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Mario Blitzkrieg by snaker96
Forum Index - Valley of Bowser - Moderation Questions - Hacks - Mario Blitzkrieg by snaker96
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File Name: Mario Blitzkrieg
Submitted: by snaker96
Authors: snaker96
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 31 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: This is my first ROM hack, the story goes as this: An evil wizard named Magik had invaded the continent of Toad Land. He revived the long deceased Koopa King, and with the power of the mysterious Yoshi Eggs, he invaded the peaceful Toad content. It is up to you to get out of retirement and take care of the issue once and for all!

There are 4 worlds:

-Toad Land

-Dry Dry Desert

-The Boneyard

-Twilight Zone

There are quite a few new enemies to fight, bosses, and a shop system implemented. Coins are important, they are everything that dictates survival, any issues message me or comment below! Good luck!
I'll have to reject this hack as it contains a lot of softlocks and other issues that prevent it from been played correctly.

First off playing as Mario & Luigi causes whoever starts as Luigi to cause a softlock on the Overworld Map if you around.

Another softlock in in the Toad Town level which takes you to a glitched looking room. If this was the glitch you said you fixed then it is still present and needs fixing.

Throughout the hack there is a lot of Cut-Off. While minor it is in every level and is an easy fix to do.

In levels like Dry Dry Desert and the Shy Guy level we see a lot of slowdown due to too many sprites been on the screen. This was very noticeable in the Boss with how many Shy Guy's can spawn as well as in the desert level due to multiple Lakitu's throwing Spinies everywhere.

Another issue with the hack is back in Toad Town with the Dark Level.

This level needs serious reworking and editing. The Disco Ball sprite shows incorrect graphics as well as the whole level not been fun at all.
It's a good concept however with the Evil Ninji sprite it becomes unfair and broken. The Ninji often spawns in walls.

At the end of the level we see a pipe that takes you to the Red Switch Palace. If you don't go in the pipe the Auto-Scroll kills you without any warning. If you come back into the level and go through the pipe you get softlocked as there is no alternative exit if you have already pressed the switch.

If you do go back through the level and go down the pipe then it takes you to that glitched level I mentioned previously. The level is way too long and can work if its shortened and a lot of the sprites are removed or tweaked.

I used Lunar Magic to play the levels past Toad Town as it's impossible to beat currently due to the exit been in the glitched room which looks fine in Lunar Magic.

The Shy Guy level was better and should be the standard of level you try to make as Toad Town was not fun to try and play.
Even beating the first desert level you get softlocked as both exits take you the same way on the map instead of one taking you towards the next level. You'll have to make sure to check the options in the Overworld Editor.

With all this said the hack needs a good amount of work before it can be accepted.
You'll also need to play and test each level properly to make sure everything works correctly and there are no glitches or softlocks.

Please take your time fixing these issues as if they are not fixed then you can be given a Warning and even a Section Ban if you submit the hack again and don't change what needs fixing.
Get others to test the hack as well so they can potentially find something you may of missed.

With that said I wish you luck on fixing the issues I've brought up.

Here is a small selection of screenshots pointing out some of the issues I've discussed about the hack.

Screenshot Link

EDIT: Accidentally made a New Thread for this but here is the previous log I did today for this hack as well.

Originally posted by 1UPdudes
You've stated in your Hack Submission that there is a glitch that happens occasionally with the first level and one of its pipes.

If you are aware of this issue then you'll have to do your best to fix and change it so it does not happen.
If you can't seem to find out why the issue occurs either try using SMW Hacking Help section of the site or try messaging people over on the SMWC Discord as you might get a quicker reply or fix there.

Once this main glitch is fixed then I'll be happy to try moderating the hack again.
(also if there are any similar glitches you know of that might also be in the hack you could fix those as well)

File Name: Mario Blitzkrieg
Submitted: by snaker96
Authors: snaker96
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 31 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: An evil wizard has revived the long dead Koopa King. Mario was called out of retirement to aid the needs of the Mushroom continent once more in order to save the people, and stop Magik from obtaining ultimate control once and for all.


1- Happy Hillside

2- Dry Dry Desert

3- The Underworld

4- Labyrinth Zone

I'll be rejecting the hack for similar reasons the hack was previously not accepted for.

I have seen that you have made some edits and changes to some levels.
Namely Toad Town and the Overworld Paths connecting properly.
Aside from this however most levels have been left unchanged.
I got to experience different levels this time with how things were working better. That said these levels need a lot of work.

For starters cut-off is everywhere in this hack. We don't minor bits here and there but with it been so apparent it's quite an issue. This is notable in the title screen which needs a good do-over. There are plenty fonts on the site you can use to make a more appealing title screen which does not feature cut-off.

Same issues with lag/slowdown due to too many sprites on screen is a common issue. One major example is the unchanged Shy Guy Boss Fight.
There are many examples of untested and poorly placed enemies. They either fall off screen or phase into objects and get stuck.
The worst way these enemies are placed are when they ambush you from a higher path without any warning with is unfair for the player.

Near the end of Banzai Barrage we seeing Bullet Bills that just appear out of thing air.
There is a patch to give them SFX so they can be used outside of cannons but not like this. I nearly stopped playing here because of how unfair and annoying this section is.

Another big issue are the usage of Jumping Pirahna Plants. You keep using them in set-ups that mess up their positions. The plants go behind most tiles so sometimes I would end up dying to an "invisible" plant because of where it was placed. Also if they touch certain blocks they'll go through them and use them as a new resting spot meaning their placement is now wrong and leads to unfair set-ups and deaths.

The Casino Night level features so many kicked Koopa Shells without any warnings. Its unfair and gets boring after awhile seeing them over and over again.
The boss for this level seems like a bit much for a World 1 Boss. That an he has an extra attack which is falling rocks which get blocked due to the boss room having a ceiling.

The Forest level is where I stopped playing. Sprites not appearing and slowdown aside most of the trees just let Mario fall through the floor which is just unfair and shows the main problem with the hack which is its lack of testing.
I got to part where I needed to hit the P-Switch out of the block with a sprite but its such a hassle and the player does not get told that there are munchers on the bottom row.

I decided to then look at the other levels I played in my previous moderation of the hack to see if they had been properly fixed. I found out they had not been fixed. The first desert level still has no Sprite Buoyancy enabled for the fishes to swim.
So yes to say it again the main reason for this hacks rejection is its unpolished unfair levels and a lack of testing. Not to mention previous issues not been addressed.

If you plan on submitting this hack again please make sure all issues are fixed or at least attempted to be fixed.
You were told in the last submission to make sure everything was fixed but alas only some issues have been addressed.

Get others to test and test the hack properly yourself or you'll receive Section Ban.

Screenshot Link
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Forum Index - Valley of Bowser - Moderation Questions - Hacks - Mario Blitzkrieg by snaker96

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