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24hoSMW #12 ~ RESULTS!!!!

ResultsLevel Design

24 hours to make a level, and 24 hours to judge (or maybe just a little more). Finally, after a long wait, it's time to unveil the results, fittingly so during the month we consider the fourth in the Gregorian calendar. And on the day that's 4 multiplied by 4, too! (at least, if you're in certain timezones)

So without further ado,

In 3rd place,
idol, with Newo, Niiwin, etc

In 2nd place,
xfix, with TIME TILL DEATH - 4

And finally, in 1st place,
Medic, with Drawn and Quartered

But more importantly, in 4th place, we have

Everybody debate on who the real winner of this contest is.

Medic, xfix, idol, and Sixcorby
, contact Noivern to get your

That's right, to keep with the contest's theme, we're expanding rewards to 4th place as well! In fact, we even have a special trophy for it, as you cans see above.

Here are the full results:
#1: Drawn and Quartered by Medic (42.00 points)
#2: TIME TILL DEATH - 4 by xfix (41.50 points)
#3: Newo, Niiwin, etc by idol (38.50 points)
#4: FOUREST OF ILLUSION by Sixcorby (38.25 points)
#5: Prismatic Palace by Sariel (38.00 points)
#6: SQUAD GOALS by FrozenQuills (37.75 points)
#7: Road to Merlee by SimFan96 (37.50 points)
#8: A SEASON IN 40s by Amine Retro (37.25 points)
#8: Four Colored Skies by Pink Gold Peach (37.25 points)
#10: gotta B L A S T by Pat (37.00 points)
#11: Shells by Gloomy (36.50 points)
#12: - TETRAD - by Ryaa (34.25 points)
#13: Pebble Beach Golf Links by GbreezeSunset (34.00 points)
#14: cargo jeans by Mellonpizza (33.75 points)
#15: 2(four)hour level by Atari2.0 (33.25 points)
#15: scented candles by snoruntpyro (33.25 points)
#17: 4 CASTLES by Darolac (33.00 points)
#18: Elemental Quar-Ted by WhiteYoshiEgg (32.75 points)
#19: Blocks 4 Life by ECS.98 (32.00 points)
#20: FOUR DOOR TOUR ROAR by SomeGuy712x (31.75 points)
#20: The 4 Seasons by N450 (31.75 points)
#22: ILLUSISQUARED by Tob (31.50 points)
#23: Leap day coin by EternityLarva (31.25 points)
#24: cros sroa dsss .... by Sancles (31.00 points)
#24: ONE 4 ALL by Far (31.00 points)
#26: The Ruins of Yoshis by DTA450 (30.75 points)
#27: four out of four by BlueZy (30.50 points)
#28: 4BIDDEN DESERT by Teows (32.25 points)
#29: tetraphobia by OEO6 (29.75 points)
#30: A Combo Bounce 4 Me by Flagpole1up (29.50 points)
#31: DONUT GHOST HOUSE by PMH (29.00 points)
#32: SOMETHING IS WRONG by TheMorganah (28.75 points)
#33: QUATRE by Ralshi02 (28.50 points)
#34: CARDINAL JUMPMAN by Morsel (28.25 points)
#35: jump 1/4 by Sinc-X (27.25 points)
#36: Unlucky Halls by Dan Drigues (28.75 points)
#37: DEMON WALL by Blue Leaf (26.25 points)
#38: Snowy Ruins by Green Jerry (25.75 points)
#39: 4 inf4station by RussianMan (25.25 points)
#40: D4NCE by Darkslayer (25.00 points)
#41: WENDY FOUR by 7 up (26.75 points)
#41: KNOW YOUR SHELL by neosaver (24.75 points)
#43: Numbah 4 Island by toad64 (24.25 points)
#44: 4 SPRITES, 1 MARIO by wuffalo (24 points)
#45: Double Jump! by Enan63 (23.50 points)
#46: SHINOBI OF NIGHT by Infinity (23.00 points)
#47: BOWSERS CASTLE 4 by waterwithoutanyice (22.50 points)
#48: WHAT HAVE I MADE by Ninja Boy (21.50 points)
#49: 4 COLOR FORTRESS by Dispace (20.75 points)
#50: Those little stars by MrBread (20.00 points)
#51: Incandescent Vault by tomato jonson (19.00 points)
#52: hi, how are you? by Dark Prince (18.75 points)
#52: The 4 Mighty Bros. by AnasMario130 (18.75 points)
#54: Night B4 leap day by Scoobert (18.50 points)
#55: 4 in the morning by TickTockClock (20.25 points)
#55: Right Now is 4am by Doug Walker (18.25 points)
#57: 4 Yoshi's sake by Rykon-V73 (16.25 points)
#57: Aim for Heaven IIDX by lion (16.25 points)
#59: 2 plus 2 is 4 by Squidman_Raps (14.50 points)
#60: FRIENDS R 4EVER by Poppy (13.25 points)
#61: On your way! by GlitchYoShI (13.00 points)
#62: Lespna1's Level [paw] by Lespna1 (10.25 points)
#63: #4 FOURWITH'S POOL by Fullcannon (10.00 points)

If you're listed above and not in the top 4, then you'll receive a wonderfully seafoam green participation trophy for your efforts!

