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Super Mario 1 Word by Seike kun

File Name: Super Mario 1 Word
Submitted: by Seike kun
Authors: Seike kun
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 11 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: Esta e uma hack curta porem desafiador,sem saidas secretas,
talvez eu traga algumas melhorias como tirar bugs no jogo ou ate uma musica boa para aluta contra o Bowser ate la deixei um toque aleatorio.Nao espere muito desta rack pois so eu fiz ela.
I'll have to reject the hack for the following resons.

Many of the levels feel like edits of existing levels found within the original game which is something we don't accept on SMWC. When making a level make sure you delete everything and don't just edit it.

A lot of the palettes need work. If in doubt just use the original as a lot of background detail like trees just blend into the actual background which looks odd.

Sprites Issues such as too many making sprites disappear as well as areas that are just overloaded for no reason such as RIP Van Fishes in the Underwater Level.

We also see cut-off throughout the hack as well as a Kaizo Trick in the very first level. Don't do that if your not making Kaizo.

Many of the levels were very samey with the same obstacles repeated over and over. Try adding some different ways to challenge the player as a lot of the levels felt really similar.

Lastly the music in the Bowser Fight is completely broken with all the wrong sound effects and music playing at different parts during the fight.

Please make sure you address these issues before submitting this hack again. If you plan on making a different hack then make sure the levels are completely original and not just edits.

Screenshot Link