen for a few frames. (this happens in other levels similar to Verdant Hills 3)

These vines seem odd compered to the rest of the level. (Yup, they do)

Semi-blind drop. (Countless people talked about this drop, just add coins bruh, it's not that hard :))

Feels like home, city music accompanied with the mushrooms is a really neat idea. My favorite level so far. (Not true anymore :()

Verdant Fortress:
Discoloration, maybe? (Well, past me, if it's a discoloration then every arrow placed in the hack is discolored, which is questionable)

Another semi-blind drop. (Another popular semi-blind drop)

Now this was a weird looking Boom-Boom. (It's an SMW Styled Boom-Boom, past me. Get it together, ugh)
It's a fortress for sure, although the Thwomps faces gave me creeps (In the game they starred in (I mean the graphics) they don't make the faces, which caught me off guard), the fortress was pretty balanced, as all things should be. (Did you get the joke? :))
I still didn't get the save prompt, maybe the game autosaves or something? (The game does in fact autosave, bravo on that)

Verdant Hills 4:
Okay, personal opinion incoming. The background is just bad (True). It's just some stones repeated over and over again. (I mean, every background just repeats itself after a while but you get what I'm saying)

I was surprised to see no lava in a cave level (what did you expect past me huh?), but that's fine.
It's a cave level. Cool (I agree).

Verdant Hills 5 (I feel another big paragraph of text like in the Luigi's Super Adventure (I was correct ;))):
MONTY MOLES!!! The third best enemy behind Dino-Rhinos and Dino-Torches. (I agree)
This level screams great level design! (I'm totally not biased because there are Monty Moles here, nah)
In all honesty, it's an amazing level, like the rest. (True)

Verdant Hills 6:
Yet another semi-blind jump. (Yup, another popular one)

Night level with a great song, we start getting a little harder, but not so much. (I'm lying to myself, but hey, that's what you gotta do :))

Verdant Castle:
OMG! SPARK MANDRILL!! Okay, let's calm down (I really like Mega Man X), although it's spark mandrill it's an older version (Maybe true, I'm not sure). I suggest you pick between the up to date Spark Mandrill By Teows and the Remix by Hooded Edge. (I'll leave this up to you, Infinity, the current one (By Teows) and the one you used don't sound that different. I, personally, prefer the remix by Hooded Edge.)
How am I supposed to know that these, chess looking things hurt Luigi? (they're coils, and yes, they do hurt, even though they aren't powered. Also Luigi is invisible because he took damage.)

SMW Styled Mouser. (He is pretty funny looking ngl)
The castle is a straight banger, with Spark Mandrill(<3) in the background and the level design with the ON/OFF switches. (The ON/OFF switch blocks are really amazingly used in every level that uses them)

Samba Tropical 1:
A beach level with crabs, fish and other dothingys. Great level. (yup)

Water Based Coins?!:
Same as regular ground coins. (I have no clue what these were and I still don't know)

Samba Tropical 2:
I suggest the scrollable HDMA for this level, a little slow, but otherwise, a pretty good underwater level. (Yes, this level is slow, and actually the only underwater level, wow)

Samba Tropical 3:
Great beach level with some VLDC music to top it off. (VLDC9 - Beach to be precise.)

Samba Fortress:
It's a Fortress, with a green Boom-Boom as the boss. Again, cool.

Mystical Jungle 1?:
We switch from a beach theme into a jungle theme, bit abrupt, but hey! It's a good decision. (Actually, a genius idea!)

Mystical Jungle 2:
I'm gonna guess the boss of this world, It's gonna be Clawgrip. Let's see how my guessing skills pan out. (wait for it...)
Great jungle level. Rexes enter the fray! (Rexes are cool, yeah)

Pirate Ship, that's floating above the water...:
And... I guessed correctly. We really need some newer bosses on this site. (This is so true!)
Pirate Ship theme is just a great theme without question, everything is amazing about it. (I agree, it's limiting for sure but it's a great theme.)

As we enter the third world we see... NINE LEVELS! JEEZ! This is gonna take a while so I'll take a quick bathroom break.

