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Paper Mario: The Origami King
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Well, this was certainly a nice surprise to wake up to. Looking forward to it!

(Also, this is a good sign for the rumored 3D Mario remasters, as this was rumored alongside them.)
I've lost faith with Paper Mario since Sicker Star. I'm more excited for Bug Fables that will release at the end of this month, which I think is a clone of the first 2 Paper Mario games, which were actually good.

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i'm kinda curious. granted my only experience with paper mario was lending super from the library and getting bored 2 chapters in, but if it has halfway decent writing and a tolerable gameplay loop i might be interested

title is wack tho, sounds more like a fanfic or fake leak than an actual game lol
I'm kinda hyped. I skipped Sticker Star and Color Splash and they both didn't quite seem to deliver what I was interested in. This one still doesn't feel quite as charming as Thousand Year Door (judging by the trailer), but I think it definitely looks a lot more interesting that the previous two titles. I'm glad they're doing away with world maps in favor of having a (hopefully?) connected world again. Some of the areas also seem kinda big and open, which I like. The story also seems quite a bit more epic this time, at least judging by the trailer. The wheel turn mechanic in battles also seems pretty neat and like a nice twist of the formula without relying on gimmicks too much.

If there's one thing I don't quite like is that the character designs seem very uninspired again. Basic Goombas, basic Toads, basic Shy Guys etc. I'd still like for them to bring back the variety from the old games. Overall, this seems like a big step in the right direction, though.

Feel free to visit my website/blog - it's updated rarely, but it looks pretty cool!
I'm excited for Origami King! Y'all should have seen my hype as soon as I woke up to the news. I liked Sticker Star and especially Color Splash, as far as the modern Paper Mario games are concerned. I don't have a problem with the direction of this one. Though, you can tell TOK is clearly built off of Color Splash, I think that with the (seemingly) connected world, probable return of the Chapters, oh - and I am curious to see how partners will function in battle, if at all. There's an explorer Toad visible in a battle with Mario in one of the trailers, for instance, and I wonder if they have their own set of basic attacks.

I agree with RPG Hacker that this is totally a step in the right direction, and though I am not an adamant hater of the post-SPM Paper Mario games like many others, I'm very much looking forward to seeing what this game will improve upon.
AlphaDream ended in bankruptcy for this?
What's happened with the Mario & Luigi games?

It will be only Paper Mario now?
After the failures of Sticker Star and Color Splash having no story or worth in the battle system, I am very skeptical about this new game. I want to be excited, but...I don't trust Nintendo/Intelligent Systems after they fucked up Paper Mario twice already.

Even Super Paper Mario still had the charm of the original two games simply because of how amazing and heartbreaking the story was. Sticker Star and Color Splash had none of that. They both had potential, but they were absolutely gutted due to executive meddling. If the same thing happened to Color Splash, then one can only dread to know how they'll fuck up this game too...
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Originally posted by Roberto zampari
AlphaDream ended in bankruptcy for this?
What's happened with the Mario & Luigi games?

It will be only Paper Mario now?

Paper Mario getting a new game doesn't automatically mean M&L won't get more games. AlphaDream didn't make Paper Mario.

I don't know if I'd be interested in scrounging up the €60 for this game, especially in this economy. If it's good, I'll consider it. If it's just empty filler like the previous few Paper Marios, I'll pass for a more fulfilling game.


Seeing this game really reminds of this scene from SpongeBob (can't tell what episode is this!):
“No, no, no! Don’t press that—”


“…Origami Button.”
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“Even if you personally are so dissatisfied with life that you want the world to end, surely the cruel reality is that it will continue on, unchanging. All the better for someone perfectly content, like me.”
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I probably won't even give it a chance. I basically have no hope, and even trying to be excited will only bring me pain and suffering.

However, for me to even take another glace at it, it would have to at least have a good, and I mean amazing, battle system that's worth playing.
I like wasting money so I'll get it regardless of its quality, because it's Paper Mario.

