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Totally Unlegit Mario World by officialSGPT

File Name: Totally Unlegit Mario World
Submitted: by officialSGPT
Authors: officialSGPT
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 5 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Pit
Description: A kaizo Mario rom hack that is almost as stupid as the worst rom hacks in SMW central.
Just to test my abilities as a ROM hacker ;)

This mario rom hack is a pit-styled kaizo mario rom hack, expect a lot of pits!

This hack is a demo. Don't expect it to be as good as other kaizo rom hacks.
I only played the first three levels due to the very low quality of this hack.

Removal reasons:
- The zip file contains Floating IPS. Packaging .exe files is against the rules
- YI1 and YI2 are blatant edits of the respective vanilla levels, YSP is completely unedited. Also, this hack uses the vanilla overworld. Create your own content if you want to submit your hack to the section.
- The level design only consists of sprite spam to the point that the game starts lagging. Enemies are completely pointless anyway because you give the player a star at the start of the level. Some enemies spawn below the ground and fall offscreen without doing anything (except for causing even more lag).
- This hack is not of pit difficulty. Pit hacks are supposed to be challenging even when using emulator tools and this is far from falling under this definition.

Do not resubmit this.