After a short bathroom break we come back and face off against the first desert level of the bunch. (and there is a bunch of em indeed.)

Desert Village 1:
It's weird how you put a desert submap in the Yoshi's Island submap. How do I know that? Well, the Monty Moles rise up slower than usual on a Yoshi's Island submap. (I'm actually big brained, but I don't want to brag. ;) )
Not really a village per se, but it's a cool desert level for sure. (It's not entirely true, there are pyramids but just no houses)

Desert Village 2:
Again this background, listen, it's a good background for a sub area, but for a full on level background it's just repetitive and bad. (SO TRUE)
Another Underground level, cool. (Clippy Approves #smrpg{y})

Desert Village 3:
Mountainous Athletic styled desert level. Another amazing level. Good Job! (Good Job indeed.)

Desert Fortress:
This is a cool fortress once again, but *now with munchers on Layer 2! (*Introduction to Layer 2 Munchers)
And another Boom-Boom fight but now, he's Yellow! (Yeah, he is different colors every time)

Desert Village 4:
This level features the Snakesters! Snakes that breathe fire. Great level. (Sadly, there aren't any Sphinxters :()
I have to say, World 3 so far is amazingly decorated and designed. Great Work Infinity! (I agree, great work)

Desert Village 5:
Oh no! Angry Sun! Great levels left and right, World 3 is my favorite so far. (I agree with my past self, this world is amazing).

Desert Village 6:
MIRAGE SALOON! (It's like, one of the best Sonic Mania songs) Truly a banger song on a banger level.
Bomb-ombs and Bullet Bills! This level. BANGER!

Desert Village 7:
Good placements of the Volcano Lotus' and a great song make this level great. (It makes every level great when you place Volcano Lotus' IN FAIR PLACES! I'm talking to you, Kaizo Hacks!)
Sad how we didn't get a full on pyramid level. (Not entirely true, but yeah.)

Desert Castle:
The Demon Underground really doesn't fit in the Pyramid styled castle. (I personally used it as a Bowser Submap song, so that's mainly why)
I suggest you use this or this
Either way it's a good designed pyramid castle hybrid.
Sea Pokey as a boss in a desert environment is weird, but I like it.

Trail Mountain 1:
A greenish mountain. Never seen that before. Great idea, and another great level.

Trail Mountain 2:
Various types of Rexes! Another amazing mountain level, less green than before but has a tint of green.
This hack just gets me hooked each time, each world is so unique and so amazing I become lost trying to explain how the level is like. (This is mainly why I'm writing some of this in post)
I just play the level, enjoy it, and move on, without writing any notes. I'm just in constant amazement. (I still am)

Trail Mountain 3:
This level shows exactly what I was talking about. Did you expect a purple mountain? Neither did I! (It's weird for sure)
Semi-blind drop. (Bro, just put a few coins there.)

Since if I am in utter amazement at every level, I won't explain every level in complete detail, because if I did that, this would take 3 and a half days. (I lied)
I'll just boil it down to a word or two, so to now waste your precious time. (This is a perfect example of me being lazy)

Trail Fortress:
Great. Fun. Unique. (If you were wondering, the fortress features those spiky dudes from YI)
Different Colored Boom-Boom. (He's Red)

Okay this became boring after a single review so I'll return to the original way, because every level is unique. (Thank god I didn't continue like this for the rest of the testing notes, jeez)

Trail Mountain 4:
This Star Coin (Or Card) has the same problem as in the Verdant Hills 3.

A massive change in scenery compered to the previous level. This one is similar to Verdant Hills 3. Thus having the same problem with Star Coins (or Cards).

Trail Mountain 5:
I think these enemies don't have purely black eyes. (They don't)

This actual blind drop that leads to death. Bruh. Luckily, I avoided death this time. (F in chat for those who died at this blind drop.)

Another change in scenery, now we're in a sewer styled level.

Trail Mountain 6:
We're back to the regular mountain theme, now with Touhou music, and Chain Chomps.
Great level and great world. Trail Castle is next.