The original is my favorite. The second one is on par with it as well. Super Paper Mario is terrible, I hate it. The best part is World 3, the video game world, but everything else isn't much fun. The story isn't even anything special; Thousand-Year-Door had a similar "side story", related to Admiral Bobbery. It was just as powerful but only took a few minutes to tell, it didn't make a whole game out of it. Sticker Star is... Sticker Star and Color Splash was basically Sticker Star but slightly better.

So Oragami King? It could go either way, obviously I want it to be up there with the first two games, but regardless I'm excited to see what Nintendo does wrong!

Huh, no one's posted here, but IN FACT! That Paper Mario: The Origami King is available now! Did you own a copy yet? Please tell me~!
Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 is available now! JOIN THE HYPE TRAIN! And don't forget to discuss the latest happs in this thread and follow @PuyoOfficial on Twitter for updates!
Remember to wash your hands and stay safe!
“Even if you personally are so dissatisfied with life that you want the world to end, surely the cruel reality is that it will continue on, unchanging. All the better for someone perfectly content, like me.”
Aya Shameimaru, Touhou Suzunaan ~ Forbidden Scrollery
I haven't gotten a copy yet, but I'll purchase one when I can. I completely forgot about it!
this was the first game in years that i decided to buy on the first day, play until i was exhausted like 15 hours later, and critique it. really wanted to bank on pm getting good again. here are my thoughts after completing the second streamer (30-35% through the game).

things i love:
+amazing atmospheres, especially at the blue streamer portion
autumn mountain/shogun studios/big sho theater
. this is the closest i've felt to experiencing that ttyd nostalgia i've been yearning for.
+awesome dialogue. there are a few scenes in the game that had me laughing my ass off, and in this day and age, it takes a lot to do this.
+say what you will, but the new combat is a ton of fun. the boss battles are intense, and the fact that they're styled differently than the regular battles yet still executing the same gimmick is great.
+i'm a music guy. i'd take a bullet for the blue streamer battle theme, but so much of the soundtrack has been killer good.

the unfortunate negatives:
-the partner system is stupid. it's great that we at least have them this time around, but if you're a) not going to utilize them on the overworld for ANY sort of mechanics, and b) going to have them do a single generic attack in battle (and fail half of the time because they trip over their own ass), then why even bother?
-lack of star points. yeah, i mean.. i'm glad the coins are actually worth collecting since some of the major plot items are more expensive than a sultan's cock but still, there are certain cases like
in the ninja castle where you fight like 20 ninji groups in a row
where i just cannot be bothered.
-there are still too many toad npcs. yes, the dialogue is great and all, but come on.

but.. despite my negatives, i kind of love this? like, i played a bit of sticker star and quit almost immediately, and never really touched colour splash, so given that this is my first paper mario since spm, i'm having a great time. seriously, don't go into this comparing it to ttyd (which wasn't perfect anyway). i've been awestruck by several things, and i've had a ton of genuine laughs. to me, at this point, that's all i need - so i'd recommend this game wholeheartedly, and i hope the remaining content is as enjoyable as what i've experienced thus far.
I'm about two thirds through he second "chapter" now and more or less have the same opinions as you on most things, with a few exceptions.

For one, I'm way more disappointed in the lack of unique character designs once again, and from what it looks like, this won't be changing in the forseeable future. It's not even just the Toads for me (although they are one of the biggest examples), it's also literally everyone else. We're still fighting the same kind of basic Mario enemies over and over again instead of new ones. The only difference? They're now Origiami, which literally doesn't even make a difference at all. I mean, the game doesn't even make good use of this fact, it's literally just a gimmick for story and aesthetic purposes. It doesn't affect the gameplay in the slightest, the enemies don't use special Origami-themed attacks or anything like that, so what's even the point? It's pretty weird considering Nintendo's general stance of tying aesthetics into gameplay, I mean even this game does it a lot, and yet inside battles, they seemingly completely forgot about the Origami thing and only let the enemies perform the same attacks as in other Mario games. I mean, even the ring-mechanic itself feels extremely out-of-place in the game. It doesn't tie into any of its themes at all. I really don't get it.

