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Paper Mario: The Origami King
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I am at the end of the red (1st) streamer. My first impressions so far is this game take takes the "paper" thing about as far as it can go. The dialogue from the rescued Toads is very funny; at times I want to find them just because I want to hear what they have to say. Early on
Bowser is pretty much a greeting card suspended from a clothespin and all you can see is a piece of his face. Olivia asks him, upon finding out he's a king, if his people are all faces
and I knew I was in for a good time. You can bash NPCs with your hammer and see them cringe, enemies explode into confetti and pretty much everything you hit could have something in it or change the environment. Just going everywhere with the hammer mashing everything is addictive. There is a lot of detail here.

Some of the story stuff is a little unsettling for a Mario game and the both the music and the cold emptiness of the Origami in contrast to the expressive paper people does a good job of setting that tone. The game tries to do some other creepy things then slips in funny, sometimes self-aware stuff, spontaneously. It's not predictable. The entire woods thing is ridiculous in all possible definitions of the word. It's definitely the most over-the-top script I have seen in probably forever, and it doesn't care who thinks it's trying too hard.

The battle system definitely has a learning curve and I am grateful they have a practice system in place for practicing on patterns that aren't so obvious. Failure can indeed be very punishing,
though I didn't die in a battle yet: so far the only thing that killed me was that rolling fire wheel, instantly, because I wanted to throw confetti at that huge hole in the wall so badly.
I am glad too for the relief provided in ways from the weaker enemies after a certain point. The boss battles are extremely fun, if not a little disorienting because some panels are so tempting to cross and you have to decide what you want to do in a fixed time or waste coins. Quite honestly I welcome it, because the only RPG battle system that hasn't drained on me before endgame is the stuff in mystery dungeons. It may be TOO abstract for little kids.

The pencils just stabbed through the elevator and I think I am close to the boss.
I like the song in this place, and really liked the early Toad Town music. Not a single bad track so far. It mostly doesn't "feel" Mario to me, but I am not sure what I can compare it to. If it only gets better from here then I can't wait to get back to it.

edit: Oh my Lord in Heaven, they just blew up the café with colored pencil missiles. When you mess with coffee, it's war.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
so i finally completed the origami king tonight. would have been sooner, but, you know, family/work obligations and whatnot. i basically have a giant jumble of thoughts on the game that i want to spew out, and as a diehard fan of the paper mario series, this will probably be the only game i ever actually do this on. if you want to hear my final, non-rambly verdict, you can just skip everything and go right to the bottom.

firstly, i wanted to give a general overview on the various aspects of the game, broken down by category:

1. overworld exploration
i think, hands down, this is the best game in the series for having an exciting and intriguing overworld to explore. from the very beginning to the very end, i found that there was such a huge variety of stuff to do on the map. filling in bottomless pits with confetti, finding hidden ? blocks, rescuing toads, etc - it was all good fun. it would have been exceptionally tedious, but you were very quickly given items to aid you in this, and it made me much more eager to actually want to 100% each area. adding on to that, the amount of areas in the game is kind of insane - i think the third and fourth streamers had something like 15 different areas with a bunch of stuff to do in each, and it made revisiting areas a joy. as much as i loved ttyd's world, the areas had a pretty linear feel to them that i felt TOK overcame.

2. the battle system
this is where my brain just wants to vomit out a million different opinions. do you like feeling like an absolute moron? just play most of the late-game battles and bosses in this, and there you go. it's frustrating because the ring concept is really simple in theory, but my god does it ever get insane later on. some of the bosses made me end up giving up and tanking them in stupid ways hoping i'd succeed, only to take ludicrous amounts of damage and have to go back to strategizing. that being said, i will admit i have never felt this level of pressure in a paper mario game, especially
on the final boss where he heals every 20ish seconds if you hesitate
. i would say that overall, i found it really fun to work out each ring puzzle, but i think i would have enjoyed it more if the battles did actually offer experience. while i definitely found more than enough uses for the coins i got, they were mostly for collectibles, and frankly, those weren't enough to save me from skipping out on combat by the end of the game.

3. story/characters
honestly, i think we're all in agreement here that we're sick of toads. there were way too many of them in ss/cs, and the trend continues here, but.. you know, i'm really happy that we actually got partners in this game, even if they were kinda underused. one of them actually had overworld uses, which was great, but the others just kinda did their shit in battle briefly and went about their day. that being said, do not assume that the game won't surprise because you only have original characters. early yellow streamer/third area spoilers:
having you dip out of sweetpaper valley and go to the ship to get the fuse, only to have bobby literally kill himself to open your path was a wildly unexpected twist for me. adding in the sad scene with olivia in the tunnels afterwards and having to console her with the goofy mask you got in the previous chapter felt amazing - i am genuinely sad that there wasn't more stuff like this later in the game, but the fact that they actually had the guts to totally kill him off (even though, canonically, bombette and bobbery had no issues blowing up repeatedly) was really something else.

