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Remapping sfx to a different bank

I'm using AddMusicK 1.0.6, and I'm trying to prevent a lot of the sfx from cutting off, because of being condensed onto 2 channels instead of 3. The most likely ones seem to be entering a door and time is running out on a P switch.

So I thought to move these sfx to bank $1DF9 and move the swim sound to $1DFC. I know that this is possible because Kipernal remaps the jump and grinder sounds to different banks. Also he talks about remapping the spin jump sound in another thread, but I can't find any documentation on the ROM addresses to hex edit. I can't find anything in the disassembly, but I could be wrong.

Originally posted by Kipernal
Sort of. You can move the jump sound effect to $1DF9 if you want, which will let you play the jump sound effect and the coin sound effect at the same time. Edit the two remaps in asm/SNES/tweaks.asm under "Remap the jump SFX to $1DFC" to use whatever sound effect in whichever bank you want. You could move the spin jump sound effect too if you want, while you're at it. Change $00D64A to be the SFX number, change $00D64C to be $F9.

Also, there are some cracks and pops when changing to certain songs. Is there a fix?