Back to the character, though. Even if higher ups at Nintendo set some restrictions prohibiting the creation of original Mario characters, what's even the point of making this a Paper Mario game? They literally removed one of the core aspects of the original two Paper Mario games. Not even a rhetorical question, I'm genuinely curious. This game has no reason to be in the Mario universe. Why not make this a new IP? That way, they wouldn't have to deal with the limitation and could just make original characters. You know, kinda like what Bug Fables did. I don't really even think having Mario characters in this game adds a lot to it. I mean, you have some references here and there and some situations that make use of the specific characterics of a Mario character, but like... do 90% of the characters in the game really have to be Toads for the writing to work? I don't think so at all. It really does feel like just the same character impersonating a billion different other ones. They don't really feel like unique characters to me. They feel like Toad acting. And as I said, Toads are just one example for this. I do feel this with almost all characters from the Mario universe in the game. Every now and then, there's something that references the unique quirks of a character, but most of the time, it's just "eh, it doesn't really matter if this is a Goomba or a Koopa", and considering that making a Paper Mario game is apparently what limited their freedom here... yeah, I stand by my assertion that this didn't have to be a Paper Mario game and that making a new IP might have been more beneficial.

Even accepting the fact that this is a Paper Mario game and that this restriction is something that existed for the devs: From the way it was worded in the interview, it did sound like creating entirely new characters was generally okay for them, as long as they didn't tie directly into the Mario universe. So even if altering Mario characters wasn't possible, the new characters that were made from scratch for the game should at least be unique and interesting, right? Well, I'm not sure about that. Personally, I don't quite feel it yet. I mean, was a box of pencils really among the best things they could come up with for a boss? Sure, it's funny, I give it that, but from a design perspective, it feels so boring. I really won't be thinking back to this game in ten years and be like "That box of pencils sure was a great character, wish they were coming up with character designs like that nowadays".

Of course not all new characters are this lame. Olivia and king Olly are fine characters. But that's pretty much it, they're just fine. I think being Origami just greatly limited the potential in their designs. There's just so much you can express with flat shapes and limited colors. I mean, I'm generally critical towards partner characters in Mario games, because most of the time, they feel more annoying than helpful, so I don't like them very much. However, they CAN work, especially if they feel like they contribute to the game. I do like Cappy, because he feels useful without being super annoying, and while I did consider F.L.U.D.D. to be annoying, I could at least appreciate them for their uniqueness and sassiness. Olivia just doesn't feel this useful by comparison. Her only role in this game is to give a slight story motivation and to activate the papercraft abilities - which themselves are pretty much just a gimmick in the game. I'd say she's about on the same level as Starlow in Mario & Luigi, in the sense that, yeah, she is there, she is involved in the plot, she has a personality, but she doesn't really feel essential to the game and I think I would feel pretty indifferent if she wasn't there. Whatever the case, though, an Olivia just isn't a match for an entire cast of diverse characters with unique abilities that all felt essential and useful - and that's pretty much what the first two Paper Marios gave us.

As for my second differing opinion: my feelings about the battle system so far only "mixed" and not fully positive. I generally enjoy it and I think it's cool, new twist on battles, however, I do have some problems with it. Battles are way less about strategy this time around and way more about puzzle solving, and I just don't think this fully works out in the game. Like, it COULD work, but I don't the game has fully accomplished making it work.

First of all, when I do solve a puzzle, the battle usually ends in a single turn and there is no threat at all, because the enemies don't get to attack, making everything way too easy. When I don't solve a puzzle, on the other hand, it usually just makes me frustrated, becaues I sincerely did want to solve it, but I couldn't because of the time limit. Yet I also don't feel like spending coins to extend the time limit, because that kinda feels like cheating to me, and failing a puzzle also seems like the only way to even get somewhat dangerous situations in battles. In fact, if you do fail a puzzle, this will usually lead to a bunch of enemies surviving a turn, and they will deal so much damage to you that they might legitimately end up defeating you in a single turn if you aren't careful. This pretty much leads to the unique circumstance where battles go only one of two ways: You either take a lot of damage or none at all. There's very little inbetween.

