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Do you guys think lets plays are still relevant?
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So I've been wondering, lets plays from my point of view has seemed to be dying out in place of streaming. And so I was wondering, how many of you still watch lets plays? Do you think it's dying out or dead, or do you think its still flourishing? Maybe its still flourishing but just for the younger generation?

As someone who does LPs it's not dying since streams for game are pretty much just live LPs. The biggest issue is the people who want to earn revenue from playing games are migrating to streaming services because the main on demand platform YouTube treats Let's Players as second class creators.

In their eyes video games are too volatile to be given proper treatment on YouTube unlike say vloggers and large companies. So people are jumping ship and moving over to live streaming platforms to continue and to earn a revenue stream.

It's not dying it's just evolving.

Really there's even more too this as well just more than I'm willing to type out right now.
To me, "Let's Plays" and "streaming" are pretty much the same thing, really, with the only difference being that one of them is live and the other isn't.

Yeah, streaming does seem to be the most popular nowadays, but I think there's still a bunch of people who upload regular Let's Plays and people who watchm regularly. To me, the main reason to watch LPs on YouTube is not having the time to watch long live streams. LPs on YouTube are usually more bite-sized.

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I feel like let's plays and such are still pretty relevant (for me at least). I'm subscribed to around 15 YouTube channels that mainly frequently upload let's play videos, despite me barely even realizing it.

I agree with RPG Hacker that streaming has very much become more mainstream nowadays, and let's plays are still definitely out there, with an audience who enjoys said content. Though I personally believe that the relevancy of let's plays is what it is now due personal tastes. With streaming, you can basically perform an extended let's play with a tangible audience, rather than only watching a YouTuber's gameplay reactions after they've recorded and uploaded a video. So I can see why many would prefer a more interactable way of watching people let's play, but in the end, it's to each their own.

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If I were to choose between watching a Let's Play as a video and as a livestream, I'd probably choose stream. I enjoy interacting with the audience/streamer and watching all the outtakes. I don't really enjoy pre-recorded gameplay as much as watching live gameplay. Stream highlights are my favourite, though. I can watch the stream and, later, re-watch the best bits. Maybe it's just because the ones I watch are so well-done and funny, but that's just me. As Ninja Boy said, Let's Plays are evolving, not dying.

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I guess so.
It's as RPG Hacker said - LPers and streamers are pretty much almost the same with a slight difference and I don't prefer one over the other. Though I don't like lack of interaction.

I think they still are, certainly for a smaller audience, It's still one of my main sources of youtube entertainement.

edit: I'll add that it heavilly depends on the youtuber's ability to make prerecorded gameplay enjoyable without the interractiveness of streaming
It honestly depends.

Some people make better content in bite-sized videos than they do long live streams. And vice versa.

In my case, though, it's a lot more of the former.


Haven't watched them in years, but i dont know how much of that is because of dwindling interest in video games as a whole, or that if im going to "WATCH" video games i'd rather watch one of my boys than some stranger. Basically para-social relationship = BAD In My Honest IMHO Opin Opinion

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It's niche, but it still lives.
Streaming only works if you have the time for it at a moment.
LPs can be watched more easily usually, and it's up to preference.
I used to watch some streams, but it got too time consuming, so I only watch LPs now.

Besides, I like the episodic format and it's easy to rewatch, keep track of things, catch up, etc. Although I only watch 2 channels.

I used to watch way more back in the day.

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When people talk about "Let's Plays", I still think about them the way the term was originally created back in like 2005/2006, when they were mainly meant as a way for people who know a lot about a game to share information about the game. Nowadays, however, it seems as though those sorts of playthroughs are considered "walkthroughs" now. Sure, they're less common now than they've ever been, but I still don't think those are really dead.

In some ways, I like both formats. On one hand, it's nice to learn a thing or two about a game, and on the other hand, sometimes it's just fun to vicariously play a game "with" another streamer and see their reactions to things and such.
I certainly hope so. I still do them, and I've barely dabbled in streaming. I find that Let's Plays tend to be cleaner (you can edit parts out if, for example, you keep dying in the same section of a level), and they're not time-sensitive, while streams usually have to be recorded and watched at a specific time (sure, you can archive them, but then the interaction isn't there).
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Forum Index - Donut Plains - General Discussion - Do you guys think lets plays are still relevant?

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