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BS SUPER MARIO WORLD [22/01/21 - MASSIVE Update in Newest Post]
Forum Index - SMW Hacking - Works in Progress - BS SUPER MARIO WORLD [22/01/21 - MASSIVE Update in Newest Post]
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Originally posted by Peppe
One problem i had with this game though is this bug(?) i found where if i got more than 100.000 points and then go through a door or a pipe the bonus game text would appear and then take me to the results screen.

That must have been what happened to me too.

Project: Learning How to Not Suck

Figured I should do an update of some kind. Progress is slow this month because of obligations to commercial games (aka the stuff that keeps me from being homeless) alongside other projects has gotten in the way. Regardless, here are some highlights from the past month.

World 3 is music-complete. Below is my (pretty poor) gameplay of one of the levels with the music inserted. Forgive the quality, I am still not used to recording videos in general.

We also started making progress on World 5 (Haunted World)

At the moment World 4 (Subcon) is quite hard to design, with the other 3 levels stumping and draining progress from me completly. I may forgo or completely change that world, unsure yet.

There will also not be anything at C3, I am too busy this summer to properly commit to another demo or progress update outside of this for the time being.

Lastly, I have been taking into account the feedback and bugs mentioned, they should be fixed for the final version. Please note also going forward I will not be responding to any question regarding MSU-1, unless it is related to the music in this game itself. Thanks.
Originally posted by Relikk
Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius was the first SA-1 + MSU1 hack from August of 2018.

Gradius III soon after that when Vitor Vilela released his SA-1 patch, and now Mega Man X is also available.

Oh yeah! Also, way back in 2015, I have already enabled SA-1 + MSU-1 in Super Mario World:

But because Vitor Vilela released a new version of the SA-1 pack, I wasn't able to address in time the latest changes he had done in his pack before my patch's last release, so I've just disabled it for the time being.

Though, if you dug in the available ASM source, SA-1 support is there and it's totally functional, aside from a few quirks :P


Back on topic, this is a superb Super Mario World rom hack! Quite a shame we are not seeing its MSU-1 resources being released, but I suppose that adds even more to the unique factor this hack carries!

Can't wait for more broadcasts! =)
Can someone provide an up to date link, the one in the OP is for Mega and it no longer works, saying the file has been removed or the link is wrong.

The second link for Mega also (I thought it was supposed to be on GD?) and it too no longer works. Would love to get playing this. Thanks.
Alright, it's time a very (well deserved) update / house cleaning of sorts.

Following numerous online and real life-related events that piled up towards the end of last year, I more or less took a break from SMW Hacking to get some personal-priorities sorted out. I wasn't exactly sure what to do with this project, and truthfully it was causing a lot of stress. However, following C3 I've felt a lot more motivated to do things, so I've put together a couple videos of a bunch of things that have happened since last C3 (most of which are fairly recent).

Video 1

So this Video has a lot to unpact, but it'll set the stage for the other information posted. Firstly, you'll notice a couple of major things changed
* Audio and Timer have received slight changes
* Switch Palaces and Secret Exits have been added
* Goomba Encounter Entirely Reworked

To cover the first, originally the Timer and Audio MSU were handled by a certain former-contributor on SMWC. A few months back however, this person was banned over certain submitted content that used code from this project without my permission (that I wouldn't have given regardless if asked). As a result, I decided the best course of action was to cut ties with this person, and remove any work that was used as part of that project. The end result was that we switched to Medic's updated MSU-1 audioset and are now using a new timer created by Sonikku. I'm extremely happy with how these all came out, and editing them has been a lot easier due to far clearer and easier to understand code. While this makes the project less unique, I feel it's for the best rather than have ties to someone who has caused harm to the community.

To cover the second, Switch Palaces and Secret Exits were things that I noticed were pointed out a lot for the first demo. As a result, I decided to add them in order to give more of a "Super Mario World" experience. While I prefer SMB3 personally, I understand that it may not be of everyone's taste. As a result, I'll be working in more SMW features as well. You'll notice too that 1-2 got a significant redesign in it's main section as well. The low water I found from players was not fun, so it was reworked of course. As a note, all worlds have been update to add secret exits, so even playing through the first week again when the game is complete will lead to a pretty new experience!

To cover the last point, this Goomba movement represents how I initially intended the sprite to work in the demo. It is inspired as a mixture of SMB3 and NSMBW movements, much like the one Erik made in his OWLDC entry. However, this sprite uses a custom insertion method based off of Alcaro's Spritetool, though converted to SA-1 for usage. This was done by EternityLarva, who joined the team a while back to help us out with miscellaneous coding. You'll be seeing more variations of this sprite in future worlds and submaps, it's highly customizable too!

Video 2

This video demonstrates another new thing added - Peach Letters. Originally, when you beat the Airship boss, you would be sent to the results screen, regardless of how much time you had left. However, this was deemed unfair, because a player could keep grinding for a higher score, and someone who rushes to the end would be locked out. Now, instead regardless you must wait out the hour no matter what. In it's place though, are special powerups that can be added to the player's status bar through Peach's letters, much like in SMB3. Peach may even hint at a secret, too...I'm very happy how this came out, and I hope people enjoy!

