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Your console (and handheld) timeline
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1979 - Intellivision (original, with wood grain) Mom owned this, it predated me by three years.
1984 - Oddysey 2. I believe my grandma won this in a contest. I only ever had one cartridge and it really wasn't that good.
1986 - INTV System III (it's essentially the same console, but with no wood grain and not made by Mattel)
1988 - NES. Of note, I did not ask for it, nor had I ever heard of it. But that was totally not a problem!
1993 - Genesis. I was initially upset because I wanted SNES for SMAS. I got over it!
1995 - Game Boy. Better late than never. My sister had one, too.
1995 - SNES, finally.
1997 - PlayStation, specifically because I wanted FF7.
2001 - Dreamcast, just weeks before it was discontinued. ;_;
2001 - N64. I won Ocarina of Time in a contest and needed a console.
2001 - PS2, specifically because I wanted Silent Hill 2.
2002 - GBA. I started working in Electronics at Wal-Mart the day it launched. I still have the lanyard somewhere.
2003 - GBA SP. As soon as there was a back light, old GBA went away.
2002 - GameCube.
2006 - DS Lite.
2007 - Xbox.
2008 - PSP, specifically so I could emulate games on it.
2012 - PS3.
2019 - WiiU, specifically for Breath of the Wild
2020 - Switch, gifted to me by my friend for messing up my WiiU.

Besides the NES, GBA, DS Lite and Odyssey 2, I still possess all of these.
SMWC members who have helped make Ganymede the hack I want it to be
1999-Gameboy Color
2002-GBA SP
2004-Gamecube, regular DS
2010-Replacement DS so I could play Heartgold and later DS lite

Legacy custom music

How am I so creative? I think taking walks might have something to do with it.
Every single level I will ever make in SMM2 will be easier than Ultra Necrozma.
1999/2000 - hand-me-down Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Windows PC
2001 - Gameboy Advance, PlayStation 2 (order unclear)
2002-2005 - hand-me-down NES, MegaDrive, Game Gear (order unclear)
2005 - Gameboy Advance SP
2006 - PlayStation 3
2007 - PlayStation Portable
2011-2012 - repaired Master Systems, SNES (singular), PlayStations, Saturns, Dreamcasts, broken DS (order unclear)
2013 - Nintendo 3DS
2014-2015 - new repaired PlayStation 2s, Xbox, Xbox 360
2016? - PlayStation 4
2017-2018 - PlayStation Vita
2019 - Switch
2020 - repaired Wii, DSi

My dad likes to dumpster dive and fix electronics so we get a lot of dumb bullshit other people just threw away or don't want anymore.

There's also a Nintendo 64 in there somewhere. No GameCube though. Someday...

Originally posted by Ondore's Lies
2001 - Dreamcast, just weeks before it was discontinued. ;_;

oof ow ouch


im gay and a lion. I AM VERY POOR PROGRAMMER !!!
pixel art no hoper. transcriptions on a hot tin ear.
I don't know exact years and stuff to draw up a proper timeline, because I was a child.

I'm pretty sure my first console overall was a Game Boy Advance and then eventually a Game Boy Advance SP, which lead to a Nintendo DS → DSi → 3DS. The DS family I definitely got on the year of release in the EU (so, 2005, 2008 and 2011). Not sure on the years I got the GBAs, though. Taking a guess though, it would have probably been near their releases.

Home consoles: I got an original Wii near its release date and had that for a lot of years. Skipped everything else like the Wii U and got a Switch in 2019. I also owned a PS1 and PS2 (two different PS2s at different points in time, I think).

There's a few odd bits to all this though! I purchased another first model Nintendo DS this year, because I no longer have my original one and I wanted to play old games. Last year, I purchased a NTSC-J Super Famicom last year so I could play hacks on console. And at some point in my time growing up, I had a Nintendo GameCube (again, two different ones at two different points in time, like the PS2). There was also a Nintendo 64 with a lot of games someone picked up for me somewhere. Though, I have no idea what happened to either the GameCube or 64... And there was a NES passed down from my parents when I was really young (I don't know where that went either).