4. aesthetics/environments
absolutely killer. one of my favorite parts of the earlier games was the crazy worlds they'd thrust you into. i remember being a giddy kid playing the original trilogy, and i had to stop in my tracks at boggly woods because of how beautiful it was, stunned that a simple monochrome castle bleck could hold such an atmosphere, etc. the fact that i got to experience similar reactions upon
reaching autumn mountain and the water vellumental shrine for the first time, exploring snif/shroom city, and seeing the origami castle's interior design
made me relive those memories. i think the fact that this game is built on a full, connected world - arguably even more so than ttyd, since one streamer literally leads into another rather than being connected by a series of pipes - is a huge point in its favour.

5. music
best soundtrack in the series. nah, this isn't gonna be a debate, i'm just spitting facts. oh, i loved a lot of tracks in the original pm, ttyd, and spm - no doubt, they'll always hold a special place in my heart. in terms of sheer quality and how well they fit in their respective areas, i cannot believe how well this game blew that out of the water. allow me to link a few of my favorites below, under these conveniently placed spoiler tags.

-autumn mountain. hands down my favorite song in the game, and probably my favorite track in the series. can't get over how catchy it is, and the fact that it only plays in one area destroys me.
-shogun studios post-boss. gotta love how one of the best tracks in the game comes after you've actually beaten the chapter.
-hole puncher battle. literally leagues about any of the other pre-final boss themes.
-origami castle. i love this dungeon and wish it went on for a bit longer, but this theme - jesus christ. you could have told me it was something out of kingdom hearts or some other jrpg, and i would have believed you.
-i also really love the toad town variations and how they evolve, so good job on that, game.

and as a bonus round, let me share some overly specific thoughts about my favorite/least favorite chapters in the game. this is all spoiler-y, so go look at paint drying or something if you haven't beaten the game.

favorite streamers/chapters in order:
1. blue. from the second i stepped foot into autumn mountain, i was blown away by the atmosphere - the water vellumental shrine + all of the later shogun studios stuff had such an unusual mario atmosphere, and i felt so intrigued by all of it.
2. yellow. this is such a close second to blue, but i loved it a ton. the desert was so great to explore, and coupling that with some really cool story stuff + the amazing town + the amazing dungeon + the really amazing boss, the whole experience felt awesome to play.
3. purple. i mean, it looks pink, but the game calls it purple, so who am i to judge? anyway, this one felt super different from the others in that the whole chapter is kind of on one map (a giant ocean) where you go to different islands. you're given a sea chart, which helps a ton with finding islands and digging up the collectibles for this area, so they made it really fun to explore. i wasn't super keen on this chapter's final dungeon, but it did some really cool stuff in the middle that made up for it.
4. red. this is actually the first streamer, and, yes, it's a grassland. however, it adds in a couple of other pretty rad areas to keep you interested (the earth vellumental temple, overlook tower), so i enjoyed it. nothing breathtaking compared to blue/yellow/purple, but still a fun first area.
5. green. okay, this one hurts, because it's the final streamer before the endgame, and as much as i love the atmosphere it builds, it just.. isn't that great. it's essentially one giant area, but it adds in some obnoxious gimmicks which don't make the experience any better (i.e. the shy guy ring minigame). i feel like they could have turned this into something super cool, but as it stands, it's.. a bunch of islands with hot springs, followed by a mediocre dungeon (with admittedly creepy as shit enemies, so good job on that).

i want to speak for a second as a diehard fan of ttyd/the original paper mario - yeah, those games are what i grew up with. i know most of you reading this did too (assuming you're over the age of 15, and if you're not, go to bed - it's probably past your curfew). both the original n64 game and ttyd are nostalgic to me because they took an iconic character i loved in my childhood and turned him into an rpg, with fun, thrilling worlds which i could explore and feel immersed in. going through areas like shooting star summit, shiver city, boggly woods, x-naut fortress - there was something really magical about it. there was also something really magical about the game i played this past week - something that rivals the original games i grew up with. kinda funny, because i've watched the reception of people who have just looked at the game versus people who have actually played it since it was released on the 17th, and.. you know, it's kind of crazy how the reception of it peaks dramatically upwards as they go from spectactors to players. i'm one of them. i fucking loved this game, and it matches the original trilogy, as far as i've concerned. i'll openly admit the flaws the game has - because it does (and so did ttyd!) - but i'll also openly invite you to give it a playthrough. did you want a fun, yet somewhat bittersweet story? worlds that feel exciting to explore with gorgeous visuals and music? a super fun (albeit not always necessary) battle system that makes you feel like a moron half of the time?

thanks, origami king - i'm so, so glad i got to experience what i loved about this series again.
It occurred to me just a few days ago the battle system, like a lot of the dialogue, has a giant pun involved. I am not sure if it was intended or just outright cryptic, but I am realizing it ties in fittingly with Paper Mario's humor, when it seems alien if you only consider everything else about it.