Video 3

This video showcases the entirely new World 4. You may be thinking, "this isn't what you showed before!", and you'd be correct. While World 4 was originally planned to be Sky/Subcon themed, we decided that the theme was too difficult to adapt to normal Mario World gameplay. As a result, it was decided to change the theme to something more conventional - like a savanna! This world was also heavily influenced by the Proto SMW Art leak from last summer, and uses a lot of original content from it. I wish I had waited until people ripped all this stuff and submitted it here, it took a long time to rip these by hand myself. As a note, the Boss of this World is still a surprise, so we're not showing it just yet
also because it's not finished yet #smrpg{argh}
. The boss is being worked on by anonimzwx, who will also be handling the other major bosses in the game. Please look forward to it!

Video 4

Early in this thread, we teased World 5 -- a haunted forest. Unlike World 4, this world has been produced as intended! Currently, this world is half complete, as is the overworld map. However, I'm extremely happy with how both the level and music came out, so we're showing off a tiny preview of what this world has to offer! The level art was mainly done by Vert, who did a wonderful job with both the FG and BG in capturing the main artstyle of SMW. World 5 will have a bunch of secret exits to compliment it's twisted forest nature, and is the first world to be designed with secret exits in mind. As a result, the latter half of the game will be expanded greatly!
Video 5

Additionally, we've started pre-production on World 6, a snowy tundra at night. Currently, this level is the only thing complete as far as that world goes, but this turned out to be one of my favorites created, so I just could not have it go unseen for so long. World 6 closes in towards the end of the game, so the difficulty starts to increase a lot here too. While it may be challenging, I hope for it to not be too overwhelming. Though, lives and toad houses will still be plentyful, so don't give up just yet!

Promo Art
So that's it mainly for levels, but what else are we working on?

As we gear up for more weeks completed, we're working on promotional art that will compliment those weeks upon release. You may remember seeing a snow scene for Week 1, which was actually meant for Week 3's release. Though we went out of order, we're now working on some of the other art for other weeks. You can see an example below, part of Week 1's (final) release!

These promotional pieces harken back to Yoichi Kotabe's signature style from around the era we're going for. We hope this helps set the quality bar for the project even higher, both as a tribute to Mario and Kotabe himself.

In the World 4 gameplay video, you may have seen a mysterious Green House. But wait, aren't Toad Houses red? Well...

Notice - Work in Progress

That's right, much like SMB3 as well, BS SMW will also feature minigames in various worlds. This first one is a moving-platform Mode 7-based minigame! I always wanted to have Mode 7 incorporated into this project, and while bosses will opt for dynamic sprites in place of Mode 7 for growing, shrinking, and spinning, I felt that this implementation was the most polished and impressive. You may recognize this similar concept from TheBiob's Mad Scientist entry from 2016, and you'd be correct! We worked with TheBiob to update, retool, and improve the minigame with SA-1 and other features for usage in this hack. We hope this provides a fun distraction to players outside the main levels, even if there aren't a lot of them!

FMV Intro and Vocals(?!?!)
So at the very start of this project, one of the biggest things we wanted to do with BS SMW outside of full CD Audio was a FMV intro! I'm happy to announce that we're slowly making our way to that goal. We have a full animation team set up, lead by Lead Animator TrippleJaz (known for his work on Sonic Freedom). This has proven to be a massive effort, and we have almost a dozen animators joining in, even if the total animation time clocks in at just under a minute in total. While still early, below is a small teaser at some of the storyboards we've been tossing around for the project.

This animated opening will be feature in Week 1 of the hack. Information regarding Weeks 2-4 will be listed below. Part of the intro isn't just animation though, it's the music too! While the visuals will compliment Yoichi Kotabe's Iconic Style, the music will instead take from Peppy J-Pop songs of the Mid 90s. The biggest change from other tracks in this ost, however, is that the opening theme will also be a vocal piece! Afterall, no anime intro can go complete without cheesy lyrics behind them, right? We're currently working with legendary Singer Aya Majiro, known for her singing and arranging work on the (equally legendary) Artifical Intelligence Bomb. Yes, that AI Bomb. It's been such an honor to work with Majiro-san and her ensemble group, and we can't wait to show you the final opening upon release! Currently, production has been very hard, and recording has been delayed a lot due to the ongoing Coronavirus Lockdown hitting Japan right now. Things have shifted back in the schedule a lot due to the lack of recording time compared to what we had planned. Regardless, we aim to wrap up production on everything towards the latter-end of the year, with this project itself aiming for a Christmas 2021 release!

As for Weeks 2-4, they will have their own special opening that recaps Mario's adventure seen in the previous week. Afterall, realistically it would have been a week since you last played, so refresher is always nice, right? These scenes will be acompanied by sepia-view images of promotional art pieces, with text crawls behind them, Some of these came out extremely nicely, such as this one below!

