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Mario Vs. The Deadly Alliance by SpoodahBro

File Name: Mario Vs. The Deadly Alliance
Submitted: by SpoodahBro
Authors: SpoodahBro
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 58 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: Five unnamed baddies in Bowser's Kingdom have been forming a group of their own after having been fed up with Bowser's incompetence and failure. These five unknown enemies, referring to themselves as "The Deadly Alliance", finally make their move to kidnap the Princess. Mario must now hurry to the Quadra Region and save the Princess from this new imposing threat.

Travel through 4 Different Islands and Activate the 4 Main Colored Switches guarded by each member of the Deadly Alliance! Save Peach and Defeat The Deadly Alliance!

-About This Hack-

This Hack combines Elements of Both Super Mario World and Donkey Kong Country; Meaning that this hack was made with DKC's attention to gimmicks in mind. Every level in each world has its own theme and gimmick to it; thus making each level unique in its own way.

This hack was 2 Years in the making. Its my very first hack and it is one of three in a Trilogy.

Right, so I'm primarily rejecting this hack for several different reasons. The first concerns softlocks you can perform by scrolling the camera into an autoscroll, for example, here and here.

As is stated by the submission guidelines, instances like these are course for instant removal, as they allow the player to become permanently stuck with their only option, in this case being to reset the game or use a save state. Please apply this patch to try and fix this. You could also disable scrolling entirely but I'd discourage that in this hack, since it's particularly useful here.

Another major reason for removal was in Shifty Sapphire. The sloped ceilings act super odd, as shown here and here. The first image was an instant death and for no good reason. It's something that's super easy to trigger, and extremely unfair. It's also possible to run around on the ceiling and skip large parts of the level. In retrospect I don't think it's the only level with this tileset, so you might wanna check ones that share it too. This is where I noticed it though.

As for some other things I'd like you to keep in mind;

I personally don't think the difficulty overall was very well handled. I believe that in a lot of places, you ask the player to rely a lot on extreme reflex, and often times ridiculous precision. Here's a good example, where the player has to spinjump from the fish onto this 1x1 block, and it just seems random as to whether or not the fireball will hit you. I hate to blame luck, but some of it just really seemed like it was that. Another example was here where the intent is for you to hit this note block, but if you don't know the exact position and time you should jump, you'll hit this bullet bill instead and overshoot the noteblock.

There were also a lot of completely blind segments. This level with the exploding platforms could be quite stingy at times, and you could even completely mess up your chances of beating it by letting one of the platforms explode, which is easy to do, since it's a timing based level built around piranha plants that spit fire and ignore whether or not you're on the pipe.

Another example of pixel perfect timing. On one hand, to get through safely, you'd want to wait till the cannons have stopped shooting, but you can't do that because you're on an autoscroll, and you only have a small timeframe to use the springboard.

This section and whole level for that matter, where also extremely unfair. Not only is this a nasty blind trap, but you pretty much can't afford to get hit in this level because of how it's designed.

As for some other things I want you to look at;

Nothing about this pipe says that it would hurt you. For that matter, the lava also doesn't look like lava...

Similarly, this water is completely cosmetic. Please use a waterfall texture or something like that!

Enemies in this level can be very nastily concealed

Some levels like this aren't too clear with explaining their gimmick - this water pretty much kills you.

You can walk inside of slopes sometimes like this

Oh also, I think a lot of the levels are needlessly long. Some of them, such as Aggressive Arsenal go on and on, without really expanding too much on their gimmicks. Definitely wouldn't hurt for some of the levels to be shorter and more to the point in my opinion. If not, at least consider implementing the multiple midway point patch!

Please go through your hack again and re-test it and polish it. Keep working on it, and be sure to check in with a variety of testers. I think there's potential but right now it's rather messy.