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The Messenger - Music Box FG and BG by Anorakun, KiloMinimo

File Name: The Messenger - Music Box FG and BG
Submitted: by KiloMinimo
Authors: Anorakun, KiloMinimo
Type: Ripped
Purpose: Background, Foreground
Description: The FG and BG from the last area of The Messenger, Music Box!

Credit is Optional, but appreciated
Major Reason(s):
  • Map16
    The foreground and background's map16 sheets could both use some work.

    With the background, the tiles in pink are not used at all and can be safely culled.
    With the foreground, the tiles can be arranged so that they don't take nearly as much space as they currently do.

  • Palette
    The palette has two big problems:
    • There are many unused colors that aren't masked (in the above image, I pinked out every such color on both the FG and BG)
    • The darkest shades are too dark and have no contrast, so it's mostly an indistinct black instead of the great amount of detail that there actually is.

    A more minor problem is that the two sample levels each share one palette, but are only masked on one palette (leaving the other unmasked). Each sample level should only use the colors that the graphics in it are going to use.

In spite of these problems I really liked the actual graphics, so I look forward to seeing you fix these problems so that we can host it!

Currently working on Æther: The Infinite Library!

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