These openings will be voiced separated from Week 1, in the style of your typical 90s anime recap (much like Dragon Ball or One Piece). While we've also been affected by Pandemic Lockdowns here as well as we search for a voice actor for this component, we're still pushing onward with more work being done daily! This'll be a real treat too, so be sure not to skip these intros too when you get there!

Anyways, that's all there is for right now. All this material has been coming together slowly, but surely, and I'm really confident about releasing this project this year. We want this to be a SMW Hack like no other, pushing the boundaries of quality and quantity in a single hack. Hopefully, we'll achieve that, though I guess it'll be up to the community to decide. Thank you again for reading all this! I hope that future updates won't have to take too long, as I'll be working on this a lot more now. Take care, and see you soon!
This hack is shaping up to be the most impressive thing I've seen on this site. Good shit.

I think the coolest thing about this project is how well it pulls off the aesthetic it goes for. It really looks and sounds like what it's supposed to be. It's rare to see a SMW hack where the greatest asset is the direction, but I think for this project it actually is. All the pieces come together so well and I think that's what makes a project more than the sum of its parts. The simple and clean look, the very tasteful choice of custom sprite, the high-quality (but not over-the-top) soundtrack and the elegant and somewhat minimalistic level design make for a fantastic package. I almost feel weird saying that because I think I would have considered all those things just fine if I saw them individually. But that's what great direction looks like! Maybe it's the promotional art and storyboarding that gives a vibe of ridiculous production value? I dunno but I love it #smrpg{:D}

I still wonder how the timer will feel when playing the game. It makes me think of Majora's Mask, which is one of my favorite games, but it doesn't seem like it will have the same effect at all. I'm very curious about that. I hope implementing FMV will go well, I don't think I've seen that in SMW yet.

Very hyped #smrpg{:O}#smrpg{:O}#smrpg{:O}

allow shy guy emojis in post footers you cowards!
The hack will feature an FMV INTRO and VOCALS?!


Anywai, I love your work! Can't wait to see more of the progress soon.
Reporting for you for this year’s E3. Catch it on 6:00 PM PHT.
And so the Courier who had cheated death in the cemetery outside Goodsprings cheated death once again, and the Mojave wasteland was forever changed.
“Even if you personally are so dissatisfied with life that you want the world to end, surely the cruel reality is that it will continue on, unchanging. All the better for someone perfectly content, like me.”
Aya Shameimaru, Touhou Suzunaan ~ Forbidden Scrollery
Good lord this looks amazing.
Originally posted by Von Fahrenheit
I'm very curious about that. I hope implementing FMV will go well, I don't think I've seen that in SMW yet.

Technically it's already was done in the last update, but the FMV system as a whole we're scrapping and redoing for a few reasons. The biggest of these is that the quality simply was not that good, and it's implementation was buggy and prone to graphical lossiness. I also cannot condone using material used without my permission in projects intended to harm people, which is the other big reason why both that FMV Implementation and the person responsible for it were removed from the project. You can see an early version of it here, but I'm really not proud of it...

Anyways, this update isn't really about the above, but rather another level that I completed today that I'm super happy with showing off-- another World 6 level. World 6 has been a lot easier to plan out as a result of all the art being completed. However, we're moving forward a lot with World 5's art too, so that shouldn't take too long now I feel. I've attached a video of it below. I'm unsure if I'll post a video for every level completed, but honestly putting them out has been really motiating.
I can't download this game for some reason.
But, I love the presentation, could you post this on SMWC's files?

Хуй войне!

桐生会FOREVER #ThankYouCoco
Originally posted by Y.Y.
I can't download this game for some reason.
But, I love the presentation, could you post this on SMWC's files?

The download I took down a while back because Week 1 is currently being updated (it's almost done too, just two more bugs need to be squashed). I'll probably post a new version when we finish that. Hosting in my files won't work due to the size of the project (the demo was 300mb, it's current 600mb and I expect the final hack to be 1gb). We're working on a more permanent host for the final project as a whole.
Oh, ok.
Thanks for informing me, I'll wait until then.

Хуй войне!

桐生会FOREVER #ThankYouCoco
will you make a version with all weeks in one when its complete?
Originally posted by Heraga
Anyways, this update isn't really about the above, but rather another level that I completed today that I'm super happy with showing off-- another World 6 level. World 6 has been a lot easier to plan out as a result of all the art being completed. However, we're moving forward a lot with World 5's art too, so that shouldn't take too long now I feel. I've attached a video of it below. I'm unsure if I'll post a video for every level completed, but honestly putting them out has been really motiating.

It's really a pleasure to read you, and your work is really incredible #w{<3}
I love what you have done and really wish to try it this year :)
Thanks a lot for all ...
hello, is there anything new in the game?
This looks amazing and I really can't wait to play it!
Also how did you do the broadcast time?#smw{:peace:}

nothing here
im a youtuber i guess
Hey, is there anywhere for me to check progress updates, like Discord? I've noticed that the download link is down and I haven't been able to download it beforehand, so I'd like to find out why. Thanks #smw{:TUP:}
Yeah, how's the project going?
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