Step into the ring: the ring (arena) is literally a ring
You're encircled by enemies: literally in circle patterns around you
Line up an attack: you are literally lining up enemies to hit with your move by arranging them.

At first I thought they were trying to make an avant-garde puzzle RPG. It did turn out to be that so far to me, but lol the battles now that I realized this... I can only imagine what kind of boardroom snacks and talks were exchanged to come up with this.

Partners don't seem very integrated or useful to me, especially since they are completely autonomous (so far?) and more often than not their attacks fail. But the writing is fantastic and these characters have more depth than I remember the first game having, so in a different way, I love these characters. If I were to compare, the PM64 partners were a little shallow though charming, but they brought their very own important mechanics to the field and into battle. Mario depends on them to save the princess. I miss that aspect, but it's not souring the experience because the game has many strong merits on its own. I will say this: in battles, when
enemies drop a transformation circle causing Olivia to become one of those elemental beasts, I really wish you could delay using it
because if you don't clear all the enemies and have a few with low HP and another wave is coming, you waste it completely. So in that regard, I do desire a little more flexibility in how I want to use my attack options. I still don't really skip battles because I want to make sure I can afford whatever comes up.

Anyways, I finished the blue streamer and the build-up was amazing.
I loved the theatrical progression. The western was simple enough, with a Samurai Kirby-like timed reaction, though there were a lot of environmental distractions meant to throw you off that I adored. The West Side Story Koopas, both waves, were insane, and the ballet Shy Guys were so fast thst I thought I was going to die right there but they timed out! Rubber Band was an awesome boss too. Loved the finisher. It is intriguing how he was so desperate for praise and control through the theater pieces, having taken all of the Toads captive to watch what should've been Mario getting crushed on stage. The intensity of the end of the blue streamer, if I could compare it to something, I would point to Kefka Palazzo and Dancing Mad. Probably more surprising is the fact that Rubber Band didn't have a sort of band/other musical theme!
With this being as early in the game as it is, I wonder how they are going to top it... it felt like a late-game stage or finale. The music through both this part, the town, and the mountain were also unbelievable!
Had a lot of fun in the ninja house too. That was thorough.
Autumn Mountain was just so dang pretty. I want to go there IRL. The music is borderline Touhou sans the style of percussion: I would swear I was seeing Mountain of Faith reimagined for Paper Mario.

So I started the next streamer and it already stonewalled me
in the literal sense - my progress is blocked by a rock and I lost the Origami Transformer under it. I cleared the ship. The squid boss was cool, very action RPG-like like a far more complicated and dangerous Paper Macho smash-a-thon. Also the game is now Wind Waker?!
It's amazing how many different things this game has going on, but rather than being jarring with inconsistency, I feel like it's all the more exciting having all these different experiences being thrown at me by one game. I also wonder, now that Bobby's
amnesia is cured, whether he is going to share any significant memories. He hinted that he witnessed something tragic happened on the bow of the ship, and I am itching to know what it was.
He is really growing on me as a character where at first he felt like a plot device.

Fishing is really fun too. I got a
fish in the second town, and I feel like I didn't land the big one yet in the first world. I wonder if there is a reward for getting all the biggest fish.

So far I am in full agreement with S.N.N. about the huge (no really, this game is huge) overworld and how the 100% side stuff is engaging rather than aggravating. It's fun to explore but also so beautiful and flowing that if bashing stuff for confetti wasn't so addictive, I would forget it's "paper" altogether. As you progress, they do streamline it by letting you open up more pipes and doors which are generally sealed on one end, so backtracking isn't so bad.

I also learned something regarding progression and completion - minor spoiler/non-story: Missable content:
1)There is a bugged Toad in Snif City used as a surfboard where if you leave the screen after turning off the water in the hotel and return, you can't get him. This has not been patched yet!

2) There is a bonus badge which does not affect your 100% clear status for finishing the game without dying and finishing the game without accessories.

