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domenyX vs Coronavirus by LucasMegaStriker, domenyX

File Name: domenyX vs Coronavirus
Submitted: by LucasMegaStriker
Authors: LucasMegaStriker, domenyX
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 21 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: SA-1 HACK!



São Paulo City, year 2020...

In the silence of the night, a threat appears and begins to spread throughout the city. Something never seen before!

The world is being infected slowly by the powerful CORONAVIRUS! The only one who can do something about it and save São Paulo and his world is domenyX!

- Battle against seven bosses, and discover who is behind all this villainy;

- Full chocolate hack, enjoy beautiful 21 stages with nice environments;

- New enemies, giant bacterias, lots of corona pieces around trying infect you;

- New character: domenyX himself, now with original MegaStriker graphics, different from the previous one seen on domenyX Christmas;

- Two exclusive tracks by Teows;

- Enjoy your ride on some special levels with helicopter, airplane, and even a space rocket!

Have fun! All the credits from level graphics, music, ASM and sprites are on "readme" file and on credits level after beat the final boss.



Cidade de São Paulo, ano 2020 ...

No silêncio da noite, uma ameaça aparece e começa a se espalhar por toda a cidade. Algo nunca visto antes!

O mundo está sendo infectado lentamente pelo poderoso CORONAVIRUS! O único que pode fazer algo a respeito e salvar São Paulo e seu mundo é o domenyX!

- Lute contra sete chefes e descubra quem está por trás de toda essa vilania;

- Hack completamente chocolate, desfrute de 21 fases bonitas com ambientes agradáveis;

- Novos inimigos, bactérias gigantes, muitos fragmentos do Corona tentando infectá-lo;

- Novo personagem: o próprio domenyX, agora com gráficos originais de MegaStriker, diferente do anterior visto em domenyX Christmas;

- Duas músicas exclusivas de Teows;

- Aproveite o seu passeio em alguns níveis especiais com helicóptero, avião e até um foguete espacial!

Divirta-se! Todos os créditos de gráficos das fases, música, ASM e sprites estão no arquivo "readme" e na fase de créditos após vencer o chefe final.
Whilst I am rejecting this hack I must say it is very well made and its clear that a lot of work and energy went into making this.

I really enjoyed what I played so I hope that with this rejection log I can address clearly what needs looking at so you can submit the hack again and it can be accepted.

I really quite liked the ending credits with the thank you to all essential workers. It was quite a positive message and something I feel we can all do with in these uncertain times.

Anyways lets start. The characters show a Mario Frame when climbing these ladders. Just change them to act like vines so you don't need to see this pose as I don't think Nets are used anywhere else in the hack.
That said you could also add in a frame for this pose.

In the Bar Level the Corona Germs use the wrong palette. It actually makes them blend in with the background and hard to see in some places. Also with the amount of Doors in this level it would be nice to have an indication which ones are Reset Doors. You can do this by simply putting and "R" next to the door.

Speaking the of the doors this level is the first that uses a lot of Trial and Error Doors. Whilst in the original SMW Ghost Houses they were used to "confuse" the player they were often done in smaller rooms/areas. In this hack we see the player needing to re-do a lot of the level if they pick the wrong door which there are often plenty to choose from. Just remove these doors as they are not fun to play with.

The Helicopter levels feel very barren and boring. There is not much to do other than rapidly press the shooting button. Also the wall of Bullet Bills at the end seems a tad unfair as you don't get too much time to react to them. The level feeling empty and unexciting to play also occurs with the second helicopter level.

There is a set-up of Chucks in the Baron Castle which are kinda tedious to get past if you don't have a hit to loose or a fire flower. I'd rethink how this is set-up.

In the ruins level we see more of the Trial and Error doors. There is also a lot of guessing where and when to use the P-Switches. Have some form of indication even if it's subtle as it's not too fun to just keep trying it out here and there. I will say though that you do offer Reset Doors so that's a plus.

The boss fight can lead the player to taking an unfair hit if they use the Springboard as they can't predict that the ceiling is covered in brambles. I'd say move some of the brambles or get rid of the spring so the player can take their time getting up to the boss and have more a chance to see if there are any hazards above them.

The Ninji Boss can be killed with one fireball. I'd suggest editing this sprite so it's immune to fireballs to make this boss an actual challenge as it was quite funny to see it die in like 2 seconds. #smrpg{sick}
Boss Rushes can be hit or miss. I feel with how projectile heavy some bosses are that giving the player at least a mushroom per room would make it a bit more fair as the second boss really does have some powerful attacks that are hard to avoid.

The Second Form of the Final Boss could be changed a little due to how fast they move and the fact you have less Throw Blocks. Just a suggestion as it is possible to beat just it can be pretty tough.
Lastly some of the translated text is a bit off but that's nothing too bad at all. It's not a removal reason either I just thought I would mention it as if you are fixing the hack then it might be worth just giving all the text another look at to make sure.

That said I really can't wait to see this hack getting resubmitted and hopefully accepted. I quite enjoyed it and the secret fight at the end was nice way to finish the hack.
Great Work. Looking to seeing this submitted when its all sorted.

Screenshot Link