Additionally, the following three levels were disqualified:
DSQ: Fourkour, etc. by Amrio (the entry included 4 levels, not 1, and they were all blatant edits)
DSQ: Level Thing by Sping bot (.bps patch didn't work)
DSQ: Get chance and luck by xjakku (troll-y, contentless entry that judges couldn't beat without TASing it)

You can view the even fuller results on this spreadsheet.

Judge comments are here:
bebn legg

Unfortunately, E-man's gotten caught up with some school work and hasn't had time to polish his comments, so rather than delay results, we'll just add his comments when they're ready!

While we're at it, we've been cleaning up the trophies on the site lately, making their formatting consistent, and retroactively handing out missing ones, so we're using this opportunity not only to award the trophies for this iteration of 24hoSMW, but also award participation and judge trophies for all the previous ones as well. A huge thanks to Tahixham for spearheading it. Speaking of judge trophies, we haven't shown that one off yet either, so here it is:

I believe that should be all. We hope you guys had fun! Now it's time to set your sights to CLDC.
I didn't pay attention to this contest at all but I'm surprised by 4th place getting its own trophy. Any particular reason for that?

Congrats to the winners!
I think it's because this contest was about 4
Originally posted by Koopster
I think it's because this contest was about 4

Yup, that's why. We thought it'd be a cute nod. If you look closely, the clock for that trophy shows 4:44.
8th place should also get a special trophy because 4+4=8
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I spent 1 day thinking the middle section of my level was a good idea and a month and a half painstakingly wishing I would have removed it. Or at least made it better.

Ah well, congrats to the top 4 for a 4tunate placing!

(previously superdragonyoshi1. sup yall.)
"dying 4 times to complete the level was it but then I died a 5th time so it's not that."

What how, there's only 4 forced deaths?????????

I really hope I didn't miscount because that would've been dumb.

But my entry was rushed in the last 3 hours and by the time I noticed it lagged it was too late to apply SA-1 so rip.
Sorry for the bad level!!!!!!!!!!!!

24th Place il take it! Better than I thought id do. Congratz to the winners!
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Originally posted by lion
Sorry for the bad level!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nothing to be sorry about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The moment everyone's been waiting 4!

Congratulations to the winners! I've seen a playthrough of xfix's level, and I should give the others a play as well.

(And wow, Tahixham's score really dragged me down on this one! #tb{XD} I can definitely get behind everything you said though, except
I feel like the theme here was "four" elements (earth, water, air and fire?) but there's five of those so…

Originally posted by Koopster
I think it's because this contest was about 4

Oh wow that should have been obvious. I thought it was because the judges liked the pun in the level name.
Congratulations to Everyone that has been participated except for me sadly.
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Yeah, sorry for the bad level too.
This day of contest happend right before I had a day with girlfriend (oh do I miss these days now..). In my timezone it started in the evening before, so I took this last evening and gave it all I got. These lil framal blocks were quite difficult to figure out and it impacted the time given to level design.

Short answer to @bebn legg's comment : I am so mad I messed up the music part. I wanted to implement a simple music gimmick with either 4 distinct notes or 4 notes rhythm beating but I didn't find was I was looking for. That's how I ended up picking the Dragon's den and tweaking it with alternative instruments to make it clear it was... well beating.

Anyways, time for me to go to sleep, although I want so bad to stay on Discord to celebrate and compare my peers' level rankings to my own judgement, as I usually do...

Congratulations to the winners.
meh, @idol again. Fucking legend :p
Ooohhh, the results aren't quite good for me, but I think it's all right, considering the tight time limit and the fact that this was my first 24hoSMW entry ever. I tried my very best, but yikes, now that the judges mention it, my level was very rough on the edges. Oh well, at least I have CLDC! And congrats to the others!

Edit: oh yeah, just to clarify, it's not frozen water the player dies in; it's supposed to blue lava
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Originally posted by WhiteYoshiEgg
And wow, Tahixham's score really dragged me down on this one! #tb{XD}

Same, but 15th for a level made in 2 hours ain't too bad.
I thought I posted about my 4 theme in a post somewhere, and I didn't hve enough time for four doors. I had four needles on the doors room and four time berries. Also, if you picked the wrong answer to the math problem, the walls are supposed to be in the shape of a "4". I know it felt really rushed, but it was a 24 hour contest.

Then, there were four coins at the beginning of the scrolling room if you wait a few seconds, four thwomps, four bullet bills, and four flying chairs.

I didn't have enough time to make four doors so I only made 2, but I tried to make a strawberry ice cream cone level so sorry if it seemed short and the judges didn't see my theme in it.

Also, I think in the football room, I meant to put four sprites at the bottom, but I think I accidentally put 5.

Oh, and in the math problem, I was going make the answer be 4444, but like I said, it felt rushed. I didn't want to make a mistake in the math problem.
33th place

So apparently a pipe in my level was broken and ALL of the judges got the problem while playing.
Yet I never had this problem even after testing the level at least 15 times.
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SMW: Endless Night

Ironic how both date, month and year are all divided by 4 and the sum of all digits of the number 2020 gives the result 4 as well #ab{O_O}

Also, nice; shiny new trophies from previous contests I've participated in. Good stuff.

ResultsLevel Design