The battles really do focus on puzzle-solving instead of strategy this time around. If you solve a puzzle, you generally won't have any problems, and if you don't, you will be in some serious trouble. I don't think this is a good thing, because it makes enemies in battles feel so irrelevant and replaceable. I mean, in past Mario RPGs, battles have generally been about learning the patterns of enemies so that you could block their attacks and abuse their weak spots. In this game, however, battles are really just about Mario. Either you solve a puzzle and win easily, or you don't solve a puzzle and take a lot of damage, but since (so far) "winning easily" seems to be way more common in the game, you don't really even get to see the attacks of most enemies in the game. It's so rare for them to attack you that there's neither opportunity, nor reason to learn anything about them.

My problems with the battle system also become apparent with yet another aspect of it: item usage. I haven't used a single fire flower in the entire game yet, despite them constantly being given to me. In fact, I've barely used any items in the game so far, period. I finish most of my battles with just the base hammer and boots, because most enemies don't even survive a single attack from those as long as you solve the puzzle. Occasionally, I've used iron boots to deal with spiked enemies that were aligned in a row, and only like twice so far, I've used a shiny hammer to one-hit-kill enemies with a few more hit points. Generally, item usage in this game doesn't really come down to strategy, it more or less just comes down to "do I want to end this battle in a single turn or am I fine with enemies getting to attack". Heck, even mushrooms. I think I've used like two in the entire game so far, and it was generally just as reassurance, I didn't absolutely need to use them. I mean, if you really need healing, just giving a few coins to the Toads will generally take care of that.

I do think the ring battle system can work fine, and generally, I do even enjoy it. It just doesn't feel like the game was built around it. I mean, as I mentioned above, it feels really out-of-place. Like what happened? Were they brain-storming on a battle system for their Origami-based RPG, and then someone was just like "oh yeah, I know, we gotta have rotating rings"? Why not... I don't know... a battle system were you fold different things into Origami to attack with, or a battle system where you have to unfold your Origami enemies to expose their weak points? It feels like the ring battles were designed for an entirely different game and then just inserted into this one retroactively. In fact, with how weird the balancing in the game feels, I wouldn't be surprised if they had developed it around an entirely different battle system and then changed it very late into development.

Okay, that's quite a lot of negatives. Well, really just two negatives that I elaborated on quite a bit. But I do want to emphasize that I really enjoy the game so far. I don't think it's a bad game, and it might even be the best Mario RPG in a long while (I don't want to say "best Paper Mario" because I've skipped the last three). The world really looks amazing, the game has a lot of charme and the story and overall gameplay progression also feels nice and natural so far. At least I didn't get the feeling of playing through filler content yet, which is always a good sign in an RPG.

I would say the recent Mario & Luigi games had the more well-rounded battle system and RPG mechanics, but they all had some other things I disliked. I just never felt too strongly about the Mario & Luigi games. I don't quite know why, but they're all "play once and move on" games for me, I haven't had the desire to replay any one of them. The Origami King, on the other hand, has a lot of charme and humor that speaks to me, and the levels and story progression are really varried an unpredictable. So much so that I can legitimately see myself getting nostalgic for this game in the future. As a trade-off, the battles and RPG mechanis really feel lacking, though. For this reason, I don't think the Origami King can match up to the first two Paper Marios, at least not from what I've played so far. The thing is, they had it both. They had a lot of charme AND solid gameplay mechanis. Yeah, they might have been rough around the edges and might have had some problems, but I think the Orgiami King's problems are way more severe in comparison. And I say this as someone who isn't even that nostalgic for TTYD. I've only played through (most of) it once and I don't even consider it one of my favorite games. I still think it's the best Mario RPG we've gotten so far.

TL;DR: mixed feelings about the battle system, mostly negative feelings about the characters, but generally enjoy the game a lot and can't wait to see what happens next.

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Finally, a proper final boss.

Tonight, I dine on Toadle Soup.


I do have to admit, the more I see and read about this game, the more I feel that instead of wanting more of what I remember of the original Paper Mario, I should let go and experience something completely different because this game offers a style of battle and experience I have never tried yet. The reviews of Sticker Star scared me off, but for some reason, this one is very tempting. I am more excited about hearing the soundtrack in context because it is getting very high praise from the places I lurk for information and I know Paper Mario's soundtrack was very awesome. I think Tuesday after work when I get my early personal allotment, I will be buying this.