Trail Castle:
Another Factory themed castle, like in the first world, but now it's filled with Saws! (Every "Castle" is a glorified factory, just call it a factory bruh)
Double Whistles play when defeating Iggy. After this point forward, every, "Overworld to Level" and "Level to Overworld" fade disappears. (This continues even post game)

Well with the half of the game complete, I take a small break.
We have another 4 Worlds to go. Starting with...

Search Wood 1:
A forest level featuring Orange Platform styled ground tiles. Great Start! (Orange platforms are everywhere in this world)

Search Wood 2:
And yeah, as mentioned by other testers, I start at the midway point. Check the level if there is a ticked option stating "Midway Point Obtained". (I stand by what I said)
Redish, pinkish trees and hammer brothers!

Search Wood 3:
Poisonous Water! And Monty Moles! This level is cool. (It's awfully similar to one of my unused level, but it's no biggy, it's unused anyway.)

Search Wood 4:
Athletic forest level, WITH SAWS!! (I seesaws.)

Search Fortresss:
Fortress with Saws and Magikoopa. Nice. (Magikoopa is a pushover anyway)

Search Wood 5:
This is a creepy cave level that's purple, with Mega Moles.
Captures that sense of dread and creepiness perfectly.

Search Wood 6:
I Started at the checkpoint again. Bruh. (This is gonna become a meme. I'm sure of it.)
Besides that, the level is autumn themed and feels really welcoming for some reason. (I misspelled autumn...I feel really orange)

Search Wood 7:
Now this is a calming night level. I enjoyed it. (Off course you enjoyed it, you slept through it :). jk I didn't.)

Search Castle:
Awfully Green Factory level. (It's too green)
Well, that's an experience. The Masked Koopa Boss was interesting for sure. (I want to remind you that we are going to fight a FAT DARK Luigi. It's not that interesting compered to that.)

HOLY! WHAT IS THIS?!?!? (This happens every time you enter this world)

Let's play Sky Flavour 1 I guess...

Sky Flavour 1:
Well, the level is cool for sure, but what the heck was that Overworld. Jeez. (Clouds are weird)

Luckily, after finishing the level, the overworld returned to normal. (True even in post game)

Sky Flavour 2:
Athletic level, similar to the likes of Trail Mountain 4 and Verdant Hills 3.

Sky Flavour 3:
This level looks straight out of Verdant Hills, It doesn't fit with anything from this world. (Maybe you reused an old Verdant Hills level, if not, I'm terribly sorry for being accusatory)

Sky Fortress:
Alcahest - Imperial Palace fits here perfectly. (It makes more sense as an Overworld song but in the context of the level, fits perfectly)
The colors are really great looking and the level itself is amazingly designed.
OMG PINK BOOM-BOOM!! (Pink is cool, but where is Purple Boom-Boom?)

Sky Flavour 4:
Another Sky themed level, it's okay, nothing that special. (This world isn't that special, except introducing Sledge Bros)

Sky Flavour 5:
Sledge Bros!
I like this Super Mario Odyssey reference. (MOOOOOOOOOOON!!!)

It's a great short level with Sledge Bros. Nice. (I typed ledge Bros instead of Sledge Bros. I'll just say that much.)

Sky Flavour 6:
Night Sky Theme, with semi-relaxing music. Great level. (Night Sky theme is one of the best themes.)

Sky Castle:
Fast-Paced Factory level with amazing music.
Thunder Lakitu is a really easy boss considering that this is the 6th world. (Thunder Lakitu is really underrated.)

Freeze Plains 1:
Ice Cap Zone, what did you expect? (SMW Snow...)
This level is slippery and amazing.

Freeze Plains 2:
Even though you picked a great set of graphics, they lack decorations. (The tile set is mostly empty, with room for custom decorations. For my Christmas hack, I used that space for presents, you can use it for other stuff.)
Adding custom decorations would make this level feel a bit more lively.

Freeze Plains 3:
SMB Snow music with Penguins! I love this level, it's amazing.

Freeze Fortress:
Okay, I'm starting to notice a trend here, every fortress has the same tile set just the colors changed. (You don't say :))
There is nothing wrong there (at least the chunks of the levels aren't copies, I'm looking at you Dispace.), but it's getting a little repetitive. (Not entirely but yeah)
Let's guess the Boom-Booms color...hmmm I'm thinking purple! (I wish it was purple :()
I WAS WRONG! (Sadly). It's light blue. Shame. Great Fortress though.