Softlock advisory:
3) Shangri-Spa has a gamebreaking design oversight which will make you stuck if you leave before completing it - also do not think it has been patched yet! Click me for source

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Originally posted by Counterfeit
Softlock advisory:
3) Shangri-Spa has a gamebreaking design oversight which will make you stuck if you leave before completing it - also do not think it has been patched yet! Click me for source

Wait, there's actually a bug?! Oh dear!
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Regarding Bobby,
I got the closure I was looking for. It seems not only did he suffer amnesia from having been attacked by the squid and going underwater, but he may even have post-traumatic stress from the incident and that's why he never follows you into boss lairs to face giant monsters... instead kind of chilling outside, as his means of coping with it. I just don't think he wanted to see friends get killed by giant monsters. It makes sense to me that such trauma would still cause a knee-jerk cop-out despite amnesia or repressed memories: the event must have affected his mind in so many different ways that it left a lasting impression though he didn't remember or realize why he stayed away from dungeons. Before hearing about all this, he might come off as lazy or cowardly, but that made him very sympathetic in hindsight.

The words he spoke about a Bob-omb's life being short were chosen very carefully - he foreshadowed his plans to save Olivia then and there. When he actually did it though, I paced around the scar in the ground for a while wondering, is this real? This confetti was not any I felt right collecting. Seeing Mario with his head down, not sure what to tell Olivia, and seeing Olivia going from excited to curious to realizing Bobby is actually dead caused my heart to sink. Her emotional paralysis after she wanders to a secluded part of the Monty Mole town in the cave felt very realistic, and seeing Bobby's ghost tell you how you know the way to cheer her up (and the fact she never sees him in that same pile of rubble when you turn to look at it, asking you, what are you looking at?) was so sad.
Very not like Nintendo...
That sort of thing, with how Bobby is just an everyday Bob-omb born in a munitions factory like all the others with no real name, with such a back story, friends, suffering, things he wanted to do in life, wanting to find a purpose - it all humanizes him. Then he's taken away from you just as you learn how very much a person he is. There are people in life, everyday people, like this plain Bob-omb who doesn't have a flashy costume or anything to distinguish him physically from the rest: everyday people that pass by who you may not give a second thought to, but that "generic" passerby to you is someone special to another person. He chose to help his friends out of love and thanks by selflessly detonating himself, knowing that this would be the end for him and they would be able to go on, and his action may hold great significance because his friends could save the world now.
He's a profound character, and to me, unforgettable. I also find the underlying message with his character uplifting.

I made it to the next big city after that.
You get what's basically Kuribo's Shoe on wheels to drive through the night desert, which is HUGE. I would certainly like some sort of speed boost in other parts like this, as Mario is slow. You can even run over enemies with the shoe to instantly KO them and get coins and confetti.

Snif City is like Las Vegas with an Arabian twist - big desert city with neon lights everywhere and traditional Middle Eastern architecture in spots.
LOVE IT! This game is so aesthetic that nevermind the gameplay, it's a sensory pleasure! Going slowly through this game to let it all sink in is actually more rewarding than crushing everything in my path to get it over with.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
I was a bit weary of this when I first watched the trailer and had a lot of hesitation about buying the game. I have since finished the game, and just... wow. They really did it. This game is something special, honestly I'm still torn where to put it. TTYD and 64 are super close for me (TTYD edging a bit further ahead) but I might honestly say this game has dethroned TTYD and found its place in my heart. I'm not 100% sure, but it's definitely up there.

I'll go over some things I really enjoyed, and also didn't really enjoy:


- I understand tutorials are helpful but the constant interruptions from Olivia just got out of hand. Even nearing the end of the world it was like my hand was still being held and it really just felt way too excessive. I get it's for the younger audience but although children aren't as smart as adults they aren't incapable of thinking.

- The battle system starts out super boring. Maybe I'm alone on this but I honestly found it tedious at the start, having to go into battle to make one simple move and kill the enemies just wasn't exciting and became a chore 3 battles in.

+ I'm personally a fan of the musical numbers that pop up in this game. Though none of them are among my favourite tracks they are still quite good and give the game a lot of its charm.

+ Going into Toad Town for the first time was quite exciting and I love the bits of combat included in the overworld. I actually wouldn't be opposed to them trying the ARPG route again, just in 3D instead of 2D like SPM.

- I guess this is more of a con but a minor one, I'm just so tired of the generic grass world to start the game off. Is it really necessary again and again? Frankly there wasn't much about the stuff after Toad Town, it's just not that memorable.

+ I really dig the techniques you get from the Vellumentals. It reminds me of the paper "curses" from TTYD, though a little less interesting. The transformation sequences are really cool too, though I generally skipped them after watching one.

+ The game's personality really started to shine with the introduction of Jean-Pierre Colored Pencils the 12th. I think the wacky art supply themed bosses are really cool, their personalities are great as well.

+ I think the boss battles really show what the battle system is capable of. They're the highlight of it for sure.


+ Bobby was a great way to begin this world. I love his carefree attitude, and how he constantly nudged closer in hopes of coming along, or strange things like when he rolls down the hill only to somehow end up at the top.

