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I'm having problems with uploading my bps file

I've tried to upload my bps file but I get the error message of

Upload failed: Bad BPS file: Not a BPS file

I rechecked my unmodified rom and it passed ROM cleaner. the size is 524,800 bytes, and in Snes9x the CRC32 is B19ED489.

Can someone help me figure out what else I'm missing.
Are you doing it the other way around (choosing the hacked ROM as the clean one, and the clean ROM as the hacked one)?

To create a working patch you select the clean ROM first, then the hacked ROM.

I did those steps in that order. Also before I attempted to upload the bps I made sure it would patch correctly like as if I downloaded it off of SMWC, and the game plays correctly
If you're trying to submit something to the Hacks section, the .bps must be inside a .zip. Perhaps you're forgetting that step?

I submitted it inside of a zip file