Freeze Plains 4:
Okay, that was a nice calming level... (Guess what comes next)
HOLY MOLY IT HAPPENED AGAIN!! I'm actually not sure what's causing this. No clue. (I still have no clue, I cannot recreate it.)

Let's continue to Freeze Plains 5...

Freeze Plains 5:
Another level featuring penguins, and those spiky helmeted guys.
Well, it returned to normal. (Bruh)

Freeze Plains 6:
Snow Pokeys!! They're missing hats but they look awesome! This level is awesome! (I remember seeing Snow Pokeys with hats on this site but I cannot find them now. Bummer.)

Freeze Plains 7:
Slippery fun yet again! This is an alright world. Except that glitchy mess, it wasn't buggy at all. (Actually, there were no bugs except those glitches on the Overworld.)

Freeze Castle:
The castle is cool and the boss is alright. (It's actually hard compered to the other bosses.)
Let's go into the final world of the hack.

Blaze Krater 1:
I think it should be Crater. Krater is a German word of Crater. (I'm no German, I just looked up on Google :))
Fryguys (From YI) and Fireballs, This level is really something, although it isn't that hard.

Blaze Krater 2:
Another blazing fire level but this time with Monty Moles and boomerang bros! (That rhymes!)

Blaze Krater 3:
Searing Struggle is a good song, but it's no match for Barrel Volcano (In terms of underground volcano music)
This level is slow, and not that interesting, consider speeding up the skull train. (I know they aren't called skull trains but come on, Floating Skulls sounds boring.)

Blaze Fortress:
The fortress has the tile set of the castle and with a banger song, this level really is one of the best. (Fortress')
The Fry Guy boss was easily destroyed by a rapid fire of throw blocks. Maybe extend his invis frames. (He's too easy to beat. Make him harder.)

Blaze Krater 4:
This level isn't actually that full of dread and creepiness like the rest of the Blaze Krater levels so far.
It actually has a happy tune! (#w{=3})

Blaze Krater 5:
We return with the dread music with Castlevania!
This platform is just floating. (He do be floating though.)

Again the level is blazingly good. (see what I did there? :)) (No. :))

Blaze Krater 6:
We are almost at Bowser's Castle. (Not true) This level just RAMPS! up the difficulty level, but we don't care. (I care, this is a hard ramp up in difficulty, you should avoid that.)
We persevere and we are ready for Bowser's Castle! (PLOT TWIST!)

Oh wait, I forgot. We have to fight Fat Dark Luigi (This guy should have a hack of his own. Please make a hack about Fat Dark Luigi. It would be funny.). Yeah...

Dark Luigi Final:
After an extremely easy Dark Luigi Boss fight we get, nothing. (Well, yeah and no, mostly yeah.)
I can't even see the *text. (*half of the text) Mario is floating too. (he do be...I'm just reusing a joke, shame on me)

And after that beautiful credits cutscene we get...
A black title screen. (Yeet)

That's about it. 65 Exits. Nice. (That's quite a hack huh)

Overall Opinion:
The hack is amazing. I have a grand time playing it and overall everything was fun.
The Music is fantastic, the level design is superb and I liked how the hack looked.
It was a pleasure testing this hack and helping it improve. Amazing Work Infinity, and everyone who contributed to the creation of the hack.

Lots of love, S1Z2 #w{<3}

PS: Thank you so much Infinity for contacting me via discord, and for making the hack.
Also a huge shoutout to my fellow testers for testing this hack. Yall are amazing! #smrpg{y}
Lots of love, S1Z2 <3

Currently Working On:
Nothing for now.

Massive thanks to Giga for making the layout!
Originally posted by Segment1Zone2
although it's spark mandrill it's an older version (Maybe true, I'm not sure)

From what I can tell, the one that's being used is Teows' version, though I'm noticing that the tempo is subtly sped up for some reason.

UPDATE: In Mystic Jungle's Pirate Ship stage, the colour of the Green and Red Koopa without a shell seems to be broken.
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