- As a partner though he plays virtually no role. Total lack of interaction with the overworld and he doesn't even attack most turns, so what's really even the point of him being on your team?

+ This is where the music really starts to pick up. I love the music in the main area, but I really love the track that plays in the water vellumental dungeon. It reminds me of the music in the Crystal Palace in 64 as well as the Riddle Tower music in TTYD, both tracks that I thoroughly enjoyed.

- Personally, I've never been a fan of certain kinds of minigames thrown into the game. The river sequence was one of those instances for me unfortunately.

+ Shogun Studios was a lot of fun and a prime example of the strong overworld gameplay. I had a lot of fun searching this place.

- However, I didn't like the secrecy to getting into the staff room. I spent a solid 2 hours not knowing what to do until Olivia told me to check the top-right, which I had been around many times. I knew the staff room was the objective but it wasn't until I stood in front of an arbitrary part of the fence that I learned you could actually open a door, my assumption beforehand was that I had to finish the item trading. Why did that need to be so secret?

- The ninji room in the ninja house was boring. Like really... that was probably one of the lowest points, doing battle after battle with the ninjis. An awful grind, but if there's any positive it's that the enemies did not respawn the second time through. Not sure if this changes if you leave the area and come back, but I'm sure turning the game off would bring them back.

- Speaking of wave fights, the vellumental pads were a bit frustrating. If you don't get it on the first turn, you won't get it afterwards. But if you don't kill ALL the enemies then it's forced on you to take out the already weakened enemies instead of carrying over to the next wave. This means that you HAVE to take everything out immediately or the vellumental pad is basically worthless.

+ The theater sequence was really cool. Definitely was a big fan of the second show with the hotshot Koopas. (I'm gonna call them Koolpas from now on)


- Nice to actually see King Olly. We really should have seen more of him throughout the game, but I can only recall a couple of instances he appeared between flying away from the castle and going back there.

+ The blooper battle was really fun, and is the primary thing that made me realize a 3D ARPG paper mario could actually be a lot of fun.

*** The return to the boulder with Bobby was one of the peaks of this game. Hearing about the chaos he went through before the amnesia and his self-sacrifice to saving Olivia crushed me, and when Olivia realized what was going on the tears started flowing. Seeing her go from being so happy all the time to pure misery and blaming herself for everything was too much to handle... I had felt desperate to do something, and when Bobby's ghost gave me the solution I rushed over to help her. Everything about it was so wholesome and made me feel so happy. Super out of character for Nintendo games, but I would really love to see them try stuff like this more often. It's truly a special moment I'll never forget.

+ The desert was a lot of fun, and I didn't expect the size of it. It was a bit tedious to get around sometimes, but for the most part it was just good fun, figuring out the puzzles and lighting up the square in the middle.

+ Snif City was dope. The colourful lights of big cities has always been something I've loved and they really integrated it well into a setting that's generally not so colourful. Actually, the aesthetic of world 3 in general was solid. Having that looming hole over the purple desert really reminded me of SPM's void.

+ Haven't talked about it despite being in earlier worlds but this was the first time I started to get super excited to visit the secret cafe. The dialogue is always amusing and the place makes you feel so cozy.

+ Loved rounding up the dancing Toads, and I couldn't help but laugh when the hole punch came dancing through the door.


+ Big fan of the Wind Waker style of gameplay. Going from island to island in a big sea to roam around was super fun, and I like the inclusion of the treasure on the sea floor. It really just feels like a mini WW inside of the game, which for me is a plus but I can see people being put off by the drastic change in world navigation.

+ Despite people giving up with battles when the puzzles become difficult and basically pointless (due to already have tens, if not hundreds of thousands of coins) this is when I actually really started to like the combat. I like puzzle games though so the challenge was exciting for me personally. For those who don't like puzzles I can totally get why people would give up.

*** I think this for me personally was my single favourite moment in the game. Going underwater between the four islands and seeing this absolutely massive diamond sitting at the sea floor legitimately made my jaw drop and was so overwhelming to see. They really did well portraying the scale of the island, as I honestly felt like it was looming over me. And it only got better when you surface inside it to find this absolutely gorgeous land with wonderful soft music playing in the background. I spent a minute just taking it all in, it was totally overwhelming but in the best way possible.


- I do have to say though that this is really where all the Wind Waker stuff gets too excessive. You have to get 3 orbs of courage, wisdom, and power to gain access to a huge tower that you go to the top of to activate a beaming yellow light that takes you away to another world. This whole thing reminds me too much of the Tower of Gods and going to Hyrule that I just can't see it as a coincidence, especially with the fact it's a big sea exploration.


