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Mario Soldier by ronaldo_justo

File Name: Mario Soldier
Submitted: by ronaldo_justo
Authors: ronaldo_justo
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 11 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Very Hard
Description: This is a demo hack, has very high difficulty, and some moments in kaizo light.

The story of the hack is that of a Soldier named Mario, who is having his land destroyed and Yoshi has been kidnapped, so he leaves the dangerous lands in search of the person responsible for the chaos and to recover peace on the land.
I didn't manage to get through the whole thing, but there's enough to chew on here.

Beyond the level feedback, you've got a lot of really unpleasant palettes. Dark Entrance's first half was impossible to see without turning off all the lights in my living room. I'd highly suggest going back and reevaluating your color choices in each level.

Also, straddling the line between Kaizo: light and Standard: Very Hard is a way to make almost no one happy. I'd suggest picking one or the other and sticking with it.

* Title Screen:
** The Spike is mutating between a Spike and a Monty Mole. Broken sprite graphics.

* Firstland:
** Significant cutoff. This is an issue you need to fix everywhere you find it.

* Overworld:
** Beating a level causes a glitchy looking path to spawn.

* AncientParadise
** Floating munchers are not allowed by the guidelines.

* The Destiny:
** Your bullet bills seem to spawn a bit further away from the spawner than they should.
** You can kill yourself by spinjumping while big under the pipe right after the midway. Not a huge deal.
** Softlock

* Memory Tails
** Broken looking background tiles.
** The first half is a cute concept, but it's a huge drag to play, IMO.
** The dragon coin after the mid point is broken. Never despawns after collecting.

* Dark Entrance 1:
** The Koopa sprites in the first half are really hard to see.
** Your Magikoopa sprites are glitched. They look like Blarggs.
** This level is too long for respawning RNG Magikoopas.
File Name: Mario Soldier
Submitted: by ronaldo_justo
Authors: ronaldo_justo
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 12 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: Mario Soldier had his land invaded by an unknown enemy, and his Yochi was kidnapped, the people are being enslaved and killed and Mario needs to act and find out who is causing all this chaos.
I'll have to reject the hack as after seeing what was fixed upon Patcdr's log there are still a lot of issues present that need fixing.

You can die in the intro which makes Mario's lives role over into letters and numbers. You should not be able to die in the intro level so if you want to keep the enemies then put a 1UP where Mario starts so you'll never get a game over.

Cut-off and Weird Collision with certain tiles still exists. Its very easy to fix cut-off and it can be prevented in a lot of different areas.
Minor Cut-off here and there is fine but due to the amount found within this hack it needs looking at. Having certain ledge tiles be solid but others not looks odd when the player bumps against something they should be able to pass through.

The palettes are still an issue with 90% of levels having bad palettes.
If in doubt stick with the original SMW colours or the colour palettes that are often included with any Custom GFX you have used.
A lot of the colours of objects like Pipes are constantly subjected to bad palettes due to shared colour palettes been edited in each level.

In certain levels you need to progress by jumping on Chucks. If you don't have a Chuck because you killed it some of these jumps are super precise if not impossible to clear without having to loose and life to get another attempt.

There are a few Bullet Bill Jumps which can be improved with a coin trail so you can get at least some info on how far you should be aiming to jump to help with timing the initial jump onto the bullet.

This level showcases the hacks major issues of having the same types of enemies and platforms repeated over and over which can result in some pretty crowded screens littered with projectiles.

Other levels have lots of flat ground with either spikes or the same enemy repeated which is boring. Add some different types of tiles be it slopes so not every level feels so flat and dull.

The Memory Level is fine in concept however its execution leaves a lot to be desired as its essentially the same four screens repeated over and over.
The second half is better however before that its a bit unfair that if you don't pick any door in the first half you have to die in a pit. Just put another door that takes you back to start to try again without taking a life away.

The Ghost House level uses the Stair Slopes in midair which is fine however they do have some cut-off on them. The level also has unfair koopa shells kicked at you from offscreen so you don't have any time to react to them.

The Big Boo Boss is a easy fight however only giving three blocks to defeat it means if you mess up once you have to die because you can't attack him enough times to finish the fight. Add a few more blocks and it'll be better.

The level with enemies behind bushes is another good idea which fails on how its pulled off. Some enemies like Wiggler are pretty clever as their little flower moving is a good indication that something is there.
However the Spinies are much smaller and blend in with the background colours its a somewhat unfair hazard. When I died I had lean forward and see what killed me.

Once I got to the bridge level the same problems throughout the hack were here as well such as long stretches with the same enemies over and over as well as topping it all off with a Kaizo Trap as I did not have a Switch Palace yet. Even if you offer another route for the player to take they should never have to question if a Goal Post is safe to use. Returning to this level to do it all again for the Secret and Actual Exit was pretty tedious as I had to play through the same lengthy level twice.

The Island level has issues with the Layer 3 Water following the play as the climb higher on the screen which doesn't look right. Certain setups with the Disco Shells did not act correctly which led to some unfair situations where they would not get into their shells.

The Underwater Level is pretty slow and with how you gotta backtrack here and there it gets tedious quick. It features floating munchers as well as some glitched graphics when you press the Yellow Switch.
The Fish Generator underwater is not needed and is rather easy to avoid if you just float in the middle of it.

The Castle level is full of issues such as a good few softlocks. You can get softlocked if you fail to go fast enough without any warning to beat a vine or it'll stop at an ON/OFF Block. If you destroy the only Koopa Shell you are given in certain areas you'll need to die to get another chance.

The last softlock is really bad as if you kill the Jumping Koopa you can't progress. If you didn't and have some knowledge you'll have to go back and get the shell to this Blue Koopa in which the player is not told at all to do so and assuming that they'll know to take a shell here is just unfair.
I thought a shell was not spawning at first until I realised the Rope Tiles. This is some pretty bad design and with these types of puzzles Reset Doors and Pipes are greatly appreciated.

With more floating munchers we also see more repetitive sections that just go on longer than they should. The Thwomps behind the glass and walls are pretty hard to see.
The Yellow Lava in the boss fight can kill you even if its not there due to the nature of how the ON/OFF blocks work which results in some unfairness if its clearly not lava yet you die to the blank tile instead. The boss is also pretty tedious as if you do any sort of high jump you'll die.

The last level with Damage Boosting is another interesting idea but if you take a hit to any of the enemies before a section that needs a hit then you'll have to restart the level and die to get another chance at it.
Also the level ends halfway through. If you are going to end a Demo just have it end at the last level that is fully finished or have a little level the player can walk out of that says "Thanks for playing" etc.

With all that myself and Patcdr have said the hack needs a lot of work before it can be accepted.
A lot of the issues revolve around removing any sort of unfair softlock as well as fixing the palettes in most of the levels. It might take a lot of work but it'll be worth fixing if you want the hack to be accepted.

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