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Midair Risers - SMW Midair Practice rom


Download here - v3.1
also see my in-depth midair tutorial

- Fully-featured midair practice rom
- Options for all kinds of midairs, from completely free midairs where all you have to do is throw, to vanilla no-p-speed drop midairs
- Option for midair risers, where an auto-thumbshredder ASM lets you chain multiple midairs in a row without touching the ground
- All-new "P-speed sheffy 2" physics - harder than regular sheffy 2 physics because you also have to worry about your P-meter draining whenever you're not holding forward
- Customization menu: hold Select to bring up the menu in the HUD, and choose from 8 songs to listen to, stop the music altogether, or toggle hitbox/sprite/midair info
- Hitbox display and sprite speed/intangibility timer overlay by d4
- Midair analysis ASM by tjb0607: when enabled, shows you how many pixels you missed a midair by, and whether you got a good or a bad frame rule
- New in 3.0: Now detects flick or tap midairs and tells you your detailed input timings
- PB tracker and input display by d4 and westslasher2
- Infinitely looping levels by d4
- Speed and P-meter info in HUD

And more!

This is a great hack. Thank you for releasing and your work on it!