- Wasn't really a fan of the tower dungeon much, actually at this point on the game feels like it was somewhat rushed and not as well fleshed out as the rest of it.

+ I really dig the music that plays against the tape, and I can't get enough of his tape strand pompadour.


- This world in general wasn't really so good. I actually really liked the way it was starting, but there was hardly anything to it. The first 3 spas were in plain sight and the last one didn't take long to get to.

+ I did enjoy the chase parts with the chain chomp, legit got my nerves going.

- The whole thing with Bowser Jr. losing his colour and having to go find some extra top-secret 5th fountain felt really tacked on and unnecessary for a world progression that already felt pointless.

- The Shy Guy quiz/minigame/whatever. This is probably one of the lowest points for me, I really just didn't like this part at all.

+ I loved the chaos that ensues in the foyer of Bowser's Castle, that was a lot of fun.

+ I also really liked the new enemies, they were super creepy and actually gave me chills.

- Yet, outside of those two things, Bowser's Castle was awful. There were no real puzzles, you basically just walked through a few rooms then went back to fight the boss.

- The battle with the scissors was honestly good for the most part but the whole constant risk of dying in one hit was absurd, especially given that it fakes you out in a few different ways so you can't really dodge it unless you somehow know what it's going to do before it does it (which you can't). The worst part was that if you lose, you have to duke it out with the buzzy beetle again. Why wasn't there an option to let the player try the battle again? They implemented this into the endgame battle so why not here?


+ The battleship sequence was one of those minigames that I actually did enjoy, not anything particularly special but it was fun.

+ The sequence running up the inside of the volcano was really cool, and seeing Kamek and Bowser Jr. risk their lives to save you was kinda surreal.

+ Gotta talk about Luigi's keys, it was always funny running into him throughout the game just to find out he has the wrong key. The best part is the key in the cart, it's actually amazing that he hadn't noticed the key lodged in it the whole time.

+ Origami Castle was amazing aesthetic-wise, and the music is absolutely killer.

- Again though the dungeon itself is pretty boring, really just requiring that you keep moving in the only direction it will let you go.

+ I was honestly caught off guard by the stapler fight. It was obvious there was one given that it had been turning people to origami at the start as well as the fact that Bowser was stapled together. I just forgot I guess lol.

+ The King Olly battle was really good. The first phase was standard stuff with just using type weaknesses but the second phase really cracked me up. The giant origami versions of Bowser and Olly just awkwardly wobbling into each other was way too funny. The last phase was exciting and really put the pressure on. I had lost here but fortunately they made it easy to just start back here immediately. I'm not sure why this couldn't be done with the scissors, but at least it's here because I would have been frustrated if I had to start over.

- I think Olly's reasoning for doing everything he did is kind of absurd. The thing is, how is it that he never read the message that was written on him? I feel like this plot point was just sort of interjected in as a reason for him to be a villain and there was no thought really put into it.

*** The wish Olivia makes leads to a beautiful scene of everything being undone, but I hadn't caught on about the greater consequence to it. When it was mentioned that Olivia was gone, it clicked and it made me really sad. She really did prove herself to be a worthy hero, having the strength to give up her very life to bring the world back to order.

Favourite music:

#1: Diamond Island
#2: Water Vellumental Shrine
#3: The Shifty Sticker
#4: Origami Castle
#5: The Dual-Bladed Duelist

Favourite worlds:

#1: Purple Streamer (W4) - love the exploration and visiting the different islands, Diamond Island especially
#2: Yellow Streamer (W3) - really fun world map and an exciting end dungeon
#3: Blue Streamer (W2) - pretty solid world, really like the bits with Bobby and going around Shogun Studios
#4: Red Streamer (W1) - generic, but not bad
#5: Green Streamer (W5) - felt tedious and not really a lot of fun, weak end dungeon as well
#6: Endgame (W6) - for whatever it's worth it's really just a short dungeon with a minigame so it's hard to compare it to the other worlds

Of course, given all that there are certainly flaws and a few issues are too big to overlook. But I feel it has the same deal that TTYD has but to a bigger extreme. When it's bad, it's pretty bad, but when it's good, it's legendary. I'm so glad I gave this game a try and I seriously can't recommend it enough. Just go in with an open mind though; it's an amazing Paper Mario game but it's still kinda different. But if you can get past that fact, you'll really be in for a treat.
Originally posted by Red Chameleon
- I think Olly's reasoning for doing everything he did is kind of absurd. The thing is, how is it that he never read the message that was written on him? I feel like this plot point was just sort of interjected in as a reason for him to be a villain and there was no thought really put into it.

I think the reasoning there was that Olly couldn't actually the message on his body, because it was in a spot where he couldn't reach. I'm not 100% sure, but I think that was the implication, which is also why Olivia had to read the message to him in the end.