Just look above you...
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Yeah, I gotta admit, the game keeps getting better the longer it's going. Chapter 2 ended with a real banger and my jaw almost dropped. Also have to take back what I said about Olivia yesterday. She's really growing one me and has a lot of personality, and here design is also kinda adorable. Still not sure about the battle system. The battles do seem to get a bit tougher by now, but can still all be ended in a single turn by just using more powerful boots and hammers. I do love the boss battles in the game, though. They're not super difficult or anything, but all of the bosses at least survive a couple of turns, which makes them a lot more like traditional Paper Mario battles, yet still have the puzzle element mixed into them. I think the boss battles demonstrate best what this battle system can be about. The regular battles still feel kind repetitive and unspectacular.

Regarding the music, I've enjoyed all of the soundtrack so far, but gotta say that it got REALLY good towards the end of chapter 2. Mostly tying into its finale, which I've alredy praised above. Chapter 3 also started with some really epic music. So yeah, the soundtrack seems great so far.

Feel free to visit my website/blog - it's updated rarely, but it looks pretty cool!
some additional thoughts @ halfway through the purple (fourth) streamer:

-early yellow streamer plot spoilers:
okay, wow, i did not expect the bob-omb's death + subsequent olivia scene to hit as hard as it did. i genuinely thought they were just going to pull a ruse and bring him back, but they went all-out, and even had him come back as a ghost. consoling olivia with the goomba mask was just so pure + an excellent follow-up from the previous chapter, and i am in love with what they did.

-the yellow streamer as a whole was fucking awesome. the final dungeon was great too, but they really dialed it up to eleven with the
disco party boss
. super intense fight, super good music, and an all-around good finale to the best part of the game yet.
-professor toad is a fun partner. i'm glad he has actual overworld abilities + feels useful in combat.
-i'm really loving how the game gives you some incentive to go back to previous areas. both shogun studios and snif/shroom city feel totally different and worth exploring once you complete their respective plot points.
-i'm really digging how different the purple streamer is compared to the others before it. totally giving off a wind waker vibe, but there's a ton to do + explore.
-the combat is starting to get really tedious, which i feared it would. i don't like how goombas still pop up this late in the game, and i really wish the enemy variety was a little better. i guess i'm a part of the crowd that is starting to actively avoid battles as a result.

honestly, people can find reasons to shit on this game if they want, but as a die-hard fan of ttyd, this is probably just a small notch below it at the most. i'm someone who cautiously picked the game up, i'm genuinely loving it. hopefully it remains good until the end.
Snif City in general is such a great place. It has such a dark, rotten atmosphere, even if it's mostly just implied and it doesn't necessarily have a lot of dark themes. The music is also great. Mashing up an "Arabian city" theme with a "Las Vegas casino" theme is a genius idea, and it really makes me wish the city had an actual casino. I love casinos in games, even though they always suck, lol.

My current opinion on the game: it definitely does seem to get better and better the longer it goes. The story progression feels just so goold and natural. Sure, it has its wonky moments, even making fun of the player at times, but it never feels completely unnatural or like it was just wasting time. It think it pretty much just works. The boss battles are also great. They are my favorite part of the battle system, I feel like they show what the battle system CAN be when it peaks.

Unfortunately, normal battles are still just "okay" for me. I mean, I have to admit, the puzzles DID get more complicated over time, and some of the gimmicks they introduced are also pretty interesting (such as Boos becoming invisible). That being said, I'm now at a point where 90% of the puzzles actually feel impossible to solve within the given turn limit, and that just makes me frustrated if nothing else. At least I get to experience more of the combat phase this way, which is kinda nice, but on the other hands, battles seems to get kinda more and more useless the longer the game goes on. In the desert, I've had enemies that gave me as little as 70 coins - in a place where you literally just have to drive around a bit to find over 300 coins easily and constantly.

I think this game is great, with the combat definitely being its bottle neck so far, though. If the combat was more solid and had a bigger purpose to it, I would legitimately consider this game a masterpiece. As it currently stands, it's just "great" for me (which already seems to be way better than the last two entries in the series, though).

Feel free to visit my website/blog - it's updated rarely, but it looks pretty cool!
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