Just wish I had a lot of the older consoles still - oh well!
1992- Super Nintendo, was gifted to my brother for his birthday but I quickly took over it
1996- Game Boy, Christmas gift from my parents
1997-, Christmas gift from my parents
1999- Game Boy Color, Christmas gift from my aunt
2005- Game Boy Advance, bought a used one
2006- Nintendo DS Original, bought a used one
2006- Nintendo Wii, bought one on launch day
2008- Nintendo DS Lite, bought a new one
2008- Xbox 360, bought it and played a little bit of GTA IV, but after that didn't have any interest in playing the system anymore, sold it in 2011
2011- Nintendo 3DS Original, bought a new one
2014- Nintendo 3DS XL, bought a Yoshi limited edition
2014- Nintendo Wii U, bought a new one
2018- Nintendo Switch, bought a new one
Let me try!

2005 or 2006 maybe?-Nintendo Gamecube
2007 or 2008?-Blue Nintendo DS Lite(Practically didn't work for about a decade until I took out and put back in the Battery Pack. Works like normal now. Had to use my sister's red DS instead.)
2007 or 2008 Christmas-Nintendo Wii(Disk Drive is permanently broken.)
2010-Grey Gameboy Advanced SP
2011-Cyan Nintendo 3DS
2012-Blue Nintendo 3DS XL
2013?-Wii U
2014-2015 I don't think I got anything new around this time...
2016-Model 2 Sega Genesis(Probably doesn't work at all anymore unfortunately... Too afraid to see...)
2017-Green Gameboy Pocket(The screen's slightly broken and I'm also too afraid to see.)
2018-TI 83-Calculator(The screen is COMPLETELY broken!)/Broken NES(I was practically scammed into buying at a comic-con for like 50 bucks.)/NES Top Loader
2019-Yellow Gameboy Color(Speakers are broken and I don't know how to fix it.)/NES from one of my teachers as a graduation gift.
Too young to remember Era:

Super Nintendo - My brother already owned it
Nintendo 64 - He traded all the snes stuff away for it
For a long time I only played N64, so there's a big gap in time here

Save your lunch money for games Era:

Gameboy Advance (Platinum) - I bought it to play Pokemon Gold
Gameboy Advance SP (Flame Red) - I got it in middle school, so perhaps it was ~2003. It got stolen within a few months, I was real sad about that, Red is my favorite color and I was so happy to finally have a red console.
DS phat (Titanium) - I bought on launch day in 2004, much later on the hinge broke and it started behaving strangely so It's out of commission now.
Wii - My brother got me Mario Galaxy for Christmas in 2007. I had no Wii, they were hard to find, but I finally got one about a month after Brawl released
DSi (Light Blue) - I bought it to play rhythm heaven after playing a demo through the nintendo channel, thank god I discovered that game. I really wanted the black color but they weren't in stock.
3DS (Aqua Blue) - My nephew bought it and he lived with me so it was basically mine, and let me have it later on when he bought the 3DSXL
Playstation 2 - I got one because another user on the site who has no shame got me set up with running burnt games off of DVD-Rs

I have a job and money now Era:

Playstation 3 - I bought this and an HDTV the minute they announced Hatsune Miku: Project Diva 𝆑 would be localized in 2013
PSVita TV - It was cheap and I bought it to play Persona4 Golden and Muramasa Rebirth in 2013
3DSXL (PersonaQ Edition) - I loved this design so much, and I'm a big Persona and SMT fan, I wasn't particularly upset by the New 3DSXL announcement. 2014.
Playstation Vita (P4D special Edition) - The most expensive thing I'd ever imported. the Persona 4 Dancing All Night Premium Crazy Box, as it was called. It had the game and included a PSVita System with a unique design and color that launched in 2015.

I love my kids but my marriage is unhappy Era:

Playstation 4 - in 2016 my nephew got a replacement PS4 from Gamestop. I fixed his old one by buying a new hard drive for 50$, Now it's mine. Thanks, Gamestop.
Nintendo Switch (Neon Blue/Red) - When I bought this in April 2017 They were hard to find, I basically had to buy this bigass bundle from gamestop to secure one, they only had the neon colors, though I wanted the gray one. The bundle wasn't even a deal, it was the exact price of buying all the included items (Switch, botw, shovel knight, botw hardcover guide) seperately. Fuck Gamestop.
New 3DSXL (Super Nintendo design) - In 2018 Amazon had a pretty hefty sale on it, and I figured it would be great to have one for collection's sake even though the Switch was already out.
DSiXL (Burgundy) - I bought this in 2019 for 35$ It was so cheap and I could finally have that red console I've always wanted since I was a kid. There was some weird issue with the battery but I fixed that and it works great. Playing DS games on 3DS look ugly; Have you ever seen a DS game running on the DSiXL? It's beautiful.
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