Anyways, I kinda liked Olly's motivation in the story, if only because they somehow tied the presence of so many Toads in the game into the story. I wouldn't say this magically made the abundance of Toads a good thing, but it at least helped a little. Made it feel less like a "yeah, we just con't care about what you want" and more like a "we know you're tired of Toads, but we can't change it, so we'll try to make the best out of it".

I swear, when I got to meet the Origami master for the first time in chapter 4 and it turned out to just be another Toad, I was so incredibly disappointed, my disappointment was immeasurable. I had hoped for at least SOMETHING new and mythical, and that would have been the perfect opportunity. But nah, just a Toad. And then you get to Shangri Spa - this mythical land of the gods - and what do you find there? Why of course, more Toads, what else? Ugh...

Anyways, having found out that the Origami master being a Toad at least served a purpose in the story retroactively made me dislike him a lot less. I wouldn't go so far as to claim that I liked him now, but... at least I can live with it now. Still think it's one of the lamest possible outcomes.

Well, anyways, I have completed the game for quite a while now, but never wrote my full opinion here, due to my arm pain back then. I will not go into all of that here (forgot most of what I had to say, anyways), so instead I will just say that my feelings from the previous posts mostly persisted until the end, those being that I generally think the game is pretty great, but has a few major downsides.

I do think the game's story was great. It was just moment after moment of epic stuff happening, almost non-stop. About the only chapter I didn't enjoy very much was chapter 4. Story-wise, there just wasn't a lot of stuff going on in there, and I'm not a huge fan of sea exploration in games (already wasn't into that in Wind Waker). Aside from that, I think the story progression was more or less great from beginning to end.

As for the battle system, unfortunately my mixed feelings persisted througout the entire game. If anything, they got even worse towards the end when the puzzles got more and more complex and I was less and less able to solve them, making me just constantly frustrated. And the puzzles aren't even my only problem with the battles, I also think they're incredible unbalanced. The battle system just lacks some maturity. Items feel incredibly useless in battles, I never ended up using them, and the tiered items were also kinda pointless, because until the very end of the game, all enemies could be killed either in one hit or in two. This means that really your only sensible choices were either using your basic attacks or using your strongest attacks. Everything inbetween was meaningless.

I mean, sure, you could make the point that the strongest attacks were more expensive, so you'd generally try to use the weakest attack that could just barely kill your enemies in a single turn. However, since throughout the entire game you can't even see the HP of enemies (really don't know what they were thinking there), you never know which attack to use, so you'll generally just go for either the strongest or the weakest one and avoid anything inbetween. It's not really like the expensiveness of these items matters, anyways, because coins are abundant in the game. I hate to say say it, but FPs as a gameplay mechanic just worked so much better. Having different attacks cost a different amount of FP at least incentivised you to use weaker attacks more often to conserve FP.

Generally, the only part of the battle system I really enjoyed were boss battles. I think the puzzle part just worked a lot better on them. All of them had unique arenas (unlike regular encounters, which had very little variation), and since most boss battles last for quite a while, failing a puzzle ones or twice doesn't feel as punishing. Boss battles also don't usually have just the one solution, but rather have multiple ones depending on what you want to achieve that turn. That, to me, made them more satisfying to solve than regular battles which usually had just one solution (with very few exceptions). I also liked how you could attack the bosses from different directions with different effects. I mean, generally speaking, most boss battles did end up having that one intended solution that you would eventually have to figure out because everything else would put you at a disadvantage, but at least they didn't always feel that way. Most of the time they felt like you really had multiple options, and even when you didn't figure out the intended solution, you could still usually try again on a later turn.

Anyways, I think I'll leave it at that for my general opinion on the game. I do still like TTYD more than The Origami King, but I'm sure it's still one of the top Paper Mario games. Well, I only really played three, so make of that what you will, but I'm sure it would still be among the best, even if I played Sticker Star and Color Splash.

As for my personal top list of chapters in the game:

1. Chapter 2: There was just so much going on here, the aesthetics were great, the entire samurai was a lot of fun with the boss section in particular being phenomenal, and the entire story surrounding Bobby was just definitely the highlight of the game.

2. Chapter 5: The entire castle section was amazing, the walk through the forest was really fun and exciting (that chain chomp got me more often than you'd like to believe), the Shy Guy quiz came out of nowhere and was really funny, and in general, I like this silly idea of a spa in the sky. This chapter also really made me appreciate Kamek as a character. Throughout the entire chapter, I was really rooting for them, lol. Still not a fan of the Toads here, but that's about the only thing I disliked about the chapter.

3. Chapter 3: I don't think the desert itself was super interesting. It was large and somewhat open, but there wasn't a lot of interesting stuff going on there. However, of course chapter 3 started with the absolute emotional climax of the entire story, which alone made this a memorable chapter, but then you also had that creepypasta-ish section on the cruise which was really cool and, my favorite part of this chapter, Snifit City, which was just such a cool place. I thing I already mentioned how much I like this place in a previous post. Honestly, I wouldn't have minded if the entire chapter had played out here.

4. Chapter 1: I liked the entire opening bit from the forest to Toad Town. It was really playful and full of surprises. Aside from that, not much going on here. Just your typical Mario RPG opening chapter, and the story has barely gotten started by this point.

5. Chapter 6: Not much to say about this. Had an interesting beginning and end. Inbetween that, it was pretty much just your typical end dungeon. I definitely think the end boss was pretty cool, though, for more than just one reason.

6. Chapter 4: As mentioned above, this was my low point of the game. I'd say chapter 4 was like the desert part of chapter 3, except bigger and more boring. It's clear the entire chapter was inspired by Wind Waker, but I already didn't enjoy Wind Waker in the first place, so this didn't do much for me. Sea travel at least wasn't tedious or anyhting like that, but generally speaking, there just wasn't a lot going on in this chapter. There was very little story here, which was a shame, since after all the story was what I enjoyed most about the game. I think I might have enjoyed this chapter more if the islands had been more diverse and if more stuff had played out on them.

Feel free to visit my website/blog - it's updated rarely, but it looks pretty cool!
Originally posted by RPG Hacker
I think the reasoning there was that Olly couldn't actually the message on his body, because it was in a spot where he couldn't reach. I'm not 100% sure, but I think that was the implication, which is also why Olivia had to read the message to him in the end.

Makes sense, but it also makes me wonder how he even knew it was there in the first place. Could have been written down after he was given life, though it would be a really bizarre thing to write on him after he's alive.

Anyhow, I didn't actually touch on the whole Toad thing. I guess I wasn't too irked by it personally but it is absurd just how many of them there are. It's frustrating to know that there's been limitations placed on the team's creativity like this and now we're basically just stuck with Toads for everything. One of my favourite things about TTYD was the huge variety of characters you come across, they added a lot of charm to the game. I get protecting brand identity and stuff but it was never an issue before, so I don't know what changed and made them decide these restrictions were necessary.
Originally posted by Red Chameleon
I get protecting brand identity and stuff but it was never an issue before, so I don't know what changed and made them decide these restrictions were necessary.

From what I've heard this was in response to NSMBWii becoming a runaway success. Two things to note:
1. The only post-NSMBWii character to make a second appearance that I can remember is Polterpup;
2. Everything post-NSMBWii except SMG2, Yoshi, Luigi's Mansion, and Wario and DK if the latter two even count has been trying to emulate its structure, for example: The same worlds (Origami King is one of the few Mario games since Galaxy 2 in which World 2 is not a desert, along with the Luigi's Mansion games and Yoshi's New Island and Crafted World. Odyssey's desert is close enough that it counts IMO)

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Originally posted by Wiimeiser
Odyssey's desert is close enough that it counts IMO)

Yeah... Super Mario Odyssey is complete crap! just like this game...
I never said Odyssey was crap, I just said I consider the Sand Kingdom to be World 2, not 3.

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Originally posted by Wiimeiser
I never said Odyssey was crap, I just said I consider the Sand Kingdom to be World 2, not 3.

No... I wasn't saying that you said that. I was the one who said it. I honestly think that SMO sucks! I mean there are some good tunes in the game that much is true! But I still do not look back on it fondly at all! Most of the "revolutionary and true returns to the roots" platformers of 2017 are just shit! Except Cup-Head because I have not played it at all. I can't say anything about that unlike SMO and Sonic Mania which I have played. I enjoyed them when I first played it but now I hate them! I'm hoping that I'll enjoy Cup-Head when I do get to play it, and that it most definitely will make up for the other boring and shitty two.
BTW... Calamaria is ugly AF! I don't get the hype!
But about the origami king! The original Paper Mario games I've never had any interest in. Never played any of them except for Super Paper Mario. I absolutely hate Super Paper Mario with a burning passion! But this newer one seemed cool at first. But yeah... There really is nothing new or even remotely good about this crap! I also think Olivia looks absolutely hideous.
I just realised the Paper Mario devs probably have a whitelist instead of a blacklist, which goes as follows:
-Any character from New Super Mario Bros. Wii, U or 2
-Any character appearing in and not exclusive to Super Mario All Stars and its component games with the exception of Boom Boom.
AFAIK literally every character in the last three Paper Mario games who isn't completely original falls into one of those two categories, with literally no exceptions.

Let's milk Sunny Milk. Then she'll have enough money to fund Sunny